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Ideas of gifts by March 8

How many tortures this day – delivers on March 8 to men... What gift to choose? How to present it? And whom, at last, to congratulate? Darling – by itself, mother – not to forget. And still there are sisters, nieces and even mothers-in-law... Brrr! Yes from where it in general undertook, this holiday? And here from where...
How many tortures this day – delivers on March 8 to men... What gift to choose for women?
How to present it? And whom, at last, to congratulate? Darling – by itself, mother – not to forget. And still there are sisters, nieces and even mothers-in-law... Brrr! Yes from where it in general undertook, this holiday? And here from where.

Holiday history on March 8

Everything began with the international conference of women in 1910. Klara Tsetkin put forward idea to celebrate a holiday on March 8 as birthday of the female proletariat. On Klara Tsetkin's plan this day had to become day of fight of women of the whole world for equality. Officially on March 8 for the first time noted in 1913. And since 1965 the International Women's Day is declared by the day off. Fortunately, and maybe, unfortunately, the holiday lost on March 8 the political value. Now it is a holiday of Spring, Love and Beauty.

Where to take idea of a gift by March 8

To please the beloved on March 8, it is necessary to remember two simple rules. First, the gift has to be original. And secondly, the gift has to show It your love and attention. Of course, candies and tulips it is better, than anything. But you do not represent, what soreness of the mouth (mentally, on her face the most "sincere" pleasure will reign) is caused in women by such gift. It is possible (and even it is necessary) to present a bouquet of flowers, but only in addition to the main gift. The woman, irrespective of age, expects on March 8 a miracle fulfillment. And to make a miracle not so difficult if your darling does not dream of Bentley. Listen to it, and you for certain will notice these "casual" phrases told your beloved in any shop: "Ah, what handbag!", "Beautiful scarf...", etc. Saying such phrase, the woman can mean two things: "buy me it now", or "present me it for March 8". Try to remember, about what pleasant things she told you recently. And then you for certain will have an idea of such gift of which it dreamed. Well, and if in the head the vacuum, is remembered nothing, there were no original ideas for a gift by March 8? would like to make some recommendations on such case.

Souvenirs and original gifts by March 8

Let's begin with the budgetary options. If you do not plan to spend a lot of money for a gift, it is possible to buy it a small aromalampa or a pendent for aromatic oils. Such gift for March 8 will appear as it is impossible by the way if she loves east aromas. If she loves pastes – it is possible to choose for her the inexpensive, but sparkling hairpin for hair. Any little shop of costume jewelry at your service if you well know her preferences. To buy a trinket or a souvenir on the taste as a gift I do not advise, can strongly miss and instead of gratitude for March 8 to receive scandal. It is possible to present inexpensive, but qualitative linen, the Incanto or Vis-a-vis type. But only provided that you precisely know the sizes of your lady. Do not decide to give linen, order for it by March eighth an exclusive t-shirt (with clear only to you two inscription or the picture), it will be very lovely and original gift. Many girls love candles, wall panels, ridiculous moneyboxes, soft toys.
If you want to present as a gift to the darling cosmetics, reduce it on March 8 in shop better and simply pay that she will choose. Your spouse housewife? Present it the food processor. I recommend Bosch or Braun combines, they are most functional from all which are presented in shops of household appliances. The combine already is? Not a problem, by March 8 present any other household appliance about which your wife enviously sighs not one month. By the way, very decoratively and elegantly sets for preparation of a fondue – such original gift for gourmets look. If you often receive guests, the spouse will be simply happy, to surprise them with such unusual dish as a fondue.

Jewelry by March 8

Undoubtedly, all women adore jewelry. Being going to present jewelry by March 8, do not forget about age and a constitution of the lady. Age: it is considered to be that gold ages. The young girl covered with gold jewelry makes a little strange impression. Therefore it is better if for absolutely young ladies if by March 8 silver jewelry become a gift. Silver things emphasize beauty and youth of their owner. The pendent with zodiac sign, or earrings can become quite good option a gift by March 8. The woman's constitution too leaves the mark. Agree, the wafer-thin ringlet will look ridiculously on a hand of the lady possessing dimensions of Fröken Bock from an animated cartoon. To the contrary, massive jewelry will only strengthen impression of leanness if to put on them the slender girl. We draw a conclusion: On March 8 we give silver jewelry young, we buy gold for women aged, for example for mothers.

For March 8 give love!

If the girl loves sport, it is possible to present her by March 8 a velosimulator, a racetrack, or, at the worst, a hoop. NEVER give scales... It is possible to present the subscription to the pool or fitness club.
If the girl loves animals, be convinced in advance that she has no allergy to anybody from brothers smaller and safely go into a poultry market! Least of all efforts fishes deliver. If instead of an aquarium to buy a big souvenir shot glass (liters on 5), in it it is possible to let a goldfish and on March 8 in such form to present a gift of darling. Do not forget to buy sterns for a small fish, and that instead of a festive dinner it is necessary to run in pet-shop.
Couple of tickets for a concert of her favorite band will always be a good gift for March 8. By the way, this gift suits and for mothers, but understand, mother listens to music 70-80kh, but not Zveri group more willingly.
Your love will be the best addition to any gift. Make on March 8 day of performance of her sexual imaginations. Anything terrible if it is necessary to go to an erotic shop behind rozovenky handcuffs or the vibrator. I assure you, that will occur in your bedroom after that, you and your darling remember well.
Successful to you holiday!
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