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Treatment of epilepsy folk remedies

Having heard the diagnosis "epilepsy", many make incorrect opinion on the patient. Really, this illness imposes certain restrictions for work, studies, rest and life in society. Despite all inconveniences, many live with epilepsy all life, but it does not mean at all that with it it is necessary to reconcile.

The general recommendations at treatment

To the people sick with epilepsy, it is often extremely difficult to adapt to usual social life. So, they should avoid flashes of light, so, the campaign in movie theater, on discos is ordered by it. The attack can overtake even behind viewing of the TV! Also the attack provokes a sleep debt, a stress and any deviations in work of nervous system.

For this reason epilepsy is tried to be cured at the earliest stages. There is a set of ways of treatment by means of official medicine, however this illness was known long before the invention of tablets and difficult medical equipment. In old times people called epilepsy "paduchy" because the patient in an attack fell to the ground and could not rise.

There was also an effective treatment "paduchy" which differed depending on geographical zones. In traditional medicine practically all means are based on herbs therefore for treatment of epilepsy there is a set of recipes. For optimum result it is recommended to combine drug and national treatment, previously having consulted with the doctor.

National ways of treatment

Expediency of treatment of epilepsy folk remedies in many respects depends on a spirit of the patient and belief in success. No, this is not about effect of placebo, but it is authentically known that the positive spirit is capable to accelerate recovery several times.

Before testing on itself or sick any of following folk remedies, it is recommended not only to consult to the doctor, but also to make the test for allergic reaction.

Recently dietary practicians even more often apply to treatment of epilepsy. The most popular is the ketogenny diet – an upotreboleniye of high-fatty and low-carbohydrate food.

But grass infusions for which preparation both separate plants, and collecting are used are considered as the most effective remedies. will give below some recipes of means with which in the people treat epilepsy at various stages.

Recipes of infusions:

  1. 1 h. l. a dried grass and flowers of a lavender to fill in with a glass of water, to bring to boiling and to potomit a couple of minutes, then to switch off fire, to cover and leave for 30 min. Treatment proceeds 1-2 months. To accept infusion on 2 tablespoons after a lunch and after a dinner. After a course it is necessary to make a two-week break and to repeat treatment.
  2. 2 tablespoons of the crushed root of a peony to fill in with 3 glasses of hot water, to bring to boiling, to switch off fire and to insist 30 min. Under a cover. To accept in 15 min. To food three times a day on 1 tablespoon.
  3. 2 tablespoons of the crushed root of a wormwood ordinary to fill in 0,5 l of kvass, to bring to boiling, to lower fire and to potomit 5 min. Then to filter and drink hot before going to bed to a sweat vystupaniye. It is necessary to handle with a wormwood extremely with care, as a poisonous plant.
  4. The valerian also effectively helps with treatment of epilepsy. To prepare infusion, fill in 1 tablespoon of the crushed valerian root with a glass of warm boiled water, leave for night, in the morning filter and drink during the day. To prepare broth, fill in 1 tablespoon of a root of a valerian with a glass of water, boil 15 minutes then filter and take on a tablespoon three times a day for half an hour to food. In a month of treatment make a week break and repeat a course.
  5. 10 flower small baskets of a tansy to fill in 120 ml of boiled water and to leave under a cover for 20 minutes then to wring out and accept 3 times a day on 1 tablespoon.
  6. To mix 8 tablespoons of juice of a sage with apple cider vinegar, to add 16 tablespoons of sour beet kvass, 1 h. l. powdery root of a valerian, 1 h. l. glue powder from cherry wood. To accept on 4 tablespoons each 3 hours.

Treatment of epilepsy folk remedies is not limited to reception of broths and infusions. Also perfectly natural juice, for example, cherry, shpinatny, beet etc. helps.

One of age-old means is use of pitch of Myrrha. It can be got on the Internet or to ask in any church. It is necessary to make so that at the room of the patient constantly there was Myrrha's smell within a month. For this purpose it is necessary to blow before going to bed a pitch smell on the room. This way will relieve not only of epilepsy, but also of neurosises, sleeplessness and chronic fatigue.

The Siberian healers treated "paduchy" stone oil. Did solution of it, diluting 3 g of oil in 2 l of water and drank on 1 cup for an hour before meal 3-4 times a day. The course lasts 4 weeks then it is necessary to repeat it in a year.

As were treated in villages

In the nature any illness medicine is always laid up. So, stay in the fresh air promotes the fastest recovery. In villages epilepsy treated make-shifts, for example, bathed in broth from the hay collected on the fringe of the forest.

It is known and of treatment by morning dew. For this purpose early in the morning before dawn came to a meadow, spread a cover and impregnated it with dew. Then turned in this cover the sick person and left until it dries.

Charcoal can also facilitate a condition of the epileptic. The small slice of coal should be put in a glass, to fill in with water, to mix and allow to drink to the patient. In 11 days to repeat procedure.

Healthy nutrition

Course of any diseases is closely connected with food of the person. That the patient eats, can either aggravate a situation, or promote the fastest recovery.

Especially for epileptics some diets are developed:

  • the saltless;
  • the hungry;
  • ketogenny;
  • with the limited use of liquid.

    If you decided to test one of above-mentioned diets, it is necessary to consider that they are calculated on a short period, differently instead of advantage you will do harm to an organism and will break work of digestive system.

    Epileptics, anyway, are recommended to limit reception of any liquids that, as a result, involves restriction in reception of a salty, smoked and spicy food as it causes thirst. Also you should not abuse proteinaceous products, and to adhere to generally vegetable and milk diet. Vegetarians in this regard will only win. Tea and coffee should be used in reasonable quantities (even green tea without sugar), and it is better to refuse alcohol at all.

    Additional recommendations

    Patients with epilepsy are recommended to limit or at all to avoid stressful situations, it is good to get enough sleep and observe the correct day regimen (including food and easy physical activities).

    In the context of a subject Mirsovetov prepared the list of the plants capable to help at treatment of epilepsy:

    • rhizomes of an acorus ordinary;
    • rhizomes of a devyasil high;
    • the St. John's Wort which is made a hole (grass);
    • guelder-rose ordinary (berries);
    • plantain big (leaves);
    • melissa medicinal (grass);
    • peppermint (leaves);
    • linden ploskolistny (flowers);
    • yarrow ordinary (grass).

    There are certain rules of preparation of broths and infusions. So, if as a part of medicinal collecting there are plants with soft elements (flowers, leaves or a grass) and firm elements (rhizomes), from the first broth, and is made of the last – infusion. This results from the fact that extraction from roots of useful substances requires stronger and long heat treatment.

    For preparation of infusions 1-2 tablespoons of raw materials on a glass of water there are enough. It is necessary to make in the glass, porcelain or enameled ware. It is necessary to fill in with water of room temperature, to bring to boiling on average fire, then to weary on weak fire of 5-15 minutes for infusion and 20-30 minutes – for broth. It is possible to store the prepared medicines not more long than 3 days in the refrigerator. For improvement of tastes of recommends to add natural honey, but not sugar.

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