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How to choose a dictophone

To choose a dictophone we need to decide first of all on its type. Happen microcassette and digital.

Digital dictophones, delivery across all Russia.Как выбрать диктофон, цифровые диктофоны To choose a dictophone we need to decide first of all on its type. Happen microcassette and digital.

With microcassette everything is more or less simple: quality of its record depends actually on the device and on quality of the cartridge. As advantage it is possible to consider the low price of cartridges and that having bought them their whole lots it is possible not to worry about record time. Additional functions - an automatic reversion, a self-locking device, activation of record on existence of a voice, the tape counter, record indication. However such dictophones slowly become obsolete therefore we will look towards the digital

Digital dictophones write down information in internal or replaceable flash-memory. She is rather dear, therefore it is necessary or to fork up for high-capacity memory either to clear unnecessary records or to dump records on the personal computer. I do not recommend to buy dictophones without support of replaceable memory since you will be always limited to the sizes internal without opportunity to increase it.

Additional functions at tsifrovik it can be much bigger. That the microcassette have there can be an alarm clock, means of processing of records, the daily log and other.

Digital dictophones can (and have to) to be connected to the personal computer. And removal of information from it by means of the sound card connected to an exit of earphones is not a normal operating mode - thus quality of record is lost. Connection on the USB interface is optimum. And upon purchase surely look which USB is built in the device. First, it is better if USB 2.0 is supported - it gives a high speed of reading record. Secondly, there is usual USB and mini-USB. The last can be connected to the personal computer socket only through an adapter. If you already have a video camera or the digital camera with the miniUSB socket, can safely take - to such adapter you will already connect some devices. If is not present, then one precious socket in the personal computer will be always occupied from you with a dictophone what well not to eat.

Quality of record of a digital dictophone, except as from the device, to be exact a microphone and an entrance path, depend also on the frequency of sampling of a signal and a way of its coding. The human ear perceives frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The main format structure of the speech is concentrated in the frequencies of 0.3-3.4 kHz. I.e. to understand that the person tells enough strip 0.3-3.4 rest in the heard strip so: jewelry. All this says that if you want to write only a voice, enough dictophone with a strip to 4 kilohertzes (according to Kotelnikov's theorem (at burzhuin - Nyquist) sampling frequency thus has to be 8 kHz) if to fix other sounds (music, falling of the book on a floor), it is necessary to take 20 kHz (frequency of sampling of 40 kHz) with a strip. Only do not forget, that the strip is wider, the memory is spent quicker.

The design can be also the most various. In comparison with the classical can be in the form of usual subjects, for example a pen if it is necessary to keep record it is reserved. Can be equipped with the power unit for work from a usual network, the module of connection to the telephone line for record of your TF of talk. And on design the device should be chosen personally to you, according to your tastes.

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