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Features of a diet of turmoils

Today on the Internet anyone can find to himself a diet "to taste" but how among huge variety to choose that which would act effectively and thus did not bring special discomfort? Judging by recent trends, such diet is TURMOILS – the proteinaceous and carbohydrate diet of alternation combining two various groups of products – proteins and carbohydrates.

Features of a diet

If you have though any experience of a praktikovaniye of diets or try to adhere to a balanced diet, you have to know that all experts recommend to divide proteinaceous and carbohydrate food. How so left, what the diet can combine these two incompatible groups of products? The diet of the belkovo carbohydrate alternation (BCA) will suit also admirers of proteinaceous protein food and those who is convinced that without glucose and carbohydrates full work of a brain is impossible. TURMOILS instead of choosing from "two evils", suggests to receive the most useful components from two main components of good nutrition – to lose extra kilos, keeping excellent mood, cheerfulness and activity. That is, in fact, you clean excess fat and water, strengthening muscles.

Presence at a diet of carbohydrates does not mean at all that it is possible to eat too much pastries and confectionery – sugar and starches can be received from more "healthy" sources. Such sources are wholegrain products, fruit, berries, vegetables and cereals. Choosing a diet for "proteinaceous" days, it is also necessary to approach attentively a choice of products, giving preference only to the freshest and low-calorie.

Diet mechanism

Those diets which limit or forbid the use of carbohydrate food, automatically provoke a body to accumulation of irreplaceable elements. As a result of it the metabolism is slowed down, and loss of weight which was observed in the first few days, completely stops, and growing thin feels moral and physical discomfort – a breakdown, bad mood, constant feeling of hunger. It occurs because the organism passes into "the economical mode", spending an energy minimum, and work of a brain "slows down" because of a lack of glucose. If long to eat the food rich with a protein, the removing system starts suffering – there are spots, perspiration, kidneys suffer.

In case of a bezzhirovy diet there are advantages only from the point of view of refusal of fast food and modern junk food – semi-finished products, transfats, etc. But at the same time harm to an organism is done by any fats, only in different degree. Also it is necessary to remember that at the fat-free products almost always there are food additives for improvement of taste and extension of periods of storage which consequences are not less harmful. And the most deplorable in bezzhirovy diets that eventually the organism "breaks" sooner or later, demanding normal food, and the person quickly gains the dumped kilograms.

The diet of TURMOILS means alternation of "proteinaceous" and "carbohydrate" days therefore the metabolism of the person is not slowed down as in case of refusal from one of groups of products. Fatty stocks are burned evenly and with a speed, safe for health. After a course of a diet of TURMOILS skin does not sag, and is evenly dragged away, especially if to promote it special exercises (swimming, aerobics).

Many do not wish to go on a diet because reviews of torments of hunger and bad mood frighten them. In a case anything similar does not happen to a diet of TURMOILS – you keep excellent mood because do not adhere to a strict framework, and the organism receives all necessary substances. Carbohydrate products supply a brain with glucose, and proteinaceous sate a body with proteins.

And one more advantage of a diet of TURMOILS that it supplies you with forces for physical activities. Moreover, seeing progress, you will want to be engaged more more diligent therefore weight loss will proceed more quickly! Carbohydrates give energy, and proteins are construction material for muscles.

Diet of TURMOILS for 4 days

Diets of proteinaceous and carbohydrate alternation it is especially popular among athletes because is ideally suited for trainings and fast receiving a beautiful relief of muscles. Many professional athletes who perfectly understand anatomy and functionality of a body, even develop the individual strategy of TURMOILS providing double proteinaceous or carbohydrate days and special system of calculation of calories.

Four-day cycle TURMOILS is very popular and from the basic diet of Hunter described below differs in the high maintenance of proteinaceous products. It perfectly will be suitable for "trial running" if you want to understand and experience effect of a diet on own experience.

The four-day diet of TURMOILS looks as follows:

  • 1 day – proteinaceous (calculation of 3-4 g of protein on 1 kg of desirable weight that is if you weigh 70 kg, and want to come to an indicator of 65 kg, calculation of protein is conducted for 65 kg are about 250 g of protein a day);
  • 2 day – proteinaceous (by the same principle, as the first);
  • 3 day – carbohydrate (calculation of 5-6 g karbo on 1 kg of desirable weight). Since morning to drink a glass of pasteurized milk of average fat content, for dinner to eat a proteinaceous dish (boiled egg or house cottage cheese of average fat content);
  • 4 day – mixed (calculation of 2 g of proteins and 2 g of carbohydrates on 1 kg of weight to which you want to come).

The four-day cycle can be repeated before achievement of desirable result, but no more 12th time in a row, differently it is possible to break a metabolism.

It is recommended to choose low-fat fresh meat, chicken, a turkey and fish. As the added fats – vegetable oil (corn, hempy, olive). It is possible to drink simple still water to 2 l a day.

Diet of TURMOILS for 30 days mentioned above about a basic diet of Hunter, and now will tell about it in more detail. It was developed by the recognized specialist in sports food Jason Hunter, and the diet instantly found popularity at first in the West, and then and around the world because of the efficiency and simplicity.

If accurately to adhere to a diet, loss of weight will make about 7 kg, however this indicator depends on that, how many excess fat contains in a hypodermic of the growing thin – the more fat, the more than a kilograms will manage to be dumped. TURMOILS it was calculated not only for healthy people with an excess weight, but also and for diabetics (in both cases preliminary consultation of the therapist is necessary). Also it is necessary to take intensity of physical activities in attention.

The 30-tidnevny diet consists in the use of low-fat types of meat, a bird and fish, the fruit, vegetables rich with cellulose grain and a large amount of water without gas. The most pleasant in this diet that it does not demand the most strict refusal of one of groups of products, than other ways of weight loss cannot brag. The body fully receives all necessary components and does not feel discomfort, gradually and imperceptibly getting rid of fatty stocks.

The scheme of a diet of TURMOILS for 30 days is as follows:

  • 1 day – carbohydrates for stimulation of a metabolism.
  • 2 day – low-carbohydrate food for concentration of an organism on processing of proteins.
  • 3 day – the proteinaceous food rich with proteins, and also a few sheet vegetables containing starch.

To repeat this three-day scheme for 30 days. As a result at you it will turn out for 10 purely carbohydrate, proteinaceous and low-carbohydrate days.

Every day it is necessary to drink at least 1,5 l of water without gas. It is recommended to eat in the small portions on 200-250 g of 5-7 times a day with an interval at 3 o'clock. Such way will allow to burn evenly calories and to support the optimum mode of a metabolism.

What products are suitable for a diet of TURMOILS

As if seductively the word "carbohydrates" sounded, it does not mean at all that you can enjoy candies and rolls. Optimum option – products with an average and a low glycemic index, or so-called difficult carbohydrates. They are acquired slowly, gradually sating blood with glucose.

The products containing difficult carbohydrates:

Proteinaceous products:

  • cheeses fat content to 30%;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • egg whites;
  • nuts;
  • white meat (chicken breast);
  • low-fat fresh fish;
  • seafood (mussels, squids, rapana).

It is more useful not to cook some grain, and to wet for the night in boiled warm water, and next morning to eat crude. It is better to limit consumption of salt, and here hot pepper can accelerate a metabolism, however with problems of digestion it is better for people not to use it at all. In proteinaceous days it is possible to diversify a diet with fresh cucumbers, greens and sheet salad.

Salads and porridges should be filled only vegetable, but not butter. Hempy oil very useful, but it is possible to add it only to cold food. It is better to use not sunflower, but olive, linseed or corn oil of a cold extraction. It is necessary to steam, cook or bake in an ideal of a dish without fat.

If you want to achieve effective weight loss and decided to test a diet of TURMOILS, do not neglect physical activities! Even 30 knee-bends a day or jog in the evening after work will bring much more benefit in combination with competently made diet. You are convinced of it in some days of a diet, having felt easier, more vigorously and more happily.

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