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We choose ideal detergent

Persuasive advertizing tries to convince us that orders can be brought quickly and easily, and all spots only at the sight of detergent right there will start disappearing. But not everything is so cloudless as can seem. All washing and cleaning household means – the products of chemical production hazardous to health of the person. Attentively read structure of the bought means for cleaning.
Моющие средства Persuasive advertizing tries to convince us that orders can be brought quickly and easily, and all spots only at the sight of detergent right there will start disappearing. It appears, the fat ware is very quickly washed in cold water, the rust is dissolved without trace, harmful bacteria and microbes cease to breed. Such household paradise with detergent! Only it is also necessary that to choose the next small bottle which "perfectly protects skin of hands". Really now and cream it is not necessary to buy? But not everything is so cloudless as can seem at first sight.
All washing and cleaning household means – products of chemical production. If to speak openly, the majority of them are dangerous to the person. Many hostesses after usual cleaning notice at themselves various allergic reactions: reddenings and rashes on hands, an itch, a peeling. Seldom, but meet, more serious consequences of contact with a cleaner: dizziness, asthma, cough, bronchial asthma, malignancies.
The number of the people having an allergy to household chemicals grows with the menacing speed. And it is not surprising! Statistically, in a year gets to a human body to detergent halfliter. How? Through badly washed dishes.
Why on counters of our shops detergents which part the substances forbidden in the majority of the advanced countries are are on sale? The rhetorical question, the answer on which is known for much – financial interest of various instances. The negligence of producers, low cost of the forbidden substances, a large number of fakes put the buyer in a self-checking situation behind own health. If all consumers choose more attentively detergents, the large organizations will start delivering really qualitative goods.

The harmful and forbidden substances in structure

Этикетка чистящего средстваAnion surface-active substances (A-PAV). The majority of usual laundry detergents of shop contain A-surfactants. They are responsible for destruction of proteinaceous and lipidic communications that explains efficiency in the course of removal of many pollution. A-surfactants easily get into a human body through skin, collect in large numbers and break protective properties of immunity. Over time can strike cells of a liver, kidneys, lungs and heart.
Phosphates. They are forbidden in many countries of the world as they promote active penetration of A-PAV into an organism through skin. Also they have cancerogenic effect, promote development of malignancies.
It is impossible to keep silent about harm which is rendered by phosphates at hit in reservoirs. The substance formula at connection with water has beneficial influence on rapid growth of seaweed. Further blossoming of water only worsens a situation, reducing amount of oxygen at water depths. Because of it there is a death of fish and other live organisms which are in reservoirs.
Chlorine. Known "bleaching powder" and is demanded today by all as possesses disinfecting and disinfecting properties. But, getting through skin and airways, has harmful effect on a human body. Leak of chlorine can cause:
  • allergy in the form of cough, hypostasis of mucous membranes of airways, irritation on integuments;
  • anemia (low hemoglobin);
  • development of malignancies of various etymology;
  • mutation.
Triklozan. It is very effective at disposal of the diverse spots. Ability to destroy any microorganisms, including the useful also belongs to its shortcomings just. As a result, the balance between normal and pathogenic microbes in a human body is broken. It is difficult washed away from surfaces that is the reason of contact with mucous the person. As a result there are allergic reactions, skin diseases and even dysbacteriosis.
Alkylphenol ethoxylate. Alkylphenol ethoxylate is surfactant. Most often is a part of detergents, laundry detergents, stain removers. Significantly influences work of endocrine system of the person – breaks work of a thyroid gland, adrenal glands, a hypophysis, ovaries, seed plants.
Enzymes, fragrances. "Popular" substances in laundry detergents successfully hide the smell of marsh dampness peculiar it is difficult for the rinsed detergent components. Often cause irritation on a mucous membrane of the top airways and eyes. Promote development of an allergy. Can enter about structure of perfumery, cosmetics, laundry detergents, some grades of soap and aerosols of air fresheners. Collecting in blood, break hormonal balance of the person. Are especially dangerous to women!
    We recommend! Attentively read structure of the bought means for cleaning. Modern development of scientists gradually introduces on counters of our shops production with rather safe structure. Try to exclude all detergents which include above-mentioned substances from the house.
    It is better to use laundry detergents only in a machine wash, and during manual it is obligatory to put on rubber gloves. Also we advise readers Mirsovetov to choose detergents with a neutral smell as in fragrances there is nothing good. Eventually, the cleared surfaces should not smell as "sea freshness". They simply have to be pure.

Choice of means for various surfaces

Выбор чистящего и моющего средстваSinks. Ceramic sinks need to be cleaned soft abrasive substances (cleaning paste or soft powder). Strong substances can scratch a surface. After application of means of cleaning it is obligatory to wash out a surface water and to wipe a surface a dry pure rag.
Sinks from stainless steel it is necessary to clean not abrasive substance a minimum of times a week. Means should not contain chlorine as it causes corrosion.
Sinks from glass in order to avoid scratches should be cleaned soft sponges, having applied on them liquid cleaners.
Toilet bowls and bidet. It is necessary to use weak abrasive and not abrasive cleaners. Thus to apply detergents only on the enameled surface.
Bathtubs. Bathtubs from cast iron and acryle it is impossible to clean by means of abrasive substances, differently their surface will start collapsing very quickly. Especially delicately it is worth approaching cleaning of the enameled bathtubs. Refuse steel sponges.
Table-tops. For clarification use soft cleaners and warm water. Do not apply the containing acids or abrasive means of cleaning. It is sometimes rather simple to wipe a table-top a soap rag, to wash out water and to wipe dry.
Mixers. That mixers were pure and shone, it is enough to apply on them weak soap solution, to wash out and rub with a dry soft rag.
Furniture under a tree. The furniture with a covering "under a tree" should be put far from a direct sunlight, places with differences of temperatures. It will be simpler to keep appeal of such surfaces during long term if in due time to clear of any pollution. For cleaning use specially intended means.
    We recommend to readers Mirsovetov: Refuse one universal option "for all surfaces". Will be to pick up some funds allocated for the solution of specific objectives more effectively.

Ecological safety

Хозяйственное мыло Remember, earlier our grandmothers and great-grandmothers kept the house in ideal purity and an order without chemistry, using exclusively national ways. Some of them already "morally became outdated" (for example, washing of a floor with use of dry cow manure). But there are many checked simple councils:
  • soda neutralizes smells, helps to get rid of the dried-up spots on various surfaces;
  • mustard perfectly copes with fats and is easily washed away by flowing water;
  • vinegar solves a problem of a limy raid;
  • juice of a lemon clarifies dark stains, and its skin – replaces an air freshener;
  • the laundry soap is universal both for washing of ware, and for clarification of household items (at creation of soap solution need to look for special not abrasive substances disappears).
    We recommend! Create to yourself an instruction about properties of this or that folk remedy. In that case, at an urgent need quickly to bring an order you will be able to orient in a situation.
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