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Weight loss on a diet a short flight of stairs

The trip at the sea is necessary to you or you want to draw to yourself attention at a party. But pleases nothing because it is a shame to seem on a beach, and the beautiful evening dress does not meet. What to do when it is necessary to come quickly to a form and to get rid of extra kilos? The interesting and simple technique – a diet a short flight of stairs comes to the rescue.

The name of this technique says that it consists of steps. Observing each of them, it is possible to reach quite good results, and to exhaust itself with hunger and intensive physical trainings it is not necessary. So, you were adjusted? will prompt to you as it is correct to get rid of an excess fatty ballast and to become more harmonous.

In more detail about a technique

Recently this diet becomes more popular not only among girls and women, men too began to watch the weight, only they try to brag less about it. Will power will be enough not for everyone to keep to "hungry" diets, to visit fitness after heavy day of work or to do house exercises. And it is not necessary to speak about sports jog at all – our day is so loaded that many can only dream of such pleasure. And here the easy and available diet comes to the rescue. Every day the person has to adhere to a certain diet, and then the organism will react and will start being cleared of slags and the saved-up kilograms.

Diet duration – 5 days. During this time it is just possible to be prepared for an important event (a wedding, a party, a trip at the sea), and it is possible to be cleared and be prepared simply by summer. By the way, during observance of a diet it is possible to accept vitamins and to play sports (if you were engaged in it earlier). And here to begin new life with a diet and at the same time exhausting sports loadings - it is undesirable. Nutritionists consider that so the organism receives double loading and the exacerbation of chronic diseases is possible. It is possible to dare to make easy charging, previously having thought over a complex of physical exercises. By the way, for those who wants to receive good result, it is necessary to forget about coffee, strong black tea, smoking and alcohol.

The diet a short flight of stairs consists of 5 stages, these are 5 days or 5 steps:

  1. Introduction day, it and clearing.
  2. The recovery.
  3. The power.
  4. The construction.
  5. The burning.

For a cycle of a diet it is possible to get rid of 2-8 kg and if after a diet to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and to eat properly, the result can be kept for the long period.

It is not recommended to resort to this type of a diet very often – to carry out 5 fasting days a month enough, but is not more often in any way!

Principle of a diet

5 stages of a diet:

  1. Day the first or step No. 1. It is the most responsible and important day in your life because the organism, at last, will be exempted from slags and toxins. You need to prepare only 3 components: these are tablets of absorbent carbon (5-6 pieces), 1 kg of apples and 1 l. non-carbonated drinking water. That's all. The digestive tract after a natural sorbent will quicker be cleared of toxins and other products of an exchange. The cellulose which is available in apples will help to be released from saved up and will improve work of intestines, and water will wash up the remains of not processed products. Proceeding from it, it is possible to draw the following conclusion: in total for the first day of a diet, it is possible to get rid of slags, toxins, to clear cages of unnecessary elements. In result (depending on the initial weight and degree of a zashlakovannost) it is possible to lose from 1 to 2 kg of weight. Be not upset if your organism did not wish to leave with saved up, even loss in 400 g is already big victory!
  2. The second day or step No. 2 – recovery. It is time to think of the correct construction material for an organism and "to occupy" intestinal microflora useful bifidobacteria. Prepare the following: low-fat kefir (it has to be fresh) – 1 l., skim cheese (it is possible to take with low interest of fat content) – 600 g and 1 l. the cleared water without gas. If you do house yogurt it is remarkable. Buy in a drugstore a bag of ferment and ultra heat-treated milk (fat content is not lower than 2.5%) – 1 l. It quite will be enough for you for 1 day, only make kefir in advance. After clarification of intestines of a bacterium will earn at full capacity. By results of the second day it is possible to draw such conclusions: fermented milk products have powerful pro-biotic effect, and it means that it is possible to get rid of the latent intestinal infections and to restore microflora. After 2 days of observance of a diet your skin will start being cleared of rashes and it will become noticeable fresh. After 2 steps of observance of a diet it is possible to get rid of 2 extra kilos. By the way, in 1 and 2nd day of a diet the organism takes energy from own fatty stocks so besides clarification from toxins excess fat will be burned slowly.
  3. The third day and step No. 3 – power. It is time to fill up an organism with energy, after all it lost in the first 2 days of a diet very much. Therefore we will use products with high content of glucose – raisin (300 g), honey – only 2 tbsps a day and still mineral water. Do not worry and be ready to that this day the organism will say goodbye to smaller number of kilograms. After all he got a strong stress and it is necessary to recover and be restored. It is not endured, the glucose containing in a large number in raisin will not increase a fatty layer. This amount of glucose will be enough exactly for supporting your forces within 3 days of observance of a diet. This day it is usually lost from 0.5 to 1 kg.
  4. Fourth day or step No. 4. It is a little more and the result will be reached. It was necessary to sustain only 2 days! Stock up with such products: meat of a turkey or chicken breast – 0.5 kg (boiled without salt, spices and ketchup) and still mineral water. This day the organism has to accelerate regeneration process. Loss of excess weight makes from 700 g to 1.5 kg – and it much!
  5. The fifth day of a diet or step No. 5 – the finishing victorious day. It is possible to dare to eat a few oat flakes. Take flakes (200 in a dry form) and cook usual porridge on water of troubles of addition of salt and sugar, 1 kg of crude vegetables and fruit and still mineral water. This day the organism will say goodbye to a large amount of fatty tissue. Such success is achieved thanks to simultaneous reception of 2 types of cellulose: "live" (vegetables/fruit) and "lifeless" (porridge).

On what it is necessary to pay attention

Accept absorbent carbon on the first step on 1 tablet every 2 hour. Alternate reception of tablets to the use of apples. So it will be easier for organism to be prepared for the following stage. Apples it is possible to eat less, the main thing – that you did not feel strong hunger. As soon as there was a wish to eat – it is possible to take an apple half.

On the second step of a diet it is necessary to use the fat-free kefir and cottage cheese or with low interest of fat content. To improve tastes of products, it is allowed to add a few leaves of mint and vanillin.

Being on a power step, it is allowed to cook compote from dried fruit and to add 2 tbsps of fructose. The raisin is better to choose the dark.

On a penultimate step (the 4th day of a diet) it is necessary to eat boiled or stewed meat during the day. It is allowed to add to meat of 3-4 branches of parsley or fennel and a little salt. But if you can quite do without it – do not take salt better.

For 5 days it is possible to drink water without restrictions, but not less than 1 l. in day.

If for any reason to finish begun it is impossible, it is necessary to make a break in some days and to start everything anew. pays attention of readers that only healthy people who do not have chronic diseases are able to afford this diet. It is undesirable to begin a diet during an illness and right after recovery.

During the day it is necessary to try to eat fractionally – better to eat a small portion, but it is frequent. Distribute meal so that per day it was necessary from 4 to 7 meals through an equal period. The quantity of products is specified to the maximum therefore the daily norm can be reduced.

The motivation is very important in observance of a diet – draw the small poster. Cut out the beautiful slender girl from the favourite magazine and draw on step paper. Write below the initial weight, and on the most top mark, on the last step - desirable weight (naturally, within limits). Every day note the achievements on a step. At you surely it will turn out to become more harmonous. Good luck!

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