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As it is correct to choose the washing vacuum cleaner

If you after all decide to get once the washing vacuum cleaner, you need to know about its advantages and shortcomings. Of course, it is simple to know, what characteristics the washing vacuum cleaner possesses there is not enough. Therefore will devote you in all subtleties of this such necessary rubble equipment.
Как правильно выбрать моющий пылесос If you after all decide to get once the washing vacuum cleaner, you need to know, first, about its advantages and shortcomings, and secondly, technical characteristics to which it is necessary to pay attention upon its purchase. Of course, it is simple to know, what characteristics the washing vacuum cleaner possesses there is not enough. Therefore will devote you in all subtleties of these such necessary household appliances.

Advantages and shortcomings of the washing vacuum cleaners

First of all we will specify shortcomings, and then and advantages. That factor belongs to shortcomings that by means of the washing vacuum cleaners it is impossible to delete dust and dirt from a surface of a parquet and the carpets having the natural basis. It is connected, first of all, that after damp cleaning the basis of carpets will not be able to dry and in couple of days the carpet will start smelling sweet as such smells from which life in your house will turn into a nightmare. However if after damp cleaning you are able to take out a carpet on air and to allow it to be aired and dry out there thoroughly, quality of cleaning by the washing vacuum cleaner will cause one pleasure in you. The similar situation arises and when cleaning a parquet – water can get between plates and get to their basis – rotting of a parquet from within will begin after a while. That to avoid it, it is recommended to process a parquet special antiseptics on purpose, to make it moisture-proof, and only after that it is possible to start with ease cleaning. Therefore the above shortcomings at desire can be overcome easily. Well and the last shortcoming is that after each cleaning you should wash tanks of the washing vacuum cleaner.
К плюсам моющих пылесосов относятся: «сухая» уборка, возможность удаления пролитой жидкости, увлажнение и дезодорирование убираемых помещений To positive properties of the washing "assistant on cleaning" that factor belongs that other surfaces which are not specified in shortcomings, with its help can be cleaned without any disorders. That is the washing vacuum cleaner will help to delete easily dirt and dust from such surfaces as carpets and carpets (do not forget them to dry), the laminated coverings, coverings from linoleum, the furniture, floors and walls covered with a tile or having a natural stone in the basis. Treats pluses of the washing vacuum cleaners also: "dry" cleaning, possibility of removal of the spilled liquid, moistening and odor removal of the cleaned rooms, and also the hidden potential of washing of glasses and mirrors (existence of specifics which will be described below is required).
The principle of operation of the washing vacuum cleaner is very simple. You fill in water and detergent in the first tank. From the tank the washing solution under pressure comes to a nozzle and there is evenly distributed on all processed surface. On a nozzle also there are special openings intended for absorption of the polluted water which comes to the second tank. When cleaning you can regulate an amount of water, given on a carpet.
    Council from At damp cleaning of carpets and carpets the washing vacuum cleaner has to work at the maximum power, differently the carpet will manage to blot and dry up well it further will be problematic. Therefore upon purchase of the washing vacuum cleaner choose the model having vacuum nozzles in which control of supply of the washing solution is exercised automatically, and a brush carefully and intensively washes away each fiber of a carpet and really productively cleans dirt from under them.
Technical characteristics which need to pay attention, we will describe below. Treat them:
– MT power
– volume of tanks and service;
– filtration;
– tube;
– nozzles, etc.

Power of the washing vacuum cleaner

Мощность это основной параметр, который определяет качество уборки. Чем выше, тем лучше. Power of the washing vacuum cleaner, as well as any other household appliances, is measured in Watts (W). It is the key parameter which defines quality of cleaning. The higher, the better. However thus do not come across an advertizing trick of the companies of producers of MT, for example, they specify power consumption 1400W, 1600W, etc. And this indicator is how important? Now I will explain. Quality of cleaning depends not on the power consumption (1400W or 1600W), and on the absorption power which at the even professional washing vacuum cleaners reaches only 1000W. Therefore upon purchase take an interest at the manager-consultant not in the maximum power, but number of Watts of power of absorption – for more or less high-quality cleaning it has to be about 400W. It is also necessary to consider that power is spent, first, for system of a filtration, moistening and odor removal, and, secondly, for a special equipment to which various nozzles belong.
One more marketing mix – producers can specify not the rated power consumption, but maximum who is 15-25% more. would like to emphasize that the maximum power is reached in the first seconds of operation of the vacuum cleaner, and during all other work it always works in the nominal mode. In that case, to learn value of rated power, it is necessary to divide the maximum value into a root square of 2 (about 1,4).

Volume of tanks and service

Моющий пылесос имеет два резервуара. В первый заливается чистая вода One of the most essential actions upon purchase of the washing vacuum cleaner, approximately to estimate, what work he should perform. That is depending on the sizes of rooms of your house or apartment, a certain amount of clear water for their cleaning is required.
It was stated above that the washing vacuum cleaner has two tanks. In the first clear water is filled in. The size of this tank also plays a crucial role at a choice. From experience it is possible to tell, cleaning 3-ekh the room apartment requires on average 4-5 liters. Thus the volume of tanks for clear water in the models of the washing vacuum cleaners offered for today varies ranging from 2 to 10 liters. Therefore if at you 1-or 2 room apartment – recommends to limit the choice to the washing vacuum cleaners with a tank volume for clear water around 2-4 liters. If you have a big house, do not stint the model having the tank for clear water of 8-10 l. Otherwise, as understand, it is necessary to stop not once for all the time of cleaning to fill the tank with clear water and only then to continue. For one cleaning it can do at you and will not cause irritation, but in a consequence it will strain very strongly … (opinion of the author). The tank size for dirty water usually is ranging from 5 to 20 l. Do not think of its size because if you already solved, what size the pure tank has to have, dirty you receive the size, so to speak the machine gun.
Размер резервуара для грязной воды обычно находится в пределах от 5 до 20 л Service of the washing vacuum cleaner mostly depends on placement of tanks in it for pure and dirty water. After all after everyone cleaning needs to be washed them therefore operation of extraction of water from tanks can occupy time quantity from 10 to 20 min. depending on model.
In some MT tanks are placed one over another (above the tank for clear water). A shortcoming – for water plum from the second tank, it is necessary to remove the first. Other type is a so-called design "the container in the container" – the tank with clear water is installed in the tank for the fulfilled water. To fill the vacuum cleaner with water, it is enough to remove from clamps the top part of the case (or the removable tank, depending on a design) and to fill in there water. Naturally, in operating time dirty water fills the second tank. To delete from it water in the majority of models rather simply.
In some tanks for pure and dirty water are executed in the form of the uniform container – two cylinders of the different diameter inserted one into another. Plus. It is possible to fill several times the tank for clear water before deleting water from the second tank. Most popularly today use in the washing vacuum cleaners, except the tank for pure, the additional removable tank cartridge which settles down from outer side of the case. It is taken for some seconds, i.e. it is possible to fill it with liquid, without bearing the vacuum cleaner to the crane with water.
    Council from Upon purchase of the washing vacuum cleaner pay attention to existence of special indicators which will signal about filling and a devastation of tanks.


HEPA-фильтр (High Efficiency Particutate Air) – обеспечивает эффективность фильтрации 99.95 % Important point at a choice of the washing vacuum cleaner is the assessment of quantity and types of filters with which it is supplied. After all the vacuum cleaner during the work "blows from itself" air which contains the smallest dirty particles – capable sharply to worsen your physical state (feeling of an unpleasant smell, dryness of air and it everything conducts to a headache, increase of arterial pressure, and also allergy attacks at people, earlier in general never thinking of it are possible). The filtration purpose – decrease in emission of microparticles in an ideal to zero, and in practice to a minimum. The modern washing vacuum cleaners are equipped with so-called aqua-filters, that is have the additional tank in which water is also poured. In the course of cleaning dirt and dust pass through water in which remain, and air comes to light. However completely the aqua-filter does not manage to catch microparticles (about 1,5-2% are missed) therefore in the washing vacuum cleaners additional filters of thin cleaning are used, as a rule it is coal filters of the class HEPA and S. These filters differ from each other in efficiency of a delay of particles and service life. Service life of filters from 1 year to several years provided that the filter will be washed out by water.
The filter of a S-class provides efficiency of a filtration of 99.97% (detains particles more than 0.3 mikron=0.003 mm on norm of DIN 24184). The HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particutate Air) – provides efficiency of a filtration of 99.95% (more than 0.6 microns on norm of EN 1822 provide a delay of particles). In the presence of the HEPA H 13 filter efficiency will be not less than 99,95%. Other (HEPA H 10-12) are less effective.
Some producers of MT went further and for catching of small particles of dust in the models use a special separator. Now I will describe its principle of action. At first theory. When passing through water the smallest particles of dust and allergens get to vials of air which, rising up, take out with themselves dust microparticles, at the expense of it it turns out not cleared 1,5-2% of air. The separator at a high speed of rotation creates a suspension from water droplets, a certain similarity of fog. Such water cloud perfectly catches dust, that is its smallest particles because of which there are various allergic diseases. The separator does not allow them to escape outside, providing your protection to 99,97%.
    Council from Ask the manager-consultant about quantity of steps of a filtration at the washing vacuum cleaner, after all your health and favorable health directly depends on their quantity.
Treats the positive moments of use of aqua-filters: lack of replaceable bags dust collectors, moistening of air and odor removal of rooms (before cleaning in the vacuum cleaner the special flavoring liquid is filled in). The only shortcoming, it is necessary to wash and dry them after each cleaning.


Современные модели моющих пылесосов снабжаются телескопическими трубками, длину которых можно изменять в зависимости от Вашего роста Modern models of the washing vacuum cleaners are supplied with telescopic tubes which length can be changed depending on your growth. For convenience of comfortableness of the performed works on a tube the electronic control unit settles down (not on all models).
Two types of management are generally used: wire and wireless. Everyone has pluses and minuses. Wire "-" because of use of a wire the tube is heavier, but MT price in general turns out cheaper. At the wireless two types of management can be used: radio control or infrared. Radio control is more reliable as when using infrared direct vision of two interacting ports is necessary, differently perhaps its not operation, for example, will arise an obstacle a type of the TV or a sofa.
Generally tubes for the vacuum cleaner make of plastic, or of steel. In respect of reliability it is better steel tubes, but plastic it is cheaper and easier.


В стандартный комплект моющего пылесоса входит, как правило, порядка 7 щеток и насадок различного назначения About 7 brushes and nozzles of different function – for dry cleaning (with the floor/carpet mode), for damp cleaning, for upholstered furniture, for washing of glasses and mirrors, etc. are included in the standard package of the washing vacuum cleaner, as a rule.
Dry cleaning requires a universal brush for any surface (with adjustment of height of pile), a small brush and a slot-hole nozzle. For damp cleaning the nozzle for carpets with an adapter for cleaning of firm surfaces, and also a nozzle for upholstered furniture a brush for washing of hard coatings is most often used. It is very convenient if nozzles for a floor and carpets have castors – first, will not scratch incidentally a floor, and secondly, movement speed increases.
Some washing vacuum cleaners in a set can have a plunger fastening directly to a hose: very conveniently in cases when the sink was hammered. Additional nozzles for dry cleaning allow: the special brush – to delete dust from hard-to-reach spots (a frame of pictures, blinds, etc.) ; a porolonovy nozzle – the screen of the TV or the monitor of computers, and also the polished furniture. Already in a standard complete set at the good washing vacuum cleaner it will be obligatory a turboshchetka (with her help the best result when cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture is reached, perfectly takes even hair of pets, feathers). The design of a turboshchetka is quite simple: it is the nozzle having the turning brush which combs out dirt from fleecy surfaces. The brush is set in motion for the account of a stream of the involved air. But it is not in the best way reflected and in power absorption of the vacuum cleaner therefore represents a certain interest the electrobrush, respectively, rotating at the expense of the electric drive.
Also in a set there has to be a brush for firm surfaces, that is you can wash the floor as a mop, thus for washing of floors only clear water is used. For washing of windows and mirrors the special window nozzle or the porolonovy roller has to be included in the package.

Final recommendations

При выборе моющего пылесоса обратите внимание на длину шнура At a choice of the washing vacuum cleaner pay attention to cord length. Rather long cord allows to clean more considerable area of the apartment. Therefore length of a cord has to be not less than 7 m. Give to attention and volume as it is taken up, after all automatic reeling of a cord is provided in all vacuum cleaners, but is made on a miscellaneous. For example, at a "wild" speed, crumpled all round themselves therefore more expensive models cannot afford this luxury, their cord is displaced slowly. Ask and about existence of function of an automatic reversion – unwinding and taking-up of a cord is made automatically depending on distance to the socket.
Give to attention of a design of rollers wheels. Wheels can be established the vacuum cleaner, one ahead, two behind on each side; at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner wheels (three or four) which can rotate extensively – more convenient option as rotary wheels rollers promote the movement extensively without visible problems are located. Well, and if wheels rollers are also are rubberized, it in general is excellent – you will not scratch neither a parquet board, nor a laminate
Surely ask the sale manager about existence of security systems – shutdown of the vacuum cleaner at an overheat. For increase in duration of service life of the main engine (saving from high loadings) – the washing vacuum cleaner has to have its smooth start. And the last, pay attention how he will "park", after all the vacuum cleaner put vertically with possibility of fastening of a tube in the same situation will take away the smallest space on the area in your apartment.
Among the main firms which are engaged in production of the washing vacuum cleaners: Thomas, Karcher, Bosch, Delonghi, Phillips, Electrolux, Rowenta, Samsung, LG.
As always, as at a choice of any other household appliances you should look for for yourself golden mean, balancing between the price and functionality, a known brand and reliability. And in each concrete separate case, it will be yours, and only yours, a choice. And only showed that is really important in the washing vacuum cleaner, and to what moments it is worth paying attention to leave shop, satisfied with the purchase.
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