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Dimeksid and Solkoseril from wrinkles

You had first wrinkles and you do not wish to be reconciled with it? Correctly, it is time to begin fight. Many women at once go to beauty shops and "receive" expensive procedures. But we will go some other way and we will get rid of hated folds and deepenings by means of inexpensive pharmaceutical means.

Most of women successfully use the inexpensive means allowing to fight against the withering skin. These are cheap pharmaceutical preparations – Dimeksid and Solkoseril. will tell how to apply them and what effect it is necessary to expect.

It is not obligatory to resort to expensive injections of Botox at all or to register in procedures of a mesotherapy, to buy expensive ampulny preparations from wrinkles. It is possible to try to smooth with their gel Solkoseril.

Solkoseril. Structure

For a start, to understand how gel works, we will study its structure. So, contain in gel:

  1. Water injection.
  2. Vaseline.
  3. Haemo dialyzate.
  4. Alcohol cetyl.
  5. Cholesterol.

Haemo dialyzate is an extract from blood of a dairy calf. The substance contains natural components which promote free penetration into soft fabrics. Let's note that up to the end impact of this substance on skin of the person (especially the person), was not studied. But doctors safely claim that haemo dialyzate helps to normalize the ph level, will improve blood supply and helps skin to be regenerated.

Vaseline, getting on the person, softens and humidifies integuments.

Alcohol cetyl is received from coco oil. It is used very often for production of expensive creams and masks. It, getting on a surface, creates an invisible barrier, without allowing to get inside to harmful bacteria and substances. Besides, alcohol holds moisture.

The second natural alcohol, it still call "fat", contains in cholesterol. It softens and regenerates skin.

From this it is possible to draw certain conclusions: gel Solkoseril very demanded preparation in medicine. Besides drawing on skin for the purpose of disposal of wrinkles, gel superficial wounds, cuts, and also long not healing ulcers and decubituses successfully treat.

As works

Impact of a preparation on skin is created from responses of those people which already used gel. Solkoseril makes such impact on skin:

  • strengthens development of substance which gives to skin smoothness and elasticity;
  • restores the damaged fabrics;
  • promotes smoothing of small wrinkles;
  • improves blood circulation thanks to what complexion improves;
  • promotes tightening of contours;
  • inflammations and heat-spots pass quicker.

Recipe of a mask

This simple recipe of a mask on the basis of Solkoseril will help to achieve smoothness of skin. To prepare a mask, it is possible to get in a drugstore as gel, and ointment Solkoseril, and also Dimeksid's bubble. Cosmetologists advise to take ointment as gel can dry and pull together skin a little.

Before putting means, it is necessary to wipe a face Dimeksid (do not forget to part it with water in the proportions specified in the instruction). This preparation is applied often to healing of inflammatory elements on skin and to treatment of eels. Besides, it is added to other cosmetics for skin and hair. After you wiped a face Dimeksid (be not frightened, the preparation has a light aroma of garlic), it is possible to apply ointment Solkoseril.

Dimeksid's advantage

The preparation has anti-inflammatory effect, reduces temperature, fights against microbes and fungi.

Besides, Dimeksid:

  • strong antiseptics which disinfects skin and interferes with hit of toxins inside;
  • strengthens action of masks, makes active an exchange of cages;
  • helps a mask to get quicker in skin.

    ATTENTION! Everyone has to know it! Dimeksid is FORBIDDEN to apply in an undiluted look. It needs to be parted with water in proportions one to ten. If not to make it, it is possible to get strong burn.

Some useful tips

Before applying Dimeksid and Solkoseril on skin, it is necessary to carry out the test for allergic reaction:

  1. Dimeksid to apply on skin of a shoulder or a hand, to leave for 15 minutes. If reddening is not present – means a preparation it is possible to use.
  2. Solkoseril apply on an elbow bend. Leave for half an hour - forty minutes and if for this period of time skin did not react, then are considered that the test is complete.

How to prepare a mask:

  1. Take a pan and trouble in it herbs (for example, a camomile, chistotet). Steam out a face that a time revealed. It is possible similar to make in a bathroom, having discovered hot water.
  2. To wipe a face a wadded disk which to moisten in Dimeksida (one spoon of funds for ten spoons of water). Means promotes good disinfection and does not allow time to be closed. It is parted and used once, the divorced preparation cannot be stored as it spoils.
  3. On skin apply with a thick layer ointment or gel (on a choice) Solkoseril. Attention: to apply a mask on eyes and lips it is impossible, on a neck – it is allowed.
  4. Leave for an hour. During this time the person is irrigated several times with water that the mask did not dry.
  5. Remove a damp wadded disk.
  6. Grease skin with nutritious cream.

How it is often possible to apply?

Actually, the accurate managements how it is often possible to resort to a solkoserilovy mask, no. One recommend to put it not more often than two times a month, others – in a month to make about ten masks, alternating each three-four days.

But cosmetologists advise to adhere to such scheme:

  1. If you have a young skin, the mask can be imposed few times in a month with the preventive purposes.
  2. If your skin problem, withering, then the mask is applied a course – every three days. After the 20th day you will notice how your skin considerably improved, and after one application it will become freshen and will gain elasticity.

About advantages and shortcomings

The first, on what pays attention of readers of Mirsovetov – both preparations have low cost. They promote clarification of skin, improvement of blood circulation and restoration of the damaged fabrics.

From shortcomings are noted:

  • there can be an individual intolerance;
  • it is impossible to apply the long period;
  • it is possible to speak about results not at once, and after at least month of application;
  • it is undesirable to apply both preparations during pregnancy and feeding of the child a breast;
  • the children who did not reach 18-year age cannot apply (an exception cases when the preparation is appointed by the attending physician make).

Among frequently asked questions it is possible to hear one: whether it is possible to apply a mask on area round eyes? Cosmetologists claim to fight against small wrinkles "goose pads", it is allowed to apply a mask with very thin layer on area round eyes. Besides, ointment can be used as night cream and to apply it pointwise on the inflamed area.

Also it is not recommended to continue application of two preparations if you had such symptoms as hypostasis, burning, and also you lost flavoring receptors. These signals say that it is necessary to wash out immediately carefully skin and to accept an antiallergic preparation.

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