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We choose a DVD player

Purchase of the DVD player does not cause special difficulties today. Having come to any shop, on your choice the wide range of models which this shop therefore you can buy a DVD player needs to sell quicker will be offered, but whether he will answer those to tasks with which you want to load it to the full extent. This big question?
Выбираем DVD-плеер, выбираем DVD проигрыватель Purchase of the DVD player (Digital Versatile Disc – a digital universal disk) does not cause special difficulties today. Having come to any shop of household appliances, on your choice the wide range of models which this shop therefore you can buy a DVD player needs to sell quicker will be offered, but whether he will answer those to tasks with which you want to load it to the full extent. This big question?
Therefore in article will consider the most important aspects of a choice of a DVD player.

What sockets are used for connection of DVD to the TV

Sockets share on two look: video and audio. Each of types can transfer both a digital, and analog signal. Using digital inputs and outputs you can receive the maximum productivity from viewing of movies as by transfer of analog signals there are restrictions on video signal transfer, and for digital signals such restrictions are not present. Therefore using the digital interface, you can look through DVD on the maximum display resolution of the TV.
At first we will consider the questions connected with video signal transfer. There is a question – what TV you will use together with a DVD player? If your LCD TV or the plasma panel, surely look that the TV and a DVD player had the HDMI socket is the digital interface capable to transmit digital and analog signals. If it is not present though be convinced available the interface DVI is also digital interface which transmits only a digital signal. Exactly thanks to these two digital interfaces you will be able to take pleasure in the maximum quality from viewing of movies on DVD a player. If you want "to pump over" your TV to ZhK, the recommendations from which are earlier stated in the article "As It Is Correct to Choose the LCD TV".
Виды интерфейсов подключения DVD(слева направо): HDMI, S-Video, композитный, SCART
If you ELT have a TV, you will be able to connect to it DVD a player, using a standard set of analog signals: S-Video, composite (Composite, VHS), component (Component, VHS) and SCART.
    Council from For connection of ELT of the TV and DVD of an player recommends to use component or S-Video the interface.
Feature of these interfaces consists in the following. Using the component tulip interface the signal shares on three the making colors with gradation of each component of color on image brightness – RGB red (R), green (G) and blue (B), that is can be used for a signal transmission of a high definition (format 1080i). The S-Video interface also uses division of color with gradation of brightness as has the chetyrekhshtyrkovy socket.
Dealt with video signals, now we will stop on audio. For perception of an audiosignal it is possible to use the next ways.
First, if you have a speaker system which is a part of the home theater, in this case you can receive the audiosignal conforming to the Dolby Digital or DTS standard of a format 5.1. It means that 1 column is allocated for the central canal, on 2 columns on frontal canals (left and right) and rear channels (left and right) and 1 channel on a subwoofer. For receiving an audiosignal in such format, you will need to get an AV receiver or the AV amplifier.
Secondly, in the presence at you the modern audio system, you can use and its acoustics.
And the last way of connection of DVD of a player to the TV is directly to connect an exit (output) the DVD audiochannel to an entrance (input) of the TV. In this case quality of a sound will be limited to the power of columns of the TV. The scheme of connection of DVD to the TV it is shown below.
Схема подключения DVD к телевизору

The reproduced formats

Чем больше форматов DVD воспроизводит плеер, тем лучше At a DVD player choice especially pay attention to formats (video and audio) which it can reproduce. Here one of old truth works – the more the DVD formats reproduces, the better. Let's give formats which the DVD player is obliged to support:
  1. Reading DVD disks (their types and the sizes can look in the article "As It Is Correct to Choose the Personal Computer") – actually for this purpose it also is intended.
  2. Reading usual CD disks. On them the audio files in the MP3 format can be written down or CD disks which are read on audio systems is the WAV or WMA format. In the DivX format video movies which are written down also on laser CD disks are coded.
    Council. At a choice of a DVD player be convinced that it supports the DivX format of version 6.0, Differently the modern movies coded in this format you can not see.
  3. Reading pictures in the JPEG format. As you already guessed that by means of this standard it is possible to look through pictures from the digital camera or the photo albums which are written down on CD - or DVD disks.
      Council from For interface of the digital camera – the DVD player has to have USB the socket. Also for this purpose Bluetooth devices or infrared port can be used. It is desirable that the DVD player possessed ports for reading memory cards of the SD standards (Secure Digital), MMC (Multimedia Card), MS (Memory stick), SM (Smart Media), XD (Extreme Digital), CF (Compact Flash), MD (Micro Drive), MS pro (Memory stick pro) of and Magicstor. It does not matter if these ports are not present, after all the LCD TV can have them or the plasma panel.
  4. The audio formats which the DVD player has to distinguish, is DolbyDigital (DD 5.1) or DTS – by means of these formats you can create volume "a sound around".

Kinds of DVD players

Разновидности DVD-плееров (сверху-вниз): DVD-плеер, DVD-чейнджер, DVD+VHS, DVD-рекордер, DVD-ресивер
  1. The DVD player (player) – directly allows to look through only movies or to reproduce music.
  2. The DVD changer – does everything too most, as the DVD player, however at the same time allows to load some disks into a changer and to look through all movies which are written down on them without rising from a sofa. However there are needs of nature, for example, to have a bite at which you after all should get up from a familiar spot. At this moment it is possible and to change a disk.
  3. DVD+VHS is a DVD player and the videorecorder in one packing. It is convenient and practical. However the century of videotapes gradually comes to an end. The opinion of the author – at me never was the videorecorder or a videoplayer, perfectly managed campaigns on premieres of movies in movie theaters or watched them on the computer therefore I consider that DVD+VHS – unreasonable expenditure of money.
  4. The DVD recorder – allows to rewrite disks or the going telecasts due to use in the complete set of the built-in hard drive, that is you have an opportunity to rewrite the pleasant movies. Duration of record is limited to dimension of the hard drive (on average about 30 hours of video, 3000 hours of music, and 20000 photos). Take an interest at the manager-consultant in dimension of the hard drive. Also record can be carried out and on pigs, how earlier entry was made on videotapes. A shortcoming – record time for a pig is limited therefore you risk not to write down long movies completely.
      Council from The campaign a family from 3 people at cinema will cost depending on time of a session and a site in a cinema hall from 200 to 500 rub. And if to take this movie in a video hire shop (the price – about 25 rub), acquisition of the DVD player will be economically justified soon and if it still can and be rewritten …
    Shortcoming: it is impossible to watch premieres of movies, the law is the law, in hire movies usually appear after their premieres at movie theaters.
  5. DVD receiveralmost home theater only without acoustics (contains the built-in AV receiver). A lack of such device – the power of a sound is limited to the power of the built-in AV receiver, that is it cannot be increased.

The problems connected with operation of the DVD player

Причина не считывания CD/DVD дисков может заключаться в том, что их поверхность загрязнена At operation of the DVD player there can be the following trouble – it will cease to read CD - or DVD disks. In this case do not hurry to run in the service center,, recommends to you to make the following:
  1. The reason not of reading of CD/DVD of disks can be that their surface is polluted, for example, from contact of dirty fingers, etc. of recommends to look at CD/DVD surface "on light" and to see where there are dirty places. Further the course is known – take alcohol in one hand, and vatu in another and clean a disk CD/DVD surface. Do not forget the alcohol use not to destination in an undiluted look can lead to bad consequences which can be reflected in your both intellectual, and physical state. If on a disk surface you find scratches, this disk will need to be thrown out. Be not upset, can recommend to you, while the getting is good, to descend to companions who well "are on friendly terms" with computers and to ask them to copy the spoiled disk on new by means of such programs as CloneCD or CloneDVD. Do not forget them to thank for it.
  2. To untwist the case of a DVD player and independently to clean a crystalline lens is the small pebble similar to a glass splinter of the correct form which usually settles down under that place where CD - or a DVD disk is inserted, that is at first look where the disk is inserted, and then you by all means will see this crystalline lens. IMPORTANT. Cleaning of a crystalline lens has to carry out only pure ALCOHOL. For the especially advanced – do not use vodka or perfumery as they contain essential oils.
  3. If you are afraid to untwist the case – surely get the cleaning disk (price about 100 rub). Here all simply drip alcohol on a disk and insert it into a DVD player. In some seconds will be able to watch favourite movies, however it can work not always. Therefore it is better to use the way specified in point 2. Другая неприятность, из-за которой не будут считываться CD/DVD диски, может быть заключена в том, что они защищены региональным кодом
  4. Other trouble because of which disks will not be read out by CD/DVD, can be concluded that they are protected by a regional code. The whole world is conditionally divided into 6 zones (Russia in the 5th zone) is is used for protection of copyright and prevention of fight against video piracy. It is possible to overcome this difficulty if you buy at once a multizonal DVD player. He is capable to read any disks from 6 regions. And if you do not want to spend money for purchase of the multizonal player, can recommend to you to remove similar protection independently. Come into the Internet. Load Yandex and in a line of search peep "DVD player model" and the phrase "how to remove zonal protection". Through some time you will be able to receive medicine, namely, a combination of buttons on a DVD player which will help you to make it. The only thing that you thus will lose – a guarantee on a product. If you go to service the center which eliminates a similar ill luck, know: they will make the same that is written above. Be not surprised if they thus still ask you to pay them money.
    Except regional protection of DVD disks, you can face one more reef – the scheme of prevention of rewriting on videorecorders (in an analog look – Macrovision). Fight against this phenomenon, will be successful if to use its minuses – the analog signal is protected. Copy the movie by means of the digital interface DVI or HDMI on the computer, and then from the computer on the videorecorder. Long, but works.

Final recommendations

Upon purchase of a DVD player look at its design, whether he will fit into your interior or will approach color of the TV.
And the most important before to go to shop of household appliances, solve for yourself, what functions the DVD player has to possess. I will help you a little:
  • what formats the DVD player has to reproduce?
  • whether record of movies and telecasts is necessary?
  • whether the CD changer is necessary?
  • what memory cards he reads?
  • whether there is for a DVD player a function of a karaoke, it is necessary or not – to solve to you?
Successful acquisition.
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