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Necessary equipment for a campaign

When collecting in a backpacking often there is a question of the correct selection of equipment. This process depends on several factors: durations, geographical area of expedition, type of a campaign and financial opportunities of the tourist. But care and attention to details by preparation will significantly simplify an objective.

Choice of personal equipment

Competent selection of subjects from this category of equipment will help to eliminate many errors which quite often turn fascinating expedition to the exhausting walking on the wild area. Mirsovetov recommends to take the following features of a choice of personal belongings in attention.

  1. Tent – paramount attribute of tourist equipment for the campaigns calculated not for one day. The main criteria at the choice of a product such:
    • durability;
    • vetroustroychivost;
    • vlagozashchishchayemost;
    • capacity;
    • provetrivayemost.

    It is not recommended to get high tent if know that the district of expedition assumes pustyrny and windy zones as so it can break or fall. For winter campaigns it is necessary to select a product from strong material which will be able to sustain night snowfall. And if expedition to mountains is planned, take tent with a set of pockets as the area under comfortable installation can not appear.

    Choose a product with windows which provide good ventilation inside as it will help to avoid formation of condensate and blotting. Classical option – tent with 2-4 arches and an awning where backpacks can be stored.

  2. Backpack – attribute without which any backpacking does not do. The main criteria at the choice of a product are:
    • material;
    • dimensions;
    • practicality;
    • weight;
    • cost.

    Thus convenience of a backpack mostly depends on a design of its suspension bracket. The good suspension bracket allows to transfer load from a back to feet that is very important in long marching expeditions. It is desirable that the volume of a product made not less than 60 liters, with possibility of an additional naveshivaniye of subjects on each side.

    The bottom of a marching backpack has to be stitched by strong fabric as sometimes it should be moved dragging on the ground. And the bag top opposite – is made of light and waterproof material that it had smaller weight and protected contents. It is desirable that there were various breast-bands and straps, and also there were removable pockets. But it is worth remembering that too "fancy" backpack will be heavy, and in a campaign you will not be delighted to its functions. Therefore if you managed to buy a convenient product easier, than 3 kg – to you were lucky.

  3. Sleeping bag – the integral component of tourist equipment for multi-day campaigns. Criteria for a choice:
    • filler;
    • comfort temperature;
    • weight.

    To buy some sleeping bags for different seasons – not the best idea. Select at once one, but the most convenient. Optimum temperature of comfort makes from-10 degrees. Among cheap products on sale the simple products from cotton having a filler in the form of a synthetic winterizer are presented. Modern models are made with sentipukhy or hollofaybery inside. These bags are rather volume, need accurate use and are stored in hardly twisted look. But they are suitable for all types of expeditions.

    The sleeping bags filled with natural down – easy and warm, however them it is possible to use only for ski or mountain trips. It is caused by that they napityvatsya quickly by moisture, and dry long enough. It is best of all to spend the night in such sleeping bags together as heat remains better.

  4. Rug – an important thing in campaigns, the main criteria at which choice are:
  • durability;
  • thermal insulation;
  • weight;
  • volume;
  • density.

Classical rugs are made of polyurethane foam and are useful in any campaigns as are applied as a laying under a sleeping bag. The soft and dense product does not pass cold and successfully masks roughnesses of the earth that does rest by more comfortable.

Choice of personal and public equipment

Equipment subjects from this category are usually coordinated with the head of expedition and used by all its participants on an equal basis. Let's consider in more detail that it is necessary to take in a campaign.

  1. The torch – is required for instant food outdoors. On types can differ on gas-petrol or simply gas. The last look is more reliable and simple in use, but for it it is necessary to take more fuel. There are also combined torches, however their operation is slightly more difficult therefore it is necessary to work with it before departure.
  2. Copper – rather important attribute. On group to 6 people it is necessary to take 3 kettles with a cover of different dimensions – from 0,3 to 0,5 l. It is best of all when one of them has a tight cover – the autoclave.
  3. The gas lamp – is required for heating of tent. In spite of the fact that excess gas is an unpleasant factor of accommodation, after all warmly inside – essential advantage. The main rule of use is concluded in filling it with gasoline out of tent.
  4. Canisters – are actual for campaigns where deficiency of water is foreseen. Have to be compact and made of plastic.
  5. The awning – is required in any campaign. The it is more, the better. But it should be taken into account the weight of the product and to plan loading.
  6. The shovel – is necessary to prepare the district under tent, and in winter campaigns will help to clean off snow. The main requirement – compactness.
  7. Axe – not obligatory attribute. It will be required only in campaigns where the place was not "cleared away" yet by other tourists and preparations of firewood will be necessary.
  8. The saw – is more useful than an axe, and also weighs much less. Marching option – the tool in the form of a small chain.
  9. Ladle – an important thing in campaigns. To them measure soup, stir porridge and so forth. It has to be strong, but a lung.
  10. – it is better to take means for washing of ware natural as chemical balms difficult wash off. It is desirable to take a brush for cleaning with the handle not to freeze a hand in an ice stream.

We collect daily things

Personal ware – a spoon, a mug and a bowl. The main requirements to these subjects are: ease, durability and the acceptable dimensions. Production material – aluminum. Small kettles with a cover which can be used as a bowl are rather practical, and necessarily in them it is possible to prepare something. It is desirable to buy a cup with a cover – in it tea cools down more slowly and does not spill. And the most important – mark the personal belongings since identical subjects can be much.

Knife. The main requirement for a choice of this subject is the practicality. It is not necessary to take a huge hatchet as it is done by beginners. At a good knife there have to be such edges, as: standard flat (for cutting of bread, a stewed meat and so forth), a pricker, a can opener, a corkscrew, scissors. The product has to be made of strong steel, have the small weight and reliable fastenings. Upon purchase it is better to take at once a qualitative and expensive knife as cheaper analogs have the smaller term of operation, and you need to buy in addition a repair set.

Lamp. It has to be easy, strong and light-emitting diode. In addition surely take a spare set of batteries. It is desirable that the case of a product had a thin rubber layer that provides moisture security. The small lamp needs to be carried always with itself.

Hygienic accessories – a toothbrush, toilet paper and soap. The last not always finds application, in particular at expeditions on mountain heights. But for a hike it is worth taking. Watch that subjects were hermetically hidden from moisture and were readily available.

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