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Menu of a detoks-diet

Our organism is equipped with powerful "filter" which is capable to bring all toxins and slags getting to it together with low-quality food, the alcohol polluted by air, caffeine out of an organism. But the bad ecology, genetically modified products, constant stresses promote that this mechanism often glitches. And here detoks-diets popular around the world come to the rescue.

The essence of this diet is concluded already in the name and means full "detoxication" of an organism. Many women on themselves checked that such diet promotes rejuvenation, smoothing of small wrinkles, disposal of spots and furuncles, weight reduction, increase of a tone, disposal of cellulitis. It is proved that such program of food improves work of many internal and is capable even to relieve of some chronic diseases.

Contraindications and precautions

It is categorically contraindicated to observe a detoks-diet to pregnant women and the feeding mothers, and also children and people at advanced age. It is impossible to go on this diet at the following diseases:

  • diabetes;
  • digestive tract diseases;
  • any chronic disease in an aggravation stage.

Even if you do not treat one of the listed categories, before a diet it is best of all to consult with the doctor. Also you should not increase independently diet duration, it can aggravate considerably a condition of an organism and lower a metabolism.

As for weight reduction, it, certainly, will be, but not those fast rates which can promise other diets. Approximate dumping of weight makes 2-4 kg a week, depending on features of an organism.

Preparation for carrying out a diet

As the detoks-diet assumes considerable restriction of a diet on a certain interval of time, the organism needs to be prepared for it. Approximately in two weeks start limiting proteinaceous products: meat, dairy products, eggs, cheeses. It is necessary to exclude any preservation and a pickles, and also caffeine, alcohol and smoking – at least for clarification from toxins. Surely reduce the salt use.

Try that more vegetables and fruit entered your diet at this time. If you buy them in the market, look for the most reliable sellers who deliver really qualitative products.

All this will lower a stress for an organism during a detoxication. When you go on a diet, it will be ready to restrictions in food and to full refusal of salt.

It is also proved that such diet can lead to decrease in immunity therefore, before its beginning it is necessary to complete a course of an ekhinatsea or any other immunostimulating preparations.

Menu of a detoks-diet

The course of a diet is calculated on seven days and comprises seven stages, duration of everyone – one day. At desire and confidence that you will have enough will power to sustain, it is possible to prolong a diet for 14 days, then one stage will make 2 days. categorically does not recommend to stretch this diet on a bigger period.

1 day.

This day you should drink only. It is necessary to drink much and, in fact, anything. The preference, of course, has to be given to usual water to which the lemon segment can be added. Any freshly squeezed juice and smuz which part berries, fruit and vegetables can be are welcomed. Drinks from a dogrose, fennel, a St. John's Wort, ginger will be very useful; it is possible to prepare vegetable broth.

2 day.

This day to the drinking mode which may contain all listed above ingredients (we do not forget that the preference is given to usual clear water), we have to add fruit. It is best of all if it are apricots, plums, peaches, mango, grapes, a water-melon. It is very important that all of them were brought together in environmentally friendly places and were not enriched with chemicals and pesticides. In all other days of a detoks-diet it is possible to enter also firm fruits like apples and pineapples which will be very useful to an organism.

3 day.

We have to add vegetables to drink and fruit. You can do salads and fill them with a spoon of vegetable oil, but the use in the raw is obligatory. For decrease in possible gas generation drink fennel broth. For purification of blood it is recommended to use fresh garlic in small amounts.

4 day.

Now we have to add not polished rice and boiled vegetables. If there is such opportunity, the ferry is best of all to process vegetables. Spices even if you very much got used to them, to dishes it has to be added at least. Thus do not forget that it is necessary to continue to drink and eat many organic crude vegetables and fruit.

5 day.

This day haricot, lentil, nuts and beans will be added to the menu to us. They will supply an organism with vegetable protein.

6 day.

The turn reached natural yogurt and kefir, the prepared house. Porridges from whole grains are also resolved. This day intestinal microflora will be restored, and your body will be filled with energy.

7 day.

This day we enter fish, and it is possible to choose any, even the fat. As a garnish to it porridges and vegetable salads can serve. In breaks have a bite fruit, do not forget to drink much.

Exit from a diet

It is necessary to leave such diet also softly, as well as to enter. Slowly enter new products, do not hurry, differently it is possible to receive problems with bodies of digestive system. Doctors recommend to enter meat and dairy products carefully. And it is best of all to enter any flour products into the last turn.

Such diet can be repeated in 3-6 months, but, considering that in our region in the winter in the afternoon with fire you will not find some qualitative fruit and vegetables, then once a year.

Detoks-diyeta from Yulia Vysotskaya

The talented TV host claims: to support itself in shape, it needs only three days in a month. And these three days she sits just on a detoks-diet of own production.

Three days before this Yuli suggests to exclude any "harmful" products: black teas and coffee, alcoholic beverages, sparkling water, and also drugs and vitamins. For carrying out a diet the TV host prefers to choose days, free from work.

Day 1.

  1. For breakfast it is necessary to drink a glass of any freshly squeezed juice (the exception can make only orange juice), it is possible to eat berries and fruit.
  2. Having a snack has to consist of juice.
  3. For lunch the plate of vegetable soup or a few vegetables steamed is allowed.
  4. For a mid-morning snack we again drink a juice glass.
  5. The dinner has to be not later 18.00 and consist of 300 ml of Bonn soup to which it is possible to add salad from greens.

Day 2.

The drinking. This day it is possible any freshly squeezed juice, herbal teas and infusions, vegetable broths.

Day 3.

Same drinking, but baked apples which can be eaten in the morning will be added to the menu. All next day a diet same, as well as in Day 2.

Thus Yulia Vysotskaya recommends to increase physical activity, to be engaged in run. Do not forget that is recommended to leave such diet gradually, do not snatch at once on the forbidden products and such detoks-diet will allow you to feel more young and to put a figure in order.

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