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How to choose the drying car

Some doubt what more optimum to get: the 2 in 1 device, i.e. the washing machine with function of drying or the independent dryer. The second option is more preferable since for good drying in the car the linen has to be about 1,5-2 times less, than it can wash for a cycle. In this article we will in detail state that they represent as are arranged.
Благодаря сушильным машинам одежда приобретает мягкость, можно избежать заломов и складок, отказаться от глажения некоторых вещей Washing is finished. Again to hang out linen on ropes on a balcony or in a bathroom. It is good if in the summer everything dries in the natural way on a balcony. And if winter? Moreover and in the apartment it is damp? Also our unfortunate clothes and linen for three days hang, and to us disturb, and do not dry plainly. And then suddenly - r-time! - and already overdried, now it will be difficult to iron out. To solve these problems at one stroke, and drying cars are invented. Thanks to drying cars the clothes gain softness, it is possible to avoid zalom and folds, to refuse an ironing of some things.
Some doubt what more optimum to get: the 2-v-1 device, i.e. the washing machine with function of drying or the independent dryer. The second option is more preferable since for good drying in the car the linen has to be about 1,5-2 times less, than it can wash for a cycle. Of course, our dwellings can seldom brag of free space, but also it not a big problem – the majority of models of dryers can be established over the washing machine by means of a special frame.
As very small number of people has drying cars so far, in this article we will in detail state that they represent that are able to do as are arranged.

It is a little theory

Сушильный шкаф After washing the weight of linen increases at the expense of water on average by 50%. It is known that for a comfortable ironing the linen has to contain about 5% of moisture. In brief, the principle of operation of dryers is that moisture under the influence of dry air evaporates from a product surface, and then is taken away, so far humidity of linen and air will not be made even. Usually it takes no more than 1 hour.
Drying cars can be executed in the form of cases and drums. Both those, and others have the advantages and shortcomings.
  • Drying cabinets have big dimensions, but thus the clothes are in them static situation and are blown by streams of hot air. It allows to dry in them things from delicate materials, for example, silks, cashmere – deformation does not threaten them. Besides, in it it is possible to dry up the got wet footwear, headdresses, and also it is simple to air things, to relieve them of a smell.
  • Dryers of drum type are externally similar to washing machines, even management similar. In them things dry in the rotating drum: it quicker, than drying in a case.
  • Producers of household appliances in the majority do drying drum cars.Сушильная машина
  • By the principle of removal of moisture drying cars it is possible to divide two types: condensation and ventilating (exhaust).
  • Drying cars of condensation type work so: hot air from a heating element moves on clothes and takes away from it moisture. Then it comes to a special chamber where it is cooled, and condensate gets to capacity (or merges in the sewerage). The cooled-down air again heats up TENG and so on, around.
  • Cars of ventilating type, as appears from the name, remove damp air outside. pays your attention that now in the market drying cars of condensation type are generally presented, and exhaust are considered outdated and have some restrictions on an installation site – near an air shaft or a window.


Как выбрать сушильную машину As well as at a choice of any other household appliances, upon purchase of the drying car it is useful to study its most important characteristics, and also additional opportunities which are present at units of this or that producer in advance. will give whenever possible all useful options which the drying car can possess.
Volume. First of all, as usual, it is necessary to solve, what volume is necessary to you. Usually cars are calculated on drying not less than 5 kg and have volume from 100 liters. But there are also compact drying machine guns – with loading about 3 kg and less.
Energy consumption. Further pay attention to an energy consumption class (the most economic class A) – depends on it, whether the account for electricity when you start using the car will strongly increase. Now we will consider characteristics and options with which separately taken dryer can be allocated.
Power. The power consumed by car can reach 4000 W. This maximum value, usually figure less than 1500-2300 W. Make sure in advance that it will be on forces to your conducting.
Сушильная машинаDirections of rotation of the drum. Some models with the purpose to prevent the smyaty allow rotation in two directions, others – only in one party, thus the drum is usually supplied with blades, for stirring of linen. Both that, and another does not allow knocking down of things in a drum in a lump as it slows down drying and leads to that the linen is strongly rumpled. But alternate rotation that in one, in other party with stops creates additional load of the engine, therefore option when the drum (with special blades) is rotated in one party, more preferably.
Drum material. It can be stainless steel or a carborane – both of these materials cope with loading, and by and large, all the same, what of them to prefer.
Filters. The drying machine gun has to be surely supplied with the filter for sedimentation of dust, fibers of fabric, filaments, hair of pets. Be convinced that access to it is convenient, after all it is recommended to clean it as often as possible, is optimum – after each use.
Сушилки барабанного типа внешне похожи на стиральные машины, даже управление схожее. В них вещи сушатся во вращающемся барабане: это быстрее, чем сушка в шкафу.Management. It can be used mechanical (rotary indexes) and electronic (button) type of control of the unit. In general it is very similar to how the modes when using the washing machine are set.
Display. On it information on the chosen mode, operating time is displayed.
Management of drying process. There are two options: on time or by residual amount of moisture. The second way is optimum if after drying it is planned to iron. You can meet " names in a case", "under the iron" etc.
Drying modes. Usually they are done as fabric (for example, cotton, flax, silk). The sparing mode (air heats up not so strongly as, for example, for cotton, and the reel is spun more slowly) very conveniently to use for wool, silk, synthetics.
The basket for wool will allow to avoid material dumping (it can be used also for footwear).
Airing mode. If things simply became permeated with the smell – from long storage, a smoke – that is used air of room temperature.
Сушильная машина"Anti-iron", "Easy ironing". This function will allow to use the iron less. At the end of drying process a drum some time is rotated diversely, and things are blown by cold air. Thus, the quantity of folds and zalom decreases.
Water plums. Specify where water from the drying car arrives (if it condensation), in capacity in the dryer, through a hose in a bathtub or a tank it (is improbable), or it is necessary to do branch in the sewerage.
Indication of filling of the tank will allow to avoid a water modulation in drain capacity.
The postponed start. The car will start working after certain time.
Illumination of a drum allows to see that is created in the car. And if everything was overwound in knot, you will notice it, stop process and shift things.
Blocking of buttons, protection against children. The child will not be able incidentally to start or stop the car.

Prices and producers

Сушильная машина в доме It is possible to get the drying car of known brands (Bosch, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Siemens, Ardo, AEG) at the price from $600-700. More expensive lets out the German concern Miele – from $1000, it is also the leader in quantity of the models presented in the market. Miele offers also especially capacious household models calculated not on 5-6 kg, and on 8-10 and industrial, with loading to 25 kg. Drying cabinets in shops of household appliances meet less often, usually it is "Summer resident" models, for summer dachas and cottages. Also cases the ASKO company (Finland), cost makes them makes $1000-1500.

That's all that we wanted to tell about drying cars. Now you, our dear reader, know everything that is necessary for a right choice. Well, and it is best of all to decide on design in shop.
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