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Dyskinesia: that it is necessary to know

When we speak about diseases of a gall bladder, most often cholelithiasis or, for example, cholecystitis comes back to memory. However quite often weight in the right side, pain after a plentiful feast or, let us assume, sharp change of a diet is caused by other reason – dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways.

Statistically, women face dyskinesia more often than men. Among women this dysfunction meets almost in 21% of cases of the address to the gastroenterologist, and among men – it is less than in 8% of cases. For the rest, violation of work of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways is noted at any age – meets both at children, and at elderly patients, but people of young and middle age most often suffer from pains in the right side. In it the high level of a stress and the wrong diet "is usually guilty". By the way, this age group also very reluctantly addresses to doctors, preferring to endure discomfort or to ask in a drugstore any preparation for treatment of "belly-ache". It is clear that the druggist – not the diagnostician and to it difficult to a descent to define the reason of pains and to advise the necessary preparation. Especially as the problem is complex and only one medicinal therapy not to manage.

Dyskinesia – what is it?

At once we will be defined by that such dyskinesia. This disorder of function of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways at which their motility is broken. The liver develops bile. Bile plays an important role in the course of digestion because it is necessary for a normal vermicular movement and a pererabatyvaniye of fats. Per day the organism allocates to 2 liters of bile, but it is required not in the mode of non-feet, and only when we eat food. That bile which is not demanded for digestion of food at present, accumulates in a gall bladder. At reduction of a gall bladder bile comes to a duodenum gleam.

The correct work of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways is influenced by a diet and quality of the eaten food, and also a condition of nervous system. Can break difficult process of production of bile a lot of things, beginning from unbalanced diets, finishing with a chronic stress. Diseases of digestive organs as the reason of dyskinesia come to light less than an independent form of this unpleasant illness.

Dyskinesia forms: the hypertensive

Dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways happens both hypertensive, and hypotonic. Already from the name it is clear that at hypertensive dyskinesia production of bile goes very actively – the gall bladder is reduced sharply and quickly that is followed by a spasm. Because of a spasm bile cannot leave in a gut gleam in the demanded volume. The person thus feels the pricking and sharp pains in the right podreberye. Pains can give for a shovel, to a back, a clavicle and so on. The attack of such bilious colic lasts minutes 20-30 or more.

To understand that pains in a liver are provoked by hyperfunction of a gall bladder easily. Such pains develop:

  • after reception of a fat/spicy food or alcohol;
  • at night after a dense dinner;
  • in days of periods at women owing to increase of a tone of a gall bladder.

Pains quite often are followed by feeling of nausea or even vomiting. During an attack many complain of tachycardia (tachycardia), feeling of "raspiraniye" in the right podreberye, feeling of heat ("throws into sweat").

Important note. If pains do not weaken, have "dagger" character and you cannot precisely define, where exactly hurts, it is necessary to call "ambulance" to exclude probability of an attack of appendicitis.

Dyskinesia forms: the hypotonic

Stagnation of bile, that is hypotonic dyskinesia, is not followed by severe pain though the discomfort in a liver is present and happens very long on time. Feels sick at this form of dyskinesia less, however there are other problems – frustration of a chair (locks and diarrhea which can replace each other), a bitter eructation, the inflated stomach. At stagnation of bile digestive processes worsen.

Than and how to treat dyskinesia

Dyskinesia in itself does not cause pathological changes in an internal, however this pathological state precedes development of cholelithiasis, recurrence of the available diseases of digestive bodies.

At dyskinesia it is not necessary to drink the anesthetizing preparations! They influence the center of pain in a brain, but the reason of discomfort is covered in a spasm. Therefore, more benefit will be brought by spazmolitik – they do not stop pain, and remove muscular stress. The muscles of a gall bladder relax, and the pain syndrome passes.

At problems with zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, of course, it is worth passing inspection at the gastroenterologist – the doctor will define a form of dyskinesia and will pick up therapy.

At a hypertensive form (an active gall bladder) it is very important to observe the correct diet. At emergence of pains it is necessary to try to ensure whenever possible the quiet mode – not to be nervous, not to be overstrained because the emotional discomfort plays large role in this case. It is necessary to refuse for a while fat food, broths (it is possible only vegetable, but without spices), alcohol and eggs. Carbonated drinks are contraindicated. It is authorized to eat porridges, liquid food with a minimum of seasonings, croutons (simple white or black loaf without salt and seasonings), fruit. The food during this period, the better will be more liquid. It is impossible to allow long breaks between meals, it is impossible to eat too much – eat often, but gradually.

For removal of a pain syndrome it is possible to accept "No-shpu" or "Dyuspatalin". Grass collecting on the basis of a dandelion, a shepherd's bag, a dogrose will become a quite good choice also. However, it is possible to apply them with one reservation. If the tone of a gall bladder is still raised, zhelchegonny herbs cannot be applied because bile because of a spasm cannot freely leave in a duodenum gleam. Zhelchegonny collecting at preservation of pains in the right podreberye should be accepted very carefully and only in a complex from a spazmolitikama.

As for stagnation of bile, scheme of treatment the following. As this form of dyskinesia arises generally at the people leading an inactive life it is worth reconsidering something in the daily routine and to start finding at least the minimum time for physical activity. The zhelchegonny are shown – it is possible to include safely in a diet on a teaspoon of vegetable oil to three times a day (to accept to food), there are products with bran. Such vegetables as pumpkin and carrots are very useful. Crude salads from beet, sauerkraut, the carrots, pumpkins filled with a small amount of vegetable oil will make favorable impact on an intestines vermicular movement.

For elimination of stagnation of bile it is possible to accept "Allokhol", "Liobin" and so on.

Dear readers Mirsovetov, remember that dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, despite all discomfort which it brings, can be easily corrected by a diet and stabilization of an emotional state.

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