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Types of plastic cards

In the world there is a huge number of plastic cards. Everyone has the history, appointment, features, qualities and shortcomings. All plastic cards can be divided into two look: payment and not payment. From a context clearly that the first work with money, the last – no. Let's begin our review with the last.
In the world there is a huge number of plastic cards. And about each of them it is possible to write the whole books. Everyone has the history, appointment, features, qualities and shortcomings. All plastic cards can be divided into two look: payment and not payment. From a context clearly that the first work with money, the last – no. Let's begin our review with the last.

Not payment plastic cards

Дисконтная пластиковая картаDiscount plastic cards
Fashionable boutique, Online store, hotel with a heap of stars or any the friend the organization working in a consumer services sector with pleasure will issue you a discount plastic card for the good sum which you at them will leave. Stimulation of consumer ability of the client next time to give you a discount of 3-5%. A trifle, but it is pleasant.
Club, trade-union, corporate
From not payment plastic is the most real card. Very many organizations and labor unions let out the member cards. And, would like to note that in a certain situation from such plastic card there can be even more advantage, than from payment. For example, residents of Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland consist in many automobile clubs, paying in membership dues to 500 euros a year. If you on the car got to trouble (a stopper, accident), it is enough to you to get the mobile phone, to dial number of your club, to tell the name and member number – and to you will free of charge send repair service, ambulance, group of national guard and even the helicopter if that is demanded by a situation.
Identification, smart cards, individual
Идентификационная карта Plastic cards for systems of restriction of access and transfer of personal information. Usually this type of cards is applied at the enterprises and represents an electronic key + the container with personal information. With it you go where it is necessary for you on work, and will not get to department in which does not follow you. Also the formation of yours manager CLP (Coefficient of Labour Progress) can trace, how many you smoked cigarettes and descended on the small.

Payment plastic cards

Bank plastic cards
Банковская пластиковая карта These cards are issued banks, and it is the hugest type of payment plastic which shares on two main types – debit and credit.
Debit the card is given by bank to anyone, you come, open the settlement account, and to you will suggest to issue at once to themselves a debit card with opening or without opening of maps accounts on which there will be assignments from your settlement account.
Other option: your employer at whom the open account in bank, opens for you and to all employees of maps accounts on which ZP (Salary) after the chief accountant counts it will be deducted.
If you during certain time proved to be the conscientious, solvent client, the bank to you will allow to make to itself an overdraft. The such small credit which can be equal to the 2nd or 3rd monetary monthly arrivals on a card or on the settlement account. After that at the end of the month ZP can remove from a card + the Overdraft. The overdraft sum + will be calculated by % of the commission from the subsequent monthly arrivals during the period stipulated in the contract on opening of the account.
And here to receive to itself a full-fledged credit plastic card not so simply. The word Credit – means that give you something good on parole, pledge or percent. As the sphere of banking services is under construction by the principle – first try, then trust – the bank has to be convinced, trust you or not, and it demands time. Therefore in the majority you do yourself a debit card, and then if everything at you is remarkable within a year, the bank will know that you can be trusted and to your wish to make to itself a credit card will react positively. Many banks can give out a credit card at once if you to yourself make the insurance deposit is the sum of money which constantly has to be on the settlement account and to remove it it is impossible. Banks with the name Bank of America, National Bank of Texas, British Bank which value the VIP clients, can make to you a credit card at once at the request of the VIP client.
Кредитная пластиковая карта The main difference of a credit plastic card from debit that you can draw from a card a large sum, than that that you have on the bank account. I.e. to get into minus which has to be extinguished during a certain term. emphasizes that if during the term which is taken away on repayment, money will not come to bank, they will be withdrawn from the insurance deposit. And your reputation as client of bank will go down, and together with it and the sum of minus into which it is possible to get.
Credit cards can be embossed and not embossed. This distinction in drawing identification information on the face. If on your card of a letter and figures are squeezed out by relief drawing – means, it embossed. It is made in order that you could pay off in those places where there is no post-terminal or the ATM. For example: you arrived to elite restaurant somewhere in a mountain solitude, ate densely, and here to you bring calculation. You look in it, and here the fiasco – at you is not enough hard cash to pay off. Here you will be helped out by a check-book or a credit card. You give the credit card to the supervisor, that puts it in the device under the name an embosser (embosser) and on special silicone material the print (slip) of the face of the card becomes. Two checks, with the sum which needs to be drawn from a card are printed, and you on them append the signature. One check remains at restaurant, and the second together with blind goes to bank for payment.
Not embossed plastic cards on the surface have no boldly placed information, it is simply burned out. Naturally, to use this type of plastic cards as well as in the example given above, it will not turn out. Their basic purpose – electronic payments.
Plastic cards of electronic payment systems, ATM
Пластиковые карты электронных платёжных систем, АТМ Many electronic payment systems such as WebMoney, release ECOCARD the plastic cards for cashing in of Internet money. For example, you, being the participant of WebMoney system, can order to yourself plastic the card for ATM. Thus it is necessary to have the formal certificate or above. ATM – an abbreviation from English Automatic Teller Machine. Translating into the Russian clear language is an ATM. Sometimes in addition they are called by Automatic Banking Machine (ABM), either Payment Banking Machine (PBM), or Transaction Banking Machine (TBM). By the way, practically all Cash cards are ATM, except for savings cards. From the last money is withdrawn by the large sums via the post-terminal the card holder.
The service
These are plastic cards for ATMs. To their help there are processes of collections of the ATM, testing of a card reader (Card Reader), dispenser (Dispenser is a thingummy which gives out money) and other counters and sensors. It is the most capacious credit card. Having caught it and knowing a PIN code and a code of operations, it is possible to unload all cartridges of the ATM in the test mode.

It also is in full the review of all types of plastic cards. Quite briefly, but at the same time for initial acquaintance the interested this question of this information will be more than enough. And you learn about the principles and subtleties of use of plastic cards already from the following material: "Use of plastic cards".
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