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Diet of ballerinas

Thin to be very fashionable today. But in the 21st century the relation to leanness changes more and more and the woman most often wants to lose weight in two cases: to look esthetic and to solve problems with health.

Today pay attention more and more people to healthy weight loss. Healthy nutrition, sport – here bases of a good figure. And such bases lungs, as if adhere to a fuzz, the ballerina.

Principles of food

It is possible to think that ballerinas torture themselves hunger. But actually it not so. They have some certain principles which in them absorb since the childhood. And thanks to these principles and rules of the ballerina keep a figure throughout all life. And actually at these fragile women simply special relation to food, is also applicable this relation not only for them, but also for the ordinary woman.

So, basic rules of food of ballerinas:

  1. Every time, gathering a portion, reduce it twice. It will solve a problem of an overeating, extension of a stomach and will allow to use smaller quantity of calories. Over time you are accustomed to eat less and less and will become easy and weightless.
  2. If you eat soup, let it will be a separate dish. Remember that soup stimulates a metabolism and promotes burning of fats. The main thing that it has to be independent food.
  3. Water. It is very important, and it is necessary to drink it much, not less than 1,5-2 liters a day. If you tell that cannot drink so much, begin with couple of glasses a day. Listen to yourself. Are thirsty, do not do tea or coffee, they dehydrate an organism. Pour a little water. Will see, in a week you will already use necessary amount of liquid, and to you will be wanted more and more. And thus water too promotes burning of fats and contains 0 calories!
  4. Liquid acceptance mode. Learn to drink correctly. The water accepted with food slows down a metabolism and digestion, thereby promotes adjournment of excess grams. In an ideal to drink for half an hour to food and in an hour - two after.
  5. Not to stir different types of proteins. Proteins are certainly very useful and from them less fat, than from carbohydrates and fats is formed. But ballerinas prefer not to mix at one time different sources of proteins: fish, meat, dairy products, etc.
  6. Dairy products. Give preference to the fat-free milk. Then she will be for you a source of proteins, but not fats. Respectively, the quantity of the calories eaten will decrease.
  7. Balance. It is very important in everything. The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a diet needs to be traced surely. The food has to be various that your skin shone, and the mood was wonderful. And in addition it will help you to get rid of an uncontrollable overeating that often and is our main enemy.
  8. Watch fat content of the used products. Today in supermarkets it is possible to buy everything. And on packing it is surely written, what percent of fat content contains a product. Take yourself for the rule to buy food with the indication of the smallest amount of fat content. When cooking use as little as possible vegetable oils.
  9. Is not present to mayonnaise. It is maximum that you can make is to use only house mayonnaise prepared from the fat-free dairy products. Remember that mayonnaise contains a huge amount of fats, also it is inclined to detain digestion and to promote adjournment of fats.
  10. Salt. It is necessary or to reduce its quantity as much as possible, recommends to refuse it at all if it is possible. Salt detains liquid in an organism and promotes fat adjournment.

Agree, governed the absolutely artless. If to combine all this with refusal of food after 18-19 hours and to include sport in the mode, the effect will not keep itself waiting long. Also do not despair if you do not love sport. Try to move simply more, to be cleaned the apartment more often, to go slightly more on foot. We promise you ease which will not keep itself waiting long!

Diet of ballerinas

Exists, of course, and the special diet recommended for fast dumping of weight. It can be applied if to you it is necessary to lose quickly and urgently the weight and that kilograms not only did not come back, but also left further, let and not so quickly, start applying the principles of food of ballerinas.

So, we will start. This diet quite low-calorie, but is transferred quite easily because here frequent meals are provided.

The diet is calculated on 7 days, the first 2 of which – preparatory fasting days.

Day the first unloading, tomato.

Breakfast: glass of tomato juice.

Lunch: We supplement 2 glasses of tomato juice with two slices of black bread.

Dinner: end of day same, as well as the beginning - a glass of tomato juice.

During the day we do not forget to drink as the bigger amount of water and green tea is possible.

Day of the second unloading, dairy and kefiric.

Breakfast: a glass of the fat-free kefir or milk (on a choice).

Lunch: a slice of a black hlebushk and steam of glasses of the fat-free kefir.

Dinner: a glass of kefir or milk (too on a choice).

Further there is a menu which needs to be repeated, will not reach desirable result yet. The main thing, remember that the purposes before themselves need to be set feasible and that the diet did not do harm to an organism, to apply it no more than seven days.

Breakfast: ¼ packs of cottage cheese of 0% of fat content, it is possible to add the fat-free smetanka, raisin, various berries, even a honey spoon. 1 portion of any grain on water, a slice of a black hlebushk + a little firm cheese.

Breakfast No. 2: a glass of juice, it is desirable juice, 1 apple (it is better in half an hour after juice) and a glass of house yogurt without additives.

Lunch: buckwheat or rice grain + a slice of fish, salad from fresh vegetables, a slice of dark chocolate, apple.

Mid-morning snack: soup on any broth (if meat, very easy), without bread.

Dinner: the baked small fish with salad from fresh vegetables and greens.

As you can see, the diet contains all nutritious components and provides with nutrients an organism. Having learned and having stayed on it the first week, it will be very simple to pass to the new principle of food, after all the secret of a slim figure and health also consists in it.

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