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Medicines can be injected in an organism in the different ways. For example, through a mouth, a muscle, a vein, skin, a rectum … But there is one more procedure allowing to deliver medicine in the right place, called by an electrophoresis. Whether but everything the electrophoresis is useful?

What occurs at an electrophoresis, what its advantages before other methods? will help to understand the matter.

General information about an electrophoresis

The word "electrophoresis" includes two parts: "electro" - that is is meant use somehow of electric current, and the second part "форез", it can be translated from Greek as "transfer". At an electrophoresis there is a certain movement of ions (the loaded parts) in the electric field created by an external source. Direct electric current helps to deliver medicine in this or that area. It is one of procedures of physical therapy and widely applied not only in medical branch, but also in cosmetology. Physicians call this method still ionoterapiy, ionoforezy, an ionogalvanization. And a basis of an electrophoresis is reaction of electrolytic dissociation. Thus the medicinal substance breaks up in water solution to ions. When solution with medicine is passed through electric current, ions of medicine move and through mucous membranes and integuments get into an organism. Directly in fabric medicine is delivered through sweat and sebaceous glands. Having appeared in cages and intercellular liquid, then medicine comes to epidermis, and from there is soaked up in blood and a lymph. Then it can arrive to bodies, but the greatest concentration remains in area where the electrophoresis was carried out. From procedures it is possible to gain the following positive effects:

  • the anesthetizing;
  • the anti-inflammatory;
  • removing hypostases;
  • the vasodilating;
  • the calming;
  • the weakening;
  • there is a normalization of a metabolism, improvement of food of fabrics;
  • education and emission in the blood course of biologically active components.

What advantages of an electrophoresis in comparison with other known methods of introduction of drugs?

  1. The preparation works longer time as in skin a peculiar depot is created, from where it is slowly released to the blood course.
  2. It is possible to reduce considerably a preparation dose, it too will effectively work.
  3. It is possible to deliver medicine in that area or a zone of an organism which needs it.
  4. Medicinal substances are brought already in the activated form.
  5. The drug is injected without serious consequences.
  6. Fabrics at introduction of medicine are not damaged.
  7. Much less risk of undesirable (collateral) effects.
  8. Medicine leaves an organism more slowly.

Scope of application

The electrophoresis is used in complex therapy of many diseases, for example, of cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous system. Ophthalmologists, therapists, otorhinolaryngologists, gynecologists appoint it … will list only some indications to purpose of these procedures:

  • pathologies of heart and vessels – calcium solution;
  • the hems formed after injuries or surgeries – solutions of a lidaza, ronidaza, iodine;
  • solderings, keloidny hems;
  • hypertension;
  • Bekhterev's illness, mezhpozvonkovy hernias, arthritises, polyarthritises, osteochondrosis;
  • otitis, tonsillitis, antritis;
  • pathologies of eyes, for example, turbidity in a vitreous body, slow inflammations of a vascular cover;
  • the colpitis, endometriosis, endotservitsit also other gynecologic problems;
  • cystitis, prostatitis, pyelonephritis;
  • neuralgia, pleksita, radiculitises;
  • migraine, neurosises, sleep disorders;
  • sprains, bruises, burns.

The electrophoresis renders assistance in fight against cellulitis in cosmetology. The electrophoresis helps to increase activity of the substances entering face packs. For example, fruit juice, gialuronidaza, collagenase and other enzymes, plant extracts, vitamins, therapeutic muds, aminokapronovy acid, beekeeping products. Procedure can render the anti-inflammatory, drying, toning or rassasyvayushchy action is depends on the components used at a session.

Whether there are contraindications?

Despite a set of advantages before other techniques, the electrophoresis is not allowed to be applied in some cases:

  • existence of tumors;
  • heat, sharp stages of an inflammation;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • heart failure;
  • tendencies to bleedings, problems with coagulability of blood;
  • at dermatitis, eczemas;
  • wounds, injuries of skin to places where medicinal laying is imposed;
  • allergies or hypersensibility to medicine which was supposed to be entered;
  • intolerance of electric current;
  • presence of metal dentures at an oral cavity;
  • violations of normal sensitivity of skin.

Essence of an electrophoresis and main techniques

Procedure lasts from 10 to 30 minutes. The dosage and density of electric current are various, everything depends on age and the diagnosis. The patient does not feel pain during a session, only the feeling of a pricking is admissible. On a course 10-20 sessions which do every other day or daily there are usually enough. Sometimes it is required to repeat treatment later two or three months. The essence of this method consists in the following: it is necessary to apply medicine between an electrode and an integument, that is perpendicular to the direction of a current stream. In Russia most often apply solutions of medicines to these purposes, and abroad physicians prefer gels long ago.

Let's list most often the applied techniques of carrying out an electrophoresis:

  1. The galvanic – the special laying consisting of four layers of a gauze or filter paper moistens in solution with medicine of a certain concentration, protective laying follows further, on it establish an electrode. Other electrode from the device is placed on the opposite side of a body. It is necessary to create the line for the medicine movement.
  2. The Vannochkovy – solution with medicine is poured in a special tray, in it already there are built-in electrodes. Then the person immerses sick part of a body in this liquid.
  3. The band – at first medicine in the form of solution is entered into a vagina, a rectum, a stomach or other hollow body, then there place the anode or the cathode, and the second electrode place on a body surface.
  4. The interstitial – is most often used at treatment of respiratory system. The person at first takes a pill (or do him an injection), and then on area where the center of an inflammation is located place electrodes.

The technician of carrying out procedure is a lot of:

  1. Ionic collar. It is imposed at a hypertension, neurosises, craniocereberal injuries, sleep disorders.
  2. Ionic belt (top or lower). It is shown at sexual frustration and gynecologic diseases.
  3. Ionic reflexes (it is developed by Shcherbak). The good effect is noticed at stomach ulcer, a hypertension, neurosises and many other pathological states.
  4. Vermel's method (general electrophoresis). Laying with medicinal solution have between shovels, further impose an electrode, and two others place on back part of calves of both feet. This technique shows fine results at atherosclerosis, a cardiosclerosis, migraine, a hypertension.
  5. Orbital and occipital electrophoresis, it is called still Bourguignon Ispolzouutsia's by method by small laying with medicinal solution, them has on area of eye-sockets when eyelids are closed. Other laying is imposed on back part of a neck. Procedure is appointed at injuries and inflammations of a brain, neuritis trigeminal (or front) a nerve, diseases of eyes.
  6. Nasal electrophoresis. Enter the wadded tamponchik impregnated with medicine solution into the nasal courses, and place other electrode on back area of a neck. It is carried out at violations of exchange processes, an ulcer in a digestive tract, brain pathologies.
  7. Ratner's method, two laying with different substances is used: the first (with eufilliny) is intended for cervical vertebras, and the second (with a papaverine) accommodates to the right of a breast on edges. Such sessions carry out at cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, after patrimonial injuries at newborns, violations of blood circulation in cervical department of a spine column.
  8. The Vannochkovy electrophoresis is applied at polyarthritises, pleksita, arthritises. In special capacity place sore extremities.
  9. Electrophoresis with the karipazimy. Such treatment yields good results at a serious illness – hernia of mezhpozvonkovy disks. Sessions it is necessary to carry out 20, and through one or two months to repeat treatment. And in a year of such courses it is desirable to carry out three.

The electrophoresis is carried out in the physiotherapist's offices equipped for this purpose. Recently there were devices which can be got in "Iatrotechnics", they are intended for use of the house. For example, "Sun", "MAG-30", "Stream", "Eleskulap" and others. But it is possible to trust carrying out medical procedures only to the people having medical education and owning in a due measure technicians of an electrophoresis.

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