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Review of the movie Doomsday

2008 – in the territory of Scotland is found an unknown fatal virus the called "Reaper". In order to avoid a pandemic of a horrible disease of the power decide to fence the Scottish territory on all perimeter with a nine-meter wall, having turned "the country of green hills" into the closed zone, dooming all remained behind a wall to death.
    Name: "Doomsday" ("Doomsday")
    Genre: fighter, fantasy, thriller
    Slogan: "The mankind has an expiration date …"
    Duration: 105 min.
    Country: Great Britain, USA, Republic of South Africa
    Year: 2008
    Director: Neil Marshall
    In roles: Rona Mitre, Bob Hoskins, Malcolm McDowell, Sean Pertvi, David O'Khara
    Scriptwriter: Neil Marshall
    Operator: Sam Makkardi
    Composer: Tyler Bates
    Producer: Mark D. Evans, Trevor Macy, Peter Makalis

From the historical background

The post of the apocalyptic fantastic fighter is considered gold times for a genre the period since the end of the 70th years on the middle of the 80th. At this time there were two super popular pictures which became cult: "Mad Max" (Mad Max, 1979) and "Escape from New York" (Escape from New York, 1981). These movies became a subject and ideological basis for the new fighter of the director Neil Marshall "Doomsday".
The movie "Escape" tells about New York of the future turned entirely into prison where the army member of spetsnaz Snake Plisken (Curt Russell) for rescue of the U.S. President which plane crashed over the city prison goes. would like to pay tribute to the director of this movie – the outstanding master of a fantasy and a horror John Carpenter, after all managed to strike the audience with the vision of the future. The USA which turned into the totalitarian state driving the "wrong" citizens in a ghetto it is involved in the third world war with the Soviet Union on the one hand and Third World countries with another. Action of the movie took place in 1997, far at the time of a release of the movie. The main character – the military officer, the war hero who became famous in fights near Leningrad, carrying a piracy bandage Snake Plisken for many years became a sample of the uncompromising, nonconformist hero who became the benefactor at will of circumstances, but not on belief and it is not enough than different from the enemies. The person whom many know but which does not wish to know anybody, not recognizing authorities and the authorities, trusting only to the instinct, but not deprived of concepts about honor. The movie made resounding success, having become one of not many commercially successful in Carpenter's career. 14 years later continuation – "Escape from Los Angeles" (was removed by Escape from L.A., 1996), in many respects secondary, but not lost gloomy charm of the first part.
Well matched to the movie "Escape from New York" and the movie "Mad Max" of the outstanding Australian George Miller which is one of the first movies of a so-called Australian new wave with which formation of Australia as the large cinema power began. The movie "Mad Max" tells about not far future ambassador of a certain global cataclysm. The main character of the movie police officer Max (Mal Gibson) by nickname "Mad", combats the street gangs which are committing excesses on highways from which hands his wife and the child was lost. The movie shot literally for kopeks, made impression of a large-scale show thanks to skillfully put cars tricks and skillfully created atmosphere of fear and a hopelessness. "Mad Max" made deafening success that promoted emergence of two continuations – in 1981 and 1985.
Become defining in pits of the founders and performers of leading roles "Escape from New York" and "Mad Max", had also huge impact on development of genre cinema in general.


2008 – in the territory of Scotland is found an unknown fatal virus the called "Reaper". In order to avoid a pandemic of a horrible disease of the power decide to fence the Scottish territory on all perimeter with a nine-meter wall, having turned "the country of green hills" into the closed zone, dooming all remained behind a wall on painful death.
2035 – contrary to all expectations orbital satellites of tracking find living people in the territory of a quarantine zone. In the same time find the dead with symptoms of the virus "Reaper" in the London slums. The authorities will organize special army group for sending for a wall and search of a vaccine thanks to which allegedly and residents of Scotland survived. The major Catherine Sinclair heads group.

Statement of the movie

The young British director Neil Marshall who attracted attention six years ago the thriller about werewolves "Soldiers dogs" (Dog Soldiers, 2002), is considered one of the most perspective modern genre directors.
The movie "Doomsday" is the real feast for fans of fantastic fighters of the 70th – the 80th years. Here Marshall pays a tribute of respect to the favourite movies "Escape From New York" and "Mad Max". Having compiled got from "Escape" the loner hero and the closed zone turned into a post an apocalyptic punk garbage can filled with the vilest of mankind of all colors, and also the mad pursuits "delegated" by "Mad Max" on desert roads and gangs of the mad bedash punks with "mohawks" driving on the rattling tumble-down houses, Marshall created the anthem to style and spirit an action cinema of the 70th and especially the 80th.
    Two soldiers from group of the major Sinclair are called by Carpenter and Miller. These names are given them in honor of directors John Carpenter and George Miller who put respectively movies "Escape From New York" and "Mad Max".
In "Doomsday" is not present gloomy pessimistic futurism of "Escape from New York", the ringing psychological tension and the exhausting suspense of "Mad Max". It, first of all for a second not stopping, incredibly spectacular and stylish ommazh (genuflection) to favourite movies of the director. As they say, open eyes and listen openmouthed – here is, on what to look and what to listen: for bigger pleasure and immersion in the atmosphere action is seasoned with the excellent music stylized under a magnificent musical subject of John Carpenter in style electro - the priest, sounding in "Escape from New York", and also several hits of the 80th performed by Fine Young Cannibals and Frankie Goes to Hollywood groups; is here and the small "suvenirchik" scattered according to all movie - reminders about dashing the 80th: for example, the bandage of the one-eyed heroine which got to it in "inheritance" from Plisken or the spetsnazovsky assault armored cars which "arrived" straight from "Strangers" (Aliens, 1986).
    Thanks to that the most part of the movie was removed in Scotland, the national Scottish agency on support of cinematography and the film industry of Scottish Screen (the Scottish Screen) counted possible partially to finance shootings of "Doomsday".
Marshall proves to be the thin master of stylization. The real decoration of the movie – a duel scene on the major's swords Sinclair from one of inhabitants of a zone, taking off which the director simulated dynamic, chopped installation typical for fighting scenes of classical fighters.
In the movie "Doomsday" the director brings this manner of shooting to the logical end, turning a fight not simply into a makhaniye swords, but into the mad messing around of steel, blood and the flown into a rage persons which is sharply breaking a mortal blow and the spreading blood streams.
    Despite abundance in the movie of automobile tricks, only one of them ended unsuccessfully – with falling of one of stuntmen during journey on the motorcycle. Fortunately, the performer of a trick was not injured. cannot but note that at all rigidity and a krovavost the movie is not deprived of a peculiar humour. And the violence in it looks exaggerated, and therefore not real and fake that significantly facilitates perception.
"Doomsday" – from those movies about which British tell "guilty pleasure" – pleasure which it is a shame to admit. But it will not be a shame to us, despite the absence of some deep ideas and the large-scale, in details worked scenario is a magnificent show. 3,5 points from 5 – the movie as the stylish entertainment which is not burdening a brain, that it reflected and is.
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