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How to determine the size of gloves

Many consider that upon purchase of gloves the nobility as their sizes are marked, absolutely optional. And it is natural, after all having tried on some couples, we buy the most suitable and we leave happy with new acquisition. However taking into account that today any purchases can be done in online stores, at registration of the order it will not turn out to carry out fitting.

It appears, the size of gloves is of very great importance. After all if they are rather big, will not only "dangle", but also to rub. Also there is a high probability of that under a cuff dust which can irritate skin will be hammered. At least, it is unpleasant that causes constant discomfort. If to buy close gloves, they will hold down fingers that will limit the movements and will press blood vessels. Anyway, gloves which are picked incorrectly up, worsen not only protection of hands, but also health in general. Therefore to secure itself, it is necessary to learn to buy such gloves which will correspond completely to the hand size.

Correct calculation

So, before making purchase, it is necessary to make the correct measurement. At first sight can seem to you that it is difficult. After all there are many options of marking of gloves today and in them any will be able to get confused. That it did not happen, it is worth remembering that the dimensional grid, let us assume, at Asians significantly differs from the European. And all because at the first is much less than palm by the sizes. Therefore if you always gave preference to the European production and bought things according to their marking, remember that gloves, let us assume, from Hong Kong will hardly suit you – they have absolutely other sizes. And if you decided to acquire production at the American producers, do not forget that they mark gloves letters, but not figures. But knowing exact parameters of the brush, you with guarantee and without effort will acquire successful goods.

Determining the brush size, both at women, and at men it is necessary to consider length from a wrist to a tip of a middle finger (palm length), directly length of the most middle finger, and also width of a palm which is measured round brush stones. It should be noted that at measurement of a grasp of a palm, the centimetric tape should not be tightened strongly – it has to adjoin to a body only densely. The volume of a palm is measured in its widest part. That is the tape has to clasp area from a little finger to a forefinger at slightly bent palm. That result which you receive, needs to be divided on 2,71 and to round total figure to the tenth.

So, after you made all measurements, it is possible to define, which gloves will suit you.

If you decided to get gloves of the European producer, do not forget that the sizes will be specified in figures. It is necessary only to be defined, to what size there corresponds this or that grasp of a palm. If on female model there is a marking 6, it will suit girls, which grasp of a palm of 16 cm. The size 6,5 says that the palm has to be no more than 18 cm. If a grasp of a palm of 19 cm, it is necessary to buy gloves with marking 7, and figure 7,5 will stand if your palm makes 20 cm 8 – the palm grasp not less than 22 cm will suit at whom.

At a choice of men's gloves, consider that marking will be a little other. So, the size 7,5 will be suitable for a palm with a grasp in 20,5 cm, 8 there correspond 22 cm. Marking 8,5 will suit at whom a palm of 23 cm. Figure 9 will suit men with a palm of 24 cm, in turn, marking 9,5 corresponds 26 cm of a grasp of a palm, and figure 10 specifies that this parameter has to make not less than 27 cm.

Producers from America went some other way and marked gloves letters. And the sizes at them are designated by Latin – S, M, L and XL. But thus the main criterion at determination of the size they on the first place put a palm grasp around stones. Thus, if at women it makes 18 cm, the size S will approach. "Emka" corresponds 20 cm, and "elka" – 22. If you have a size of 23-25 cm, it is worth giving preference to the size XL. It is also simply possible to pick up suitable gloves and to men. For this purpose it is worth being guided by such compliance – if a palm grasp around stones of 22 cm, it is the size S in case 24 cm are the M, and will be suitable L for 26 cm. As for the size XL, it will suit men with a palm not less than 27 cm.

Important subtleties

On some sites it is quite often possible to meet tables with certain sizes which are offered by producers of various firms. It should be noted that they specify a grasp of palms in inches. Therefore that not "to be trapped", to make the correct calculations and to buy suitable model, transfer inches to centimeters.

Today some known trademarks can offer you unique gloves with a so-called uniform size. Designers developed this novelty to facilitate a choice to the buyer. It should be noted that one special pattern on which sew gloves with elastic inserts is developed for this production. They fit a hand of any parameters.

Also at a choice of gloves pay attention to from what material they are sewed. It is very important criterion. For example, if at creation of production leather of a lamb was used, such gloves will be very soft and over time if they are slightly small, will stretch. If you bought gloves from leather of a goat, be sure, how many you do not carry by them, they will always hold a form and to look as new.

If you near at hand did not have a centimetric tape to measure a palm grasp, do not despair. For this purpose you can use a slice of a thread which can be put then to a ruler and to learn the size.

As it is surprising but in order that it is correct to pick up gloves sometimes happens to know human height enough. But it is worth noticing that it does not concern children. So, the most widespread size - 8 at men, 180-185 cm in height. The female size 7,5 suits women of 160-165 cm in height.

Mirsovetov recommends to select never gloves "approximately", for example, to someone on a gift. It is better to make all necessary measurements in advance and to buy suitable gloves. Because the woman too can have a large brush, and some men can quite be owners of a graceful and brittle palm of the sixth size.

Purchase in pleasure

Buying the warmed gloves, do not forget that it is worth choosing them quarter sizes more. So they will better sit on a hand and will serve not one season.

If you have an opportunity to try on gloves, never pull them for a cuff. It wrong and can lead to damage and stretching of a product. They should be put on at once four fingers and only then on the fifth, thus try to develop podolik (a wristlet in the palm basis). If as a result on gloves did not remain folds, so all of you made correctly.

It is very important to remember that gloves have properties to stretch only in the cross direction. Thus they completely have to repeat a shape of a hand. Therefore when you put on a glove, it is better not to stretch it between fingers, as usual it is done by people. It will be more correct if you accurately smooth with a palm from above a glove and thus will get rid of the formed folds which not esthetically look. If after that they did not lay down ideally on a hand, most likely, it not your size and to you it is worth trying on other couple. Do not worry about that you can seem the importunate buyer. Measure until feel that this model that is necessary for you. After all you buy a thing in which will go, any season and can every day. Remember, in leather and suede gloves the hand has to be bent without efforts. And in general, from whatever material there were gloves, to you has to be comfortable in them.

Having armed with these simple councils, you can safely go behind pair of gloves to shop or make out the order on the Internet. After all correct approach to purchase can guarantee a successful choice. Qualitatively picked up gloves will please you not one season if you, of course, do not decide to update clothes and to replace them with the new.

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