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Diet of geishas

It is unlikely among girls and women will be though one which does not want to have a thin, fine-molded figure. On what many ladies only do not decide to come to ideal forms. Trainings, wrappings, the exhausting diets not always yield good result. In that case it is worth trying interesting and very effective technique – a diet of geishas which is more than 100 years old!

As soon as we hear the word "geisha" (the person of art), at once we represent the beautiful girl with a fine-molded figure. A task of geishas – hard, they should entertain visitors of tea houses. Besides, the real geisha has to be able to dance well, beautifully to sing, hold a tea ceremony (so that it was not boring) and to support conversation on any subject. Naturally, the girl has to be engaged much and properly eat.

In what secret

The technique of disposal of extra kilos works as follows: only 3 products force an organism to dump the superfluous quicker. Such products as rice, milk and green tea are capable to work wonders!

Diet duration – only 5 days. Behind this time it is possible to get rid of 3-7 kg, depending on initial weight.

The main component of this diet – the rice but which is not steamed or kruglozernisty rice of white color. No, the real valuable product is a brown rice. Many useful substances are its part: potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and also vitamins for female health E and And. Besides, in brown rice there are a lot of useful substances and cellulose, so, and hunger will be satisfied for long time.

Of course, we do not live in Japan and to buy brown rice in our country will be problematic. If you did not manage to take this form of rice, it is possible to take another (except white).

About milk: choose a product with fat content from 1.5 to 2.5%. If the content of fat is higher, it will become more difficult to speak about efficiency of a diet.

And the last component – green tea. It prolongs youth and keeps beauty. We know of advantage of green tea long ago. It and strengthening of immunity, nervous system, normalization of a dream. Also tea can remove stress, relieve of a depression and even to increase sexual activity. Except the above-mentioned, tea is a part of many effective diets.

Ideal option for disposal of excess weight – rice, green tea and milk.

By the way, to geishas it was strictly forbidden to use flour products, oil, sugar and salt, and also various spices and alcoholic beverages. Therefore Mirsovetov recommends strongly to refuse for the period of a diet from flour, sweet, fat, too sharp and salty. And for those who wishes to keep youth and also to remain longer symmetry and attractive, there is an excellent council – from all above-mentioned forbidden products better to refuse absolutely or to use them as seldom as possible.

About the menu of a diet and its rules

Can seem to you a difficult task - to eat only 3 products. Many will count such technique too difficult. Actually – everything is simpler. On shipping the diet of geishas is considered very soft, and its ingredients well influence a human body, and also for a long time satisfy feeling of hunger.

Let's consider the menu.

From 1 to the 5th day you will use the same products. So, for breakfast it is possible to drink 2 cups of tea with milk. Dare to prolong pleasure and to begin day with a cup of hot green tea with milk addition. In the first reception it is possible to drink 250 ml of drink, and milk at it there have to be not less than 125 ml. After a while, approximately 1 hour, is allowed to drink again a cup of green tea with milk. You determine drink temperature. Much in general like to drink the cooled green tea with milk. By the way, in it there are advantages as for digestion of cold food the organism will need more energy.

It will be necessary to be prepared for a lunch: weld rice. You will need to eat 250 g of boiled rice. Salt does not need to be added. It is necessary to wash down such "rich" lunch with a milk cup, and it has to be warm. Everything, is anything it is impossible more.

For dinner it is allowed to eat again the same amount of rice (250 ml), it is impossible to salt water when cooking wild rice. It is possible to wash down with a cup of tea with milk addition. Proportions are invariable: a half of a cup of tea, a half – milk.

Besides, you should not forget about water. It can be drunk so much, how many there is a wish, but not less than 1.5 l a day. By the way, between meals in day it is possible to drink 2 more cups of green tea, but already without milk.

Such diet of geishas is calculated on 5 days. Despite a poor diet – it is very convenient "to sit" on it, it easy and nutritious.

To consolidate result, it is possible to repeat a diet once again with a break in week or 10 days. For the first time the organism will get rid of excess liquid, and after rest – of toxins and slags. By the way, according to many women who managed to estimate advantages of this technique, It should be noted that after a break it is possible to get rid of bigger number of kilograms. For example, if for the first time it was succeeded to say goodbye from 5 kg, in 15 days (10 break and 5 – a diet) scales will show minus of 10 kg. Unless not for the sake of it it is worth trying?

Nutritionists recommend strongly not to be engaged in amateur performance and not to prolong a diet. 5 days for an organism will be quite enough. Then it is necessary to return to the normal, balanced food.

How to weld rice

For this diet if there is no opportunity to find wild rice, it is possible to use the usual white. It is necessary to cook it not as usually, and in a different way.

As it is correct to weld rice:

  1. Bring water to boiling.
  2. Add 1 h. l. coconut oil (if is not present, it is possible to add olive).
  3. Pour out 0.5 glasses of rice.
  4. Bring to boiling and continue to cook on slow fire about 40 minutes.
  5. After rice it is necessary to move to a cool place (for example, the refrigerator) for the night.

In the morning rice will be ready. Such way of cooking allows to get rid of unnecessary starch (it is not acquired), and the caloric content of such product will decrease half. This portion there will be only 85 kcal.

How to leave a diet

According to nutritionists, it is necessary to leave a diet gradually. In the first days it is necessary to eat separately. And "it is necessary to come back to habitual products gradually. Accent - on fruit and vegetables. It is allowed to eat the baked or boiled meat, fish, the vegetables steamed. About such forbidden products as the pastries, products from dough, and also are better to forget candies. As a delicacy they can be used not more often than 1 time a week. It is completely necessary to exclude fat and fried food, it is better to limit salt and spices.

About achievements

Results stun, in the first cycle of a diet it is possible to get rid of 4-7 kg, and after second "calling" to lose from 8 to 15 kg! Represent, what results can be reached in a month? It is natural that the body looked ideally, it is necessary to go in for physical culture. Love sport? Then it is possible to visit a tennis court, the pool or it is simple to go on jog. Even driving by bicycle will already bring good result. Also do not forget about massage and wrappings of skin.

Whether and there are contraindications?

Not all can come to ideal weight in such way. The list of a ban includes feeding of the child a breast and pregnancy, diseases of a stomach and intestines (gastritis, an ulcer), and also existence of chronic diseases.

Using this diet, you can come nearer for a short period to an ideal. Good luck!

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