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Enterofuril, instruction on application

Many people in summer months go on the vacation to the sea or in other interesting excursion trips. The organism of the adult and child differently reacts to change of a surrounding situation. In the unfamiliar district there are distinctions in water and food which use in some cases leads to so-called diarrhea of travelers. Enterofuril will help to avoid problems with intestines.

Diarrhea of travelers

Most of all gastrointestinal infections provoked by violations of sanitary standards are widespread in so-called Third World countries and those states that earlier were a part of the USSR. The local population too is exposed to negative impact of bacteria, but since the childhood gradually at them immunity therefore they are infected much less often is developed to them. Causative agents of intestinal infections get to an organism of travelers at drink of water, drinks and at the use of badly washed up fruit, berries, vegetables and other food which insufficiently underwent culinary processing. And the heat creates very favorable conditions for reproduction of pathogenic flora. Many on themselves felt that such diarrhea of travelers. It is a frequent chair, usually it liquid, pain in a stomach, a podtashnivaniye and vomiting. And then instead of the planned excursions of people it is compelled to visit constantly a toilet, and instead of a chaise lounge to lie in a bed. The best prevention of such disorders of intestines – vigilance and discretion at a choice of food and drinks, following to rules of personal hygiene.

General information about a preparation

And now let's talk about intestinal to antiseptics, possessing a broad spectrum of activity, under the name "Enterofuril". He fights against those pathogenic microorganisms which got to an intestines gleam. It can relieve the person of an infectious diarrhea. It is appointed at sharp intestinal infections, diarrhea which responsible were bacteria. In a drugstore it is possible to get Enterofuril in the form of suspension or capsules, which active agent - nifuroksazid.

  1. Capsules – have yellow coloring of a gelatinous cover, inside contain the same color homogeneous powder. If near the name on packing there is figure 100, it means that a nifuroksazida in one capsule of 100 mg. If there is figure 200, therefore, active agent in a capsule of 200 mg. By production the following excipients are used: cellulose powdery, starch corn, sucrose, magnesium stearate, titan dioxide, gelatin, dyes. In packing there can be 32, 30 or 16 capsules.
  2. Suspension – the dense yellow solution having homogeneous structure and taste, a smell of fruits of banana. It is packaged on 90 ml in flakonchik of dark glass. At packing there is a measured spoon. Five milliliters of this solution contain a nifuroksazida of 200 mg. Besides active agent at suspension there are auxiliary components: sodium hydroxide, sucrose, metilparagidroksibenzoat, a karbomer, acid the lemon, distilled water, fragrance banana, ethyl alcohol (concentration of 96%).

Enterofuril's action

Pharmacological action of a preparation is directed on elimination of diarrhea. And all thanks to antibacterial properties of a nifuroksazid, a wide range of its impact on pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, being responsible for intestinal frustration, both at adults, and at children. Here names only some of them – streptococci, staphylococcus, colibacillus (pathogenic strains), salmonellas, shigellas, klostridiya, proteas, a klepsiyella, an iyersiniya, a cholera vibrio, an enterobakter, a kampilobakter. These microbes most often provoke development of intestinal infections. One more merit of Enterofuril – resistance of bacteria to this preparation practically does not develop. And, normal intestinal microflora under the influence of Enterofuril will not suffer. Such phenomenon as dysbacteriosis at Enterofuril's reception does not arise. The medicine area of coverage – an intestines gleam, it carries out the functions, without being soaked up to the blood course. It allows to appoint this means even to babies.

Enterofuril is used at treatment of such diseases, as:

  • ostroprotekayushchy intestinal infections;
  • the sharp or chronic diarrhea which arose because of the infection which got to intestines without signs of a helminthic invasion (lack of helminths).

Suspension is recommended still if the person has chronic pathologies of a digestive tract which are caused by bacteria. These pathologies proceed with the expressed dyspepsia phenomena, such as an eructation, the increased gas generation, alternation of locks and a liquid chair.

How to apply Enterofuril?

This medicine it is possible to apply in any time, convenient for you, – after food, to food or during a meal. The food will not reduce therapeutic action of this medicine. But if you still accept Polifepan, to Smekt, Enterosgel, absorbent carbon or other enterosorbents, Enterofuril it is necessary to accept or in two hours after them or for an hour to them.

Capsules are intended for adults or children, which already more than three years. It is necessary to swallow them whole, from them without shaking out anything. Then wash down them with water (boiled). It is allowed to use compote or juice for a zapivaniye. To the adult or the child which age more than seven years, it is necessary to accept four times per day on 200 mg of Enterofuril. Children from three to seven years are given on 200 mg of medicine (2 capsules "Enterofurila 100", these capsules is less by the size) three times per day.

Before accepting Enterofuril's suspension, previously stir up a bottle. A measured spoon it is possible to measure 2,5 or 5 ml of this syrup. If it is necessary to measure other quantities, it is more convenient to use a syringe of 5 ml (without needle).

The dosage depends on age:

  • adults and children accept more than 7 years 5 ml of syrup four times per day;
  • from two to seven years - on 5 ml (a measured spoon) three times per day;
  • from two months to two years – on 2,5 ml of syrup (a half of a measured spoon) four times per day;
  • kids from a month to six months are given 2,5 ml of suspension two or three of time a day.

It is desirable that between receptions passed equal amount of time. For example, if the preparation is appointed three times per day, use it every eight hours.

Treatment can proceed from two to seven days. If within 12 hours of a liquid chair it is not observed, reception of this means can be stopped. It is possible to use bottle contents after its opening only 14 days. If after the specified term suspension remained, it is impossible to use it next time.

During treatment it is necessary to abstain from the use of the drinks containing alcohol.

As Enterofuril is capable to relieve only of various intestinal infections and a diarrhea, but not of dehydration, it is necessary to fill shortage of liquid and salts in an organism, still accepting solutions for a regidratation. Preparations can be bought in a drugstore. Here names of some of them – Regidron, Gidrovit, Trisol, Gastrolit and others. These means contain necessary for an organism for normal activity of salt which loss happens at a liquid chair. The specified solutions of electrolytes give to babies from a small bottle. If the diarrhea happened at the woman who nurses the kid or is pregnant, the doctor can appoint her Enterofuril for treatment.

About contraindications and by-effects

Usually patients well transfer Enterofuril's reception. Only in rare instances can arise:

  • nausea or vomiting;
  • skin rash and other manifestations of allergic reactions.

The preparation is contraindicated at:

  • intolerance of fructose;
  • lack of an organism of such enzymes, as izomaltaza, sucrose;
  • glyukozo-galaktozny malabsorption;
  • individual hypersensibility to those components that are listed in structure;
  • if the child does not have even month (or he was born premature).

It is necessary to remember that capsules can be given to children only from three-year age, getting in a drugstore "Enterofuril 100" (it has capsules of the smaller sizes, it is more convenient to child to swallow them).

If Enterofuril did not appear in a drugstore, it is possible to buy his synonyms, for example – Ekofuril, Ersefuril, Stopdiar, Nifuroksazid.

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