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Diet at cholecystitis

Cholecystitis is an inflammation of a gall bladder which can result from improper feeding. This disease often develops owing to a lack of vegetable fibers of the products used by the person. Because of what occur stagnation in bile, and inflammatory process develops. The inactive way of life and existence in a diet of fat and sweet food can become the reason of it.

We follow rules

At cholecystitis there are some principles of food to which it is desirable to adhere.

First of all it is necessary to observe a regularity. Thus it is worth remembering that intervals between meals on time should not be big. After all after the food comes to a stomach, the gall bladder starts being reduced and thus bile which participates in digestion of food is emitted. And if breaks big, bile starts standing and stones are as a result formed, and also various infections develop. Therefore is not less than 5-6 times a day in the small portions at the same time are necessary. Thanks to such diet, the exit of microorganisms and bile which provoke an inflammation aggravation, will be given to norm.

It is worth remembering that vegetable and animal protein is necessary for an organism for normal activity. Then the gall bladder will work smoothly and correctly. These substances contain in dairy products, cottage cheese, meat, and also low-fat grades of a bird, fruit, vegetables and bread.

    On a note. To people who have cholecystitis, doctors recommend to use only sweet berries and fruit.

Surely it is worth including such products (fruit, berries and vegetables) in a diet which are capable to excite secretion of bile and to strengthen work of digestive glands. It promotes elimination of locks, and also reduction of cholesterol in blood.

Experts recommend strongly to people who have cholecystitis, to include carrots, a cauliflower, apples, grapes, prunes and various dried fruits in a daily diet. It is desirable to use vegetable oil, it promotes release of bile. They can fill vegetable salads and porridges. And olive and corn oils which you should not subject to heating for preservation of useful properties have zhelchegonny effect. Not always they well influence the people having kalkulezny cholecystitis as at them in a gall bladder stones and various zhelchegonny actions are formed are contraindicated. It can cause the attack which is followed by strong gripes, after all stones will interfere with a bile conclusion. That to avoid it, it is desirable to reduce to 15–20 grams amount of the used oil in day. It is necessary to refuse pork, mutton and a fat bird completely. Also doctors recommend to limit the sugar use (no more than 6 teaspoons in day) as its surplus worsens composition of bile and subsequently complicates its allocation. If the person has obesity, it is better to exclude the sugar and products rich with carbohydrates in general.

Also experts recommend food to steam, is strictly forbidden to fry products. And to avoid spasms and pain in zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, you should not eat strongly cold and hot food. For this purpose watch that cold dishes were not below 15 °C, and hot – it is not above 62 °C.

That it is impossible

There is a number of products which are strictly forbidden in a diet for the people suffering from a chronic form of cholecystitis.

For example, fancy and puff pastry, fresh bread, pies, fried pies, and also creams cakes are contraindicated.

Try to exclude mushroom, meat, and also fish broths from the diet, green Russian cabbage soup and okroshka are undesirable. By no means it is impossible to use canned food, various smoked products, such grades of fish as a starred sturgeon, a Siberian salmon and sturgeon.

Whenever possible, do not buy milk more than 3% of fat content, fat cream, and also sour cream and fermented baked milk. Do not add margarine, fat and cooking fats to hot dishes. Do not cook some hard boiled egg, they can cause strong gripes.

Try not to use sharp products – mustard, pepper, a horse-radish. Vegetables in which the increased acidity (a garden radish, garlic, a sorrel, marinated vegetables) is better not to eat.

As for drinks, for the benefit it is better to exclude cocoa, coffee and alcohol.

That is possible

There are people who simply do not represent the life without flour products and bread. If you from their number, but thus have cholecystitis, take some councils into account. If you after all decided to eat bread, it is better yesterday's and it is desirable from a flour of the first grade.

Not rich products can be baked in an oven, having boiled previously a stuffing. Baked puddings and puddings should be steamed, they can be done of buckwheat or porridge.

Let for you preparation of vegetable soups will become a habit. Very tasty fruit, dairy and vegetarian. It should be noted that for such dishes vegetables are not fried, and dried and boiled.

As for meat products, veal, a rabbit, and also chicken and a turkey is recommended. For example, it is possible to steam chopped cutlets, previously having boiled meat. It is desirable to buy sausages dairy and low-fat. And surely look at date of production, they have to be fresh.

If fish for you was always considered as a main course, do not refuse to yourself pleasure. It is optional to buy fat grades, in shops on counters very wide choice of dietary production today. So, you can safely use in the diet a pike perch, a perch, a hake, the bream, and also to a crash.

It is better to use milk in ready dishes – baked puddings and porridges. And fresh it is possible to drink such dairy drinks as curdled milk and the fat-free kefir. recommends fresh fresh cottage cheese is in the natural form or in lazy vareniki, cheese cakes, and also a souffle. It is better to use sour cream as seasoning to dishes. To fans of cheese also is than to please itself. Low-fat and not sharp grades (Russian, uglichsky) it is possible to use fresh, but not in large numbers.

It is also necessary to eat eggs, but no more than one in day. From them it is possible to steam a proteinaceous omelet or to boil the soft-boiled.

It is useful to include in the diet of grain. For example, to prepare pilaf with dried fruits. It should be noted that oat and buckwheat porridges contain carbohydrates which to a lesser extent turn into fats, they are vitamin-rich also cellulose. Therefore try to use porridges daily.

Vegetables in various look – crude, boiled, and also baked are welcomed. It is possible to prepare various salads with addition of fruit.

For a change from boiled fish it is possible to prepare aspic. From seafood (a mussel, sea cabbage, a scallop) – salad. It is desirable to use low-fat ham as snack, but only in limited quantity.

As for spices, completely it is not recommended to exclude them. It is possible to add fennel and parsley, bay leaf and cinnamon to dishes, but in moderate quantities. You can quite indulge yourself with the white sauce prepared from low-fat sour cream. Interesting and unusual relish to products will be impacted by vegetable or sweet fruit sauces.

All fruit, except sour, it is possible to use in any kind. At good tolerance, doctors resolve blackcurrant and a lemon in small amounts. You can also prepare from fruit salad, jam, mousse, jelly, kissel or compote.

It should be noted that experts recommend strongly to prepare at cholecystitis infusions from wheat bran and a dogrose, and also vitamin broths.

As it appeared, a diet at cholecystitis not strict and not poor. From the resolved products it is possible to prepare dietary and quite various tasty dishes. You will never feel discomfort and feeling of hunger. When you learn to limit yourself and properly to eat, at once will see, your health will become how better.

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