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That it is possible to eat after six

Already quite long time dietitians claim that the opinion that it is impossible to eat after 6 o'clock in the evening not only mistakenly, but also can be pernicious for your health. As well as in any other business, it is important to adhere to a measure and some special rules here, but it is impossible to starve by no means.

The thought of that after six evenings is it is impossible, came to mind to some nutritionists and women on quite fair basis. It is known that our organism spends energy only in the first half of day, and in the second it prepares for a dream, energy does not spend, food digests badly. The food eaten in the evening not only will be postponed in fat, but also will badly influence work of a digestive tract. And in order that to avoid all this, just and the rule about a ban of any food is thought up in the evening.

It is a little about healthy nutrition

And it is valid, many women who once again promised themselves "are not after six", do not feel any simplification at all, the result on scales is also not present. And instead of all this the feeling of hunger, alarm and nervousness comes.

That the organism cannot starve such long interval of time is the reason of such states. After all the break between meals makes till 14 o'clock! And for our body it is quite disturbing signal, of course, it is afraid that you absolutely starve him therefore, the organism tries to lay fat in store.

Researches show that the organism will start "giving" only when starts "receiving". Therefore there are some of very important rules of food for all day which will help not to feel hunger, and will quickly and effectively lose weight:

  • to eat 5-6 times a day;
  • bigger consumption of calories and food has to drop out on the first half of day;
  • the portion should not exceed 200 g of food in a dry form;
  • the period between meals should not be more long than 3-4 hours;
  • to have supper not less important, than to have breakfast, but the last meal has to be a lung.

Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion that it is most correct to have breakfast, make densely having a snack which slightly less dense lunch and a mid-morning snack will follow. And here the dinner optional has to be at 18.00, nutritionists quite allow also later but in order that it did not do much harm to a figure, it is necessary to use only the resolved products and to follow some rules.

Rules of an ideal dinner

  1. Not all approaches time 18.00, many women complain that the working day comes to an end late and, coming home, they are not capable to go to bed of absolutely empty stomach. For this reason dietitians offer excellent alternative: it is necessary to have supper in three hours prior to a dream.
  2. As if you were hungry, it is necessary to give preference to easy products, it is best of all to choose what well sate, but thus do not overload an organism.
  3. If by force of habit it is important to you to eat densely in the evening and any feeling of hunger will be unbearable, recommends to divide an easy dinner into 2-3 receptions. Small portions of food will pass for your figure much more imperceptibly, than the high-calorie food eaten for the night.
  4. If you understand that ate enough, but through for an hour or two after a dinner all the same there is a wish still for something, try to drink a glass of water then to clean teeth. Also the weakening bathtubs or any cosmetic procedures help to deceive false hunger before going to bed to many women.
  5. If you managed to prepare nothing for yourself for the evening, and in the refrigerator suitable anything is not present, do not despair. The small bowl of soup or a borsch, but without sour cream and bread, boiled rice, but without fried chicken leg or goulash, buckwheat cereal with skim milk – the main thing to watch closely a serving size, for the rest, such dinner will not do absolutely any harm.

Than it is possible to have supper?

Remember that the satisfaction of hunger first of all occurs in our brain. Therefore your dinner has to consist of those products which you love and which to you seem nourishing. If spinach or a celery if you are not the admirer of dairy products causes melancholy in you or, for example, not really love fish, it is better to choose for itself other menu for dinner. Benefit, it quite various.

  1. Baked or boiled vegetables. You can buy already ready frozen mix in shop, and can choose from this that is available for you in the refrigerator. The main thing, when cooking do not go too far in salt, it possesses property to detain water owing to what you risk to see in the morning "plus" on the scales.
  2. Crude vegetables. They, of course, can be eaten, for example, in the form of salad or separately, but you should not abuse them nevertheless. The matter is that the use only of crude vegetables can lead to heartburn or any problems with a digestive tract. It will be better if you eat, for example, not crude, but boiled carrots.
  3. Fruit. Bananas and the grapes one night best to refuse absolutely, they very much kaloriyna also contain the high level of sugar. Apples too are not ideal option for a dinner as contain the acids irritating mucous intestines. A citrus is low-calorie and very useful to health, but you should not use them in case of digestive tract diseases, especially in the period of their aggravations. And here pears, a persimmon and a kiwi is that is necessary for a nourishing, useful dinner.
  4. Proteinaceous products. They win first place among the resolved dishes for dinner. Egg white, chicken breast, fish, an omelet – all this is it is possible, the main thing, it is correct to prepare. They can be boiled, prepared in a double boiler or to bake in an oven. They can be combined with the baked or crude vegetables. One portion for dinner should not exceed 200 g.
  5. Dairy products. They can be carried to number proteinaceous, but nevertheless they occupy separate category. The main thing that they were fat-free, then will not bear any danger to a figure or digestive system. A glass of low-fat yogurt and vegetable salad or kefir with boiled chicken breast – here the best menu for a dinner.
  6. Difficult carbohydrates. Their use is quite allowed in the evening menu, especially some of above-mentioned products treat difficult carbohydrates (the same vegetables). In this case means that you can eat for dinner macaroni from firm grades of wheat, a portion of grain, especially if it is brown rice. If anything from this is not present, also buckwheat cereal, the main thing that it was prepared on water quite will approach. Watch a serving size, the food should not be much.
  7. Cheese will help you to feel satiety quicker. It enough kaloriyen therefore it cannot be eaten much, it is possible to rub a small slice on a small grater and to season with it the prepared dish.

The products which are strictly forbidden for dinner

If you keep the figure and care about health, you need to refuse for dinner from:

  • fried and fat;
  • the products containing sugar (cakes, cookies, candies, pastries etc.);
  • a large amount of seasonings to dishes (the chicken breast seasoned with garlic and hot pepper is capable to stimulate appetite and to do much harm to digestive system);
  • salty products which are capable to cause hypostases and a delay of liquid in an organism.

As we see, it is possible to eat in the evening and it is necessary and if to know about the list of the resolved products, the dinner can be both tasty, and nourishing, and useful. And your figure will be always ideal.

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