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How to choose the elliptic exercise machine

Today will tell about the simple and effective house shell helping to grow thin, strengthen cardiovascular and respiratory systems of an organism. It is called the elliptic exercise machine, the cross-trainer. It represents a hybrid of a racetrack, a velosimulator and the stepper.

It is considered that cross-training is purposefully capable to involve various problem zones of a body, especially muscles of buttocks, hips, a press. Thus such occupations are absolutely harmless to a backbone and joints.

General information about elliptic exercise machines

These apparatuses in the eighties of the twentieth century were invented. Gradually from bulky units they turned into very popular and compact exercise machines. Simple options of exercise machines are intended for occupations of the house, and more difficult are established in the fitness centers and sports halls. In the majority of models there is an opportunity to make such actions and the movements which imitate a driving by bicycle, rise on a ladder, walking forward (or back), sliding on a skiing run. Thus pedals move on a peculiar elliptic trajectory, helping to train group of muscles, to burn calories. On elliptic exercise machines people with the different level of preparation and all age categories, even the elderly can be engaged.

It is possible to divide cross-exercise machines into some types:

  1. The mechanical – already from the name it is clear that they are set in motion by the person, more precisely, by his force, do not depend on power supply. Such exercise machines the most inexpensive, but have serious shortcomings – work not smoothly, with noise.
  2. The magnetic – their system of braking is founded on natural magnets. They are more durable, reliable, silent, smooth adjustment of loading in comparison with the mechanical is possible. Prices of these models average.
  3. Electromagnetic models differ in high price, but they the most silent and durable, are characterized by the most exact adjustment of sports loadings. As a rule, have electronic "stuffing", a set of programs. For example, "walk on park" (easy loading) or "rise uphill" (intensive loading). On them it is possible to set training time, a distance, value of pulse.

Advantage of occupations on this exercise machine

So can give to the person of occupation on elliptic exercise machines?

  1. Cardioloading at which there is no heavy impact on ankle and knee joints because feet constantly are in a halfbent state.
  2. During training muscles of a humeral belt, hands, feet, backs, buttocks are involved. There is a synchronization of movements of all parts of a body of the person, the feeling of smoothness, "lightness" is created.
  3. High aerobic loading gives the chance to develop endurance of an organism.
  4. At regular trainings of a muscle receive more oxygen therefore their threshold of fatigue will decrease.
  5. Disposal of excess weight at corpulent people.

Some recommendations about trainings

The cross-exercise machine – the device simple therefore it is intuitively clear as it is necessary to give on it classes. It is only necessary to remember that this training has to begin warm-up, an extension. For a start on the minicomputer it is possible to establish himself small loading to knead, warm unprepared muscles, and later loading can be increased gradually. It is necessary to finish training gradually, reducing intensity of loadings. It is not necessary to descend from the exercise machine while loading is maximum. Advantage of home exercise machines is that you are not arranged under business hours fitness — the center, and solve when and what is the time to allocate for occupations. Consider only that it is better to carry out trainings not earlier than in two hours after you woke up, but not later, than in two hours until as you will go to sleep. You should not sit down at the exercise machine at once after ate, let will pass hour or two. And after classes do not attack on food, wait some time. You gain noticeable effect from occupations only when trainings are regular. Exercises are simple and effective, it is worth not to being lazy. But warns beginners of do not overload yourself on the first occupation. Pulse at first should be held on a mark from 110 to 120 blows/min. And only then it is allowed to increase it. The program of occupations needs to be made, considering your indication of "stressful pulse" (it measure ten minutes later after the beginning of occupation). At the beginning the given value should not exceed 70% of the size of the maximum age pulse (in abbreviated form MVP). When physical preparation improves, this value it is possible to increase 80% to a mark. And now simple mathematical formula.

MVP=220-your age.

Try to carry out not less than two trainings in a week. Their duration has to be not less than 35 minutes.

Do not bend very strongly forward, move smoothly. If suddenly felt weakness, dizziness stop occupation.

Contraindications are not present to occupations on the elliptic exercise machine. However, it is necessary to watch a condition of an organism and loading if you have a number of diseases, for example especially:

  • hypertension, tendency to pressure jumps;
  • cardiovascular insufficiency in a heavy form;
  • stenocardia, bronchial asthma;
  • if during training there is a short wind, pain in heart, feeling of shortage of air;
  • diabetes, oncology;
  • aggravation of infectious processes.

Surely consider councils of the doctor, the instruction from the producer of the exercise machine and the trainer.

We choose the elliptic exercise machine

Now producers offer a huge number of options of elliptic exercise machines. The price fluctuates from 8000 to 16000 rubles. So on which to stop the choice? At first be defined, where exactly you want it to place, what place for it will allocate, by means of a roulette take the measurements, they will be useful when read about overall dimensions of the exercise machine. The weight of the exercise machine fluctuates from 80 to 100 kilograms therefore its movements too will demand physical force. It is better to stop the choice on stationary option, however, also folding models of cross-exercise machines which have special castors thanks to what the exercise machine can be moved to different places of the room are issued. Consider that the platform size the exercise machine will have about 1,5 meters. Besides scope of handles and pedals has to be free that anything did not prevent to train nearby. recommends to think also in advance of purchase of a special rug under the exercise machine because when training sliding of this apparatus on a floor surface is possible.

By all means pay attention to the firm making the exercise machine, guarantee certificates. At long ago positively proved firms and production qualitative, after all such producers try to value the reputation in the market of sport goods. In the serious organizations skilled experts who can give to you the necessary advice and consultations at the choice of their production surely work.

Look narrowly at the control panel, it has to be clear for you. It is beautiful when the screen has illumination as if a New Year tree. Solidly, when there is a set of buttons. But, believe, ineptly and inopportunely to understand during training a variety of points of the difficult menu, to press a set of the buttons, to remember where it is necessary to come to establish this or that function. After all you choose to yourself simply the exercise machine, but not "time machine", not "the superfashionable computer". The main thing that on the monitor those parameters which are necessary for you were displayed.

Look at overall dimensions of the equipment, height of handles. Take such model that it was convenient for you, after all if during occupation it is necessary to last strongly forward or down, it is absolutely unnecessary load of a back.

Still the important and significant role at a choice is played by a flywheel. The more its weight, the will more smoothly and more evenly go the course. Therefore, and the movements which are carried out by you will be balanced and synchronous.

Other indicator – reverse motion. The movements are capable to develop and train absolutely other groups of muscles of a lower body back.

Choose the model equipped with the sensors measuring pulse. They can be either in handles, or in the special clip fastening on an ear or a breast.

Some people taking the exercise machine for the apartment pay attention to that the equipment was not too noisy.

Many get the elliptic exercise machine to lose the weight. In this case by all means specify at consultants, this apparatus is calculated on what body weight.

We hope that this information will help our readers to choose the elliptic exercise machine which is optimum meeting all your desires and the requirements. Train with pleasure and advantage for health!

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