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Recipe of dietary cookies

With approach of spring many reflect that would be quite good to get rid of a two-three of extra kilos. But to go on diets, and especially to play sports, there is no strong wish! For those who nevertheless decided "to facilitate" a little the diet, there is a pleasant news – tasty dietary cookies which not only will not prevent to lose kilograms, but even will promote it!

Simply it is also useful

As a part of dietary cookies which recipe will be described below, there are some absolutely usual ingredients which for certain each housewife has on kitchen shelves is a porridge and rye flour.

All of us already got used to hear firm truth – porridge is useful to health. But very few people know, which benefit it brings to an organism. If it is short, oats contain very high concentration of natural carbohydrates which are peculiar "fuel" and a power source. And while in rolls and cakes too there are a lot of carbohydrates, oat flakes, unlike confectionery, do not do harm and clear an organism of slags. Noticed, what porridge always turns out very viscous and with rather turbid whitish liquid? Many do not love it for it, and this "slime" is panacea for the stomach injured by the wrong food. It envelops its walls, collects slags and carefully brings them. In more detail about advantage of oats and oat flakes it is possible to read in the article "Useful Properties of Oats".

And what about the second ingredient – rye flour? Any pastries with its participation automatically become useful! Earlier bread was cooked only from rye flour. It gave to people force and health, to remember at least bylinas about the handsome of kind molodets in Russia! And only then (not so long ago) people learned to process a flour, "clearing" it of small vegetable litter, covers of grain and an other peel which, in fact, and contains all useful substances. At the exit white beautiful and absolutely sterile flour which can present you unless some extra kilos, but not health in any way turns out. Rye flour contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins A, E, vitamins of group B and there are a lot more substances, irreplaceable for health. It is is not much more expensive than a "sterile" flour and is much cheaper than pharmaceutical vitamins so it is one of the most economic ways to find a good health.

As well as oat flakes, and in rye flour besides vitamins and minerals contain a large amount of cellulose which actively brings slags out of a digestive tract and restores a metabolism. The broken metabolism is the most common cause of excess weight at most of people on the planet. If do not help not to correct a situation, to grow thin any diets and exercises as the problem is covered in an imbalance. Mirsovetov now will tell dietary cookies, which recipe, is capable to accelerate restoration of a metabolism and to clear an organism.

Recipe of dietary cookies

If invent that will be able to eat too much these cookies and "to fail" the diet, you are mistaken – it turns out very nourishing so it is more than 2-3 pieces to eat for once it will not turn out in any way! The delicacy perfectly satisfies hunger and will become ideal "having a snack" at work or in a campaign.

So, the following ingredients will be necessary for preparation of cookies:

  • the Oat-flakes oat flakes - 2 glasses;
  • rye flour – 1 glass;
  • egg – 2 pieces;
  • kefir – 250 ml;
  • sugar – 1 tablespoon;
  • vanillin – 1 bag;
  • cinnamon – to taste;
  • nuts, sesame, berries, poppy, candied fruits, dried fruits – to taste.

Instead of sugar it is possible to use the crushed tablets of a sakharozamenitel or not to add sweeteners at all, having replaced them with fruit or berries.

Oat flakes have to be the most usual not instant!

It is possible to use kefir fat-free or 1% of fat content.

Remember that nuts quite high-calorie, but very nourishing.

The first that it is necessary to make, it to crush oat flakes in the coffee grinder and to turn them into a flour. It is possible not to crush, then cookies will turn out hilly and impressive (as it is pleasant to whom).

When the oat flour is ready, it is necessary to fill in it with kefir and to leave for half an hour that it inflated.

Then small portions to add rye flour to a plate and carefully to mix to uniformity.

To hammer eggs, to add sugar, cinnamon, vanillin and other ingredients to taste. To mix everything and to leave dough for 10 minutes. Dough has to turn out very dense (that the spoon stood).

To lay a baking sheet parchment for pastries and a tablespoon to lay out on it small portions of dough. If there was no parchment – it does not matter, but then it is necessary to presoak and wash a baking sheet.

It is necessary to bake dietary cookies in an oven at a temperature of 150-170 °C of 15-20 minutes, depending on features of your oven and the size of future cookies. From the specified amount of ingredients about 20 cookies with a diameter of 6-7 cm will turn out.

The most pleasant, besides advantage and pleasure that prime cost of such entertainment to ridiculous the small. A breakfast for all family for real kopeks. The cheap and easy way is a little more healthy and better to make the life!

As you can see, it is simple to make tasty and useful cookies to a disgrace! It can be prepared quickly before work, to give to children in school and to take couple of pieces with itself in office. Cookies turn out quite soft and very nourishing.

It would seem, it is impossible to make such delicacy even more usefully but if you wash down it with green tea without sugar, process of clarification of an organism will proceed much quicker!

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