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How to equip the small room

All of us want to have the big and spacious apartment that it was possible to define accurately for each thing the place. Unfortunately, not at all these dreams come true. But it at all not an occasion to become despondent. Even the smallest room can be changed and equipped so that everything was functional and compact. will prompt as best of all to make it.

Secrets and councils for the small room

The small room has to be arranged with furniture which suits it on a format, on color and on style. Choosing accessories, remember that light tone and shades are visually capable to increase space, unlike all dark. In arrangement of the small room there are also secrets – following them, you can arrange the room competently and harmoniously.

  1. Sliding wardrobe with mirror doors. Sliding wardrobes are famous for the capacity in spite of the fact that take not so a lot of place. Thanks to such reliable assistant it is possible to hide in him not only all necessary things, but also many unnecessary. Experts claim – the most important, it is correct "to fill" a sliding wardrobe. Therefore, choosing furniture in shop or salon, carefully think over, whether shelves which are available in this or that case will be enough for you. It is better to choose such copy which has external angular regiments are an occasional seat for storage of photos and various souvenirs.
  2. Mirrors in an interior. Mirrors are one more assistants who will help to increase the room visually. However, for distribution them on the room nevertheless it is better to address to the skilled expert, otherwise glossy surfaces in small can absolutely give to the room other effect.
  3. Empty seat. Try as it is possible is more practical to use an empty seat. For example, a place under and over a bed and a sofa, a place over a door, under a ceiling. If to exercise in planning of the apartment judgment, thanks to such here "secrets" it is possible to hide things which are not so often demanded as others. Besides, if to approach creatively, all these shelves and lockers will perfectly fit into an interior. But you should not be overzealous too – do not hold too a lot of stuff then need for a heap of shelves will disappear.
  4. Transforming bed. The big bed is is over dream for many, but it, unfortunately, takes too a lot of place – sometimes all free space in the room. For small rooms suspended beds are considered ideal are when the ceiling turns into a place for a dream, or a case bed – in appearance a usual case in the evening, but it is worth pulling for a string and here before you already a bed.
  5. Sofas. The sofa perfectly replaces a bed: is a place where it is possible to put guests in the afternoon, and at night – to have a rest. Especially, today there are tiny sofas which can not only be displayed, but also be transformed to bunk beds.
  6. Bed attic. One more option which saves a place. Especially it will be pleasant to children. On "first floor" the game, working zone for the school student, a case, and on "the second floor" - a bed can settle down.
  7. Bunk bed. Favourably the place and a bunk bed saves. And, it is not obligatory at all that such beds are a destiny of children. Modern masters offer improved versions – only for adults or for adults and children. And, such beds happen single, one-and-a-half and double.
  8. Multilevel lighting. In small rooms it is necessary to forget about heavy plafonds and old chandeliers. If you want to achieve harmonious lighting, address to multilevel lighting – in that case you will independently regulate brightness of light and that is important, will be able to choose – the ceiling bright light or the muffled dot lamps.

If you have a small bedroom

The bedroom is, probably, the most favourite room, after all exactly here every day you come back after labor everyday life to restore forces. There is a wish that the bedroom contained in itself many important and necessary elements. Even if this room has the small size, to equip it that it pleased you, quite perhaps.

For a start, before to order all furniture which you would like to have in a bedroom, it is necessary to think over functionality of the room: there will be it only a bedroom or nevertheless you would like to allocate a small working corner. Perhaps, you need zoning of the room.

Remember that light wall-paper increases room space therefore it is better to refuse dark flowers. And here for a ceiling it is best of all to choose white paint or very light.

On perimeter of a ceiling place dot lamps. Choose panels mirror or use a mirror frieze – thanks to it the area of a ceiling and, respectively, the room increases. The central chandelier has to be small.

Before to order furniture, measure the room sizes – the bed of 2,2 m in size it seems differs from a bed of 2 m in size a little, but a wall by 20 cm will not increase, as if we did not want it.

Forget about bedside tables – today there are beds in which headboard small shelves are built in – they are quite capable to replace habitual lockers at a headboard. Get a sliding wardrobe – it will allow to contain is prophetic much – there will perfectly be located not only a fur coat, but also an ironing table, and even the vacuum cleaner.

Attentively look round – whether is not present at you in a bedroom of "excess" things – they give effect of a clutter to the room and do not give air to circulate normally.

If you have a small nursery

The matured child dreams of the own room – even if it is a small corner, but it will be personal space of the little person. Arranging the nursery, remember that this room has to include some zones: game, working and, certainly, the sleeping.

To the nursery it is desirable to lay a heat-insulated floor, and atop to lay a parquet. On walls – light wall-paper from cotton or paint. Today there is various wall-paper with children's drawing, but in a small room too botched walls will "press" on mentality therefore it is better to refuse them. To increase space the fotooboin can choose on all wall – it "will visually remove" a wall on which it is pasted.

The bed attic will be suitable for economy of a place. At a choice of such design most of all of attention turn on a ladder – it has to be convenient and strong.

You should not acquire a lot of furniture for the nursery. There is enough bed, a table, a chair and a case for clothes, and on walls – one-two shelves for books. For example, for a game zone buy bags or baskets for toys – they are capacious, but do not take a lot of place.

Lighting it is very important for the nursery as in this room there has to be bright light. Except a chandelier on a ceiling buy still a desk lamp and a night lamp. Choose things to the nursery, consulting on the child as it is very important that the kid too attached the imagination at arrangement of the room.

If you have a small kitchen

In kitchen many of us spend a lot of time therefore there is a strong wish, that this room in spite of the fact that she cannot brag of the big area, was always cozy and convenient.

If you have a "G-shaped" kitchen, use as much as possible rationally a corner. Choose such furniture that the angular case made an occasional seat for storage of various subjects. Will notice a microwave on the combined oven – it perfectly replaces not only the ordinary wind, but also microwave oven.

As a dining table uses a folding table – it fix directly to a wall, and thanks to a folding cloth and a leg which holds it, the table quickly gathers and understands that adds free space. If the kitchen is absolutely small, look narrowly at folding-chairs.

Get special covers thanks to which the sink and rings turn into a working surface.

Use in kitchen the railing – levels from metal which fasten over a working surface. Thanks to these adaptations many trifles (spoons, forks, knives, jars with spices etc.) will be always in the public eye.

In floor cases it is possible to make sliding designs, but not regiments – then there will be no need to take out all from a locker that to get something.

The big chandelier located over a dining table, or a sconce will be suitable for kitchen. And here for illumination of a working zone use LED lamps under lockers.

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