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Reasons and treatment of diarrhea

This unpleasant state is familiar to all – both children, and adults. The stomach hurts, feels sick, tears, sometimes even temperature rises. But the most important – in any way is not possible to leave a "nasizhenny" place. All you run and you run, and to all fault – diarrhea, or simply a diarrhea, and on science – diarrhea. Adults cope with this problem quicker, than children and elderly people.
This unpleasant state is familiar to all – both children, and adults. The stomach hurts, feels sick, tears, sometimes even temperature rises. But the most important – in any way is not possible to leave a "nasizhenny" place. All you run and you run, and to all fault – diarrhea, or simply a diarrhea, and on science – diarrhea. Call it as want, result all the same one. Adults cope with this problem quicker, than children and elderly people. But also at those, and at others the digestive system will not return to normal itself, it needs the help. Why so occurs, will tell

Because of what there is a diarrhea

Причины и лечение диареи That to understand it, we have to return to the past. No, not in far, and literally a day before a diarrhea. Remember, what you ate or saw or maybe you filled a stomach without any measure? Or quite recently returned from travel? Or you started accepting antibiotics? Or …
The most frequent reasons:
  1. Food poisoning. It is caused by vegetables, fruit and other products without appropriate heat treatment, and also expired.
  2. The intestinal infections caused by bacteria and viruses: intestinal flu (its other names: intestinal flu, rotavirus, gastroenteritis), dysentery. A source – the sick person or the healthy carrier which can even not suspect about the contamination. There is a name "illness of dirty hands" more often.
  3. Dysbacteriosis – violation of flora of intestines.
  4. Banal overeating when your digestive tract cannot simply cope with such unusual abundance of food.
  5. Chronic diseases of digestive organs (gastritis, enteritis, pancreatitis, colitis, hepatitis etc.).
  6. Sharp change of climate, it if you went to voyage. Add unusual products and the composition of water differing from the habitual here. And also an overheat on the sun!
  7. Overfatigue, stress, fear. There is even a term such – "a bear illness" (panic diarrhea of a nervous origin). It is called so in honor of a bear because he reacts to fear as well as people.
  8. The use of not boiled infected water.
  9. Allergy to foodstuff.
  10. Allergy to medicine. By the way, before reception of medical preparations surely study the instruction. Perhaps, diarrhea is stated in the column "By-effects", it is simple you did not turn on this attention.
  11. Intolerance of lactose. Often meets at children.
  12. Shortage of B2, K, F vitamins.
  13. Fruit juice in which there is a sorbite.
If diarrhea does not stop in some days, perhaps, it something more serious:
  1. Ulcer colitis.
  2. Absorption violation (malabsorption syndrome).
  3. Infection with microorganisms – lyambliya, amoebas, salmonellas.
  4. Syndrome of the angry intestines.
  5. Appendicitis.
  6. Illness Krone. It is characterized by an inflammation of part of a digestive tract.
If there passed week, and symptoms do not disappear, it is not necessary to continue to be treated independently. Only the doctor will be able to appoint analyses and to make the correct diagnosis. And if everything only began, let's try understand.

Characteristic signs and disturbing symptoms

Причины и лечение диареи As reasons of emergence of diarrhea a set, we will stop only on the most characteristic. Most important, you will not mix it with anything, – frustration of a chair that is shown in frequent desires in a toilet (at least 3 times per day). Besides, there is an abdominal distension, and also nagging pains in the bottom of it. In the first day dehydration (the most, by the way, dangerous symptom of diarrhea!) can not appear but if not to take necessary measures, it will be expressed in fall of temperature and pressure, there will be a thirst and dryness mucous oral cavities.
The important criterion which will prompt to you to go to the doctor or to manage by own efforts – character of a diarrhea. The chair can be watery and bloody.
Watery diarrhea. Intestines are affected with toxins of bacteria that speaks about food poisoning or sharp intestinal infection. Do not grab at once antibiotics and antimicrobic if only the diarrhea does not stop more than two days. Use waters more, preventing dehydration. Application of a preparation regidron is possible. Or take advice which we will give below. If passed three days, and everything remains without changes — to the doctor!
Bloody diarrhea. If there was a blood in a chair and slime, temperature to critical level, it already a reason for hospitalization went down or increased. To use folk remedies already uselessly. Do not waste time that the illness did not start progressing. Diarrhea can be very dangerous to children and people of advanced age! Therefore if the diarrhea opened at the child till 1 year, it is urgently necessary to find out the reason.
Here some more symptoms saying that not to do without medical assistance:
  • vomiting amplified;
  • pristupoobrazny belly-aches, not passing swelling a stomach;
  • desires more than 15 times per day;
  • faints;
  • chair of red or black color (bleeding perhaps opened or you are attacked by parasites);
  • white or faded color of a chair (not as it should be liver)
  • hypostases;
  • dehydration, lack of an urination.

Preventive measures

As they say, it is easier to prevent, than to treat. Therefore better once again read councils to which it is necessary to adhere to avoid all troubles connected with diarrhea.
  1. Wash hands: after the street, before food, after visit of a toilet before taking the baby on hands.
  2. Wash vegetables and fruit. For children it is better to clear them of a peel.
  3. Boil water and milk before the use.
  4. Learn and check an expiration date of products, especially it concerns milk-containing products.
  5. Meat and fish need to be subjected to heat treatment before the use.
If there were first symptoms of diarrhea, and you work as the waiter or the cook, forget about affairs before full treatment.

Treatment in house conditions

Причины и лечение диареи It is necessary to remember that the most terrible at diarrhea is dehydration. The organism loses a lot of liquid which needs to be compensated. But it should not be only usual water. After all it does not contain mineral salts and sugar necessary to an organism. Regidriruyushchy solutions – regidron will help, oralit or gastrolit (attentively follow the instruction!). Besides, drink mineral water, black or green tea without sugar, the orange, grapefruit or pear juice, compotes from dried fruits cooked without sugar.
If the baby, continue to nurse him. The lack of necessary microorganisms will so be filled. If your kid – the bottle-fed baby, pick up food which has the fixing effect or contains bifidobacteria.
What folk remedies to apply not to do much harm to neither the adult, nor the child:
  • starch. In 1/2 glasses of water to part 1 teaspoon of starch, it is good to stir and quickly to drink;
  • rice. Rice porridge or rice broth very well help from diarrhea, it is only necessary to cook without salt. 1 glass of rice on 3 glasses of water. To accept each 2 hours broth or is porridge;
  • camomile. One tablespoon of flowers of a camomile on a glass of boiled water. To fill in, insist 4 hours, to filter. To use 4 times a day on 2 tablespoons, it is desirable after food;
  • pomegranate. To make a small amount of crusts of pomegranate in one glass of boiled water, to insist 30 minutes. To accept on 1 teaspoon, before complete cessation of diarrhea;
  • nutmeg (will suit chest children). To take 1 nutmeg, to crush, to dissolve 1 teaspoon of powder in 1/2 glasses of milk. To give on 1 teaspoon of the turned-out drink each three hours;
  • hawthorn. To fill in with one glass of hot water 5 grams of dried fruits, to boil 10 minutes, then half an hour let is drawn. To filter and add so that the glass of liquid again turned out. To give on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day;
  • bird cherry. A glass of boiled water on one tablespoon of fruits of a bird cherry. To cook on weak fire of 10 minutes, then to allow to be drawn 1-2 hours. To filter and drink on 1/2 glasses 2-3 times a day;
  • carrots. There is this root crop — excellent cure for a diarrhea. It should be welded, cleared, rumpled and added a little boiled water.
At the first symptoms of intoxication absorbent carbon can be useful. At sharp diarrhea adults can accept loperamide or polisorb. It is better for children to refrain from these medicines before clarification of the exact reasons of developing of a diarrhea.

That is possible, and that it is impossible to eat

Besides, that it is necessary to treat symptoms, it is necessary to know that it is possible to eat at this time. It is clear that is much – only to the detriment. Still it is necessary to refrain from all fried, fat, sharp, smoked, salty and sweet. Wait a little with crude vegetables and fruit. Any fast food. Do not drink milk and coffee. Also live without alcohol.
And here broths, boiled vegetables and a boiled fresh-killed meat, steam cutlets, oat and rice porridges, mashed potatoes and bananas will brighten up to you for a while life. Eat all dishes warm. During a diarrhea it is better for children to give food in the wiped look.

Remember that to diarrhea it is not necessary to treat as an everyday occurrence. Surely find out the reason to decide on treatment. Only the good doctor can help in this case. We hope that you know such. And everything who already has diarrhea, in the help our councils and a wish "The fastest recovery!".
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