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Early pregnancy

Your beloved daughter schoolgirl became closed and reticent, and at conversation burst into tears and with shout "Mother, I am pregnant" ran out from the room. Shock, confusion, after all still yesterday it sewed to dolls of clothes and played the fool with girlfriends … How to behave in such situation. How to explain to the child and to save the young girl from early pregnancy?

Pregnancy is considered early if it came at the young woman till eighteen years. This age, from the point of view of doctors, is considered early as the young organism did not ripen yet and the woman is not ready to become a mother. As it is sad, but early teenage pregnancy meets very often now and already stopped being a rarity.

How to learn to the teenager about the come pregnancy

First of all, the prime reason of early pregnancy is considered lack of information of teenagers in questions of contraception and the relations between the man and the woman. How to define, there was a conception, or not, will prompt Mirsovetov:

  • At the girl the monthly are late.
  • If to take bazalny temperature, it will be raised, about 37 degrees and above.
  • From a vagina colourless allocations, without characteristic smell can amplify.
  • In the mornings the young schoolgirl can feel disgust for food, increase of sense of smell, nausea and even vomiting.
  • Increase of an urination.

Pregnancy of the teenager. Risks

  1. For the young, yet not got stronger organism early pregnancy is a big stress and load of all bodies. Very often at young girls who became pregnant, pregnancy proceeds hard, with complications, and childbirth happens heavy. Often at early age insufficient saturation of a fruit oxygen (insufficiency of a placenta) develops, the risk of development of anemia is very high, and also the probability of abortions, both on early terms, and on the eve of childbirth is high. Young future mothers are very often subject to risk of sudden mortality of a fruit and mortality of mother at the time of delivery. In this regard, if the teenage girl made the decision to give birth, doctors often appoint operation Cesarean section.
  2. After the birth the newborn in most cases has small weight, and also can be born with congenital diseases and anomalies of development. Statistically children who were born from teenage mothers, die at infantile age more often.
  3. More than in 70 cases from 100 unplanned pregnancy interrupts. Huge harm to a young organism, both on early terms of interruption, and on the late is done. By the way, late interruption of pregnancy happens more often than on early terms for the reason that the teenager has no support and council of the adult and does not know how to behave in similar situations. Abortions on late terms can do much harm to an organism of the young woman and cause development of gynecologic diseases and even to lead to infertility.

Danger of pregnancy aged till 18 years

About favorable age for conception of the child still there are many disputes. Some doctors consider as optimum age for the birth of the healthy child age after 20 years - from 22 to 25 years. Others claim that the 18-year-old girl can already take out and give birth to the kid without problems. And here psychologists unanimously repeat that psychological age of the woman ready to pregnancy and childbirth – 30 years!

But there are situations when pregnancy comes much earlier. Early pregnancy the pregnancy which came aged from 13 years and to majority is considered. There are cases when the girl at the age of 12 years and earlier could become pregnant.

Difficulties of early pregnancy:

  1. Anemia.
  2. Interruption of pregnancy on early and late terms.
  3. The ovum can be unripe.
  4. Abundance of water at pregnancy is possible.
  5. The risk of interruption of pregnancy is great.
  6. Childbirth on early terms.
  7. Complications at the time of delivery.
  8. Risk of sudden death of the woman in labor.
  9. Weak or total absence of patrimonial activity.
  10. The child's birth with a small weight.
  11. Extra kilos and even obesity after the delivery.
  12. The risk of a cancer of uterus and other diseases increases.
  13. Not readiness for motherhood.
  14. There is no profession and material prosperity.

Despite all main above-mentioned risks, gynecologists recommend to young girls childbirth instead of abortion. And here only one thought that the young woman wants to get rid of the child and to make abortion, is fraught for future child. Having been born and having matured, such person gets to group of risk of the people inclined to frequent depressions and suicides.

It is interesting, but the countries of Great Britain and USA take the leading position on the level of early pregnancy. Japan costs on the lowest step.

What to do if pregnancy already came

The Russian experts unanimously repeat that in order that pregnancy was happy, only three factors are necessary:

  1. To come into positive contact with the native.
  2. Not to be nervous.
  3. To implement all recommendations of the doctor.

Parents have to be a support and support for future young mother and to explain to her that it is necessary to observe all recommendations of the doctor in accuracy. It is desirable to sign up for courses for pregnant women, that the nobility how to be prepared for childbirth how to look after a breast how to swaddle and change pampers to the child and many other things. It is also necessary to get advice of the psychologist.

The task of parents – to tell the matured child that the pregnant young woman will leave nobody one, and all fears and doubts parents will help to overcome together. For the young pregnant woman childbirth with the child's father and if it is impossible will be ideal – partner childbirth can be carried out with mother or the senior girlfriend who already gave birth and will be able to help. But it is not necessary to impose it to the young girl if she does not wish to give birth with the partner, it is impossible to insist.

After the delivery young mother will be needs the help. It is desirable for parents to organize day of young mother so that she managed to look after the child, to have a rest, watch herself and to have opportunity to continue training.

What to undertake to avoid early pregnancy

Many adults consider that sexual education of youth it is excessive. They are not right. Teenagers have to be informed in these questions and the nobility how to avoid undesirable pregnancy – to know contraception methods. Also most of adults is inclined to opinion that their children still children both underestimate their activity and continue to delay the beginning of conversations on taboo subjects.

If the girl grows in a family which is asocial, and the risk of approach of early pregnancy is much higher. In such a family parents have to try to create comfortable conditions and relationship between family members.

The active, fighting girls inclined to the conflicts and aggression get to group of risk. In due time to reveal and prevent a problem - these ways of relationship of the adult with the teenager will help to reduce risk of approach of pregnancy at early age.

It is undesirable to arrive to parents so: to put "tick" in education of the teenager and "to throw" to it condoms and special literature. The teenager has to know not only everything about sexual life, but also about possible negative consequences. Girls have to know how it is correct to be protected not to do much harm to a young organism. Sexual education should not be imposed. The lectures given at schools and confidential conversations will become ideal and available option of sexual education of the teenager. During conversations adults teach teenagers to be independent and to be responsible for the acts.

The birth of the kid is a joyful event and let it will occur in time and only under happy circumstances.

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