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Care of teeth

Presently we prefer to eat the soft food rich with carbohydrates. Teeth are not cleared, and on the contrary, find a thick layer of a bacterial plaque and collapse under the influence of the chemicals containing in food. There is a certain scheme of toothbrushing, following this scheme, it is possible to clear all surfaces of tooth effectively.
Уход за зубами, как чистить зубы The beautiful smile is capable to facilitate in many respects to us life. Smiling people cause trust and sympathy. But how to be if teeth yellow, and gums bleed? Alas, one without another is impossible: only healthy gums can provide health of teeth. Therefore the beauty of teeth means not only white teeth, but also healthy gums, and strong enamel. Far back in the past our ancestors ate crude vegetables and meat, strangely enough, their teeth were cleared during food. Eat crude apple or carrot – and you feel that teeth became more smooth and gums as if "recovered". Rigid crude vegetables are capable to clear teeth of a bacterial plaque and the remains of food. But presently we prefer to eat the soft food rich with carbohydrates. Teeth are not cleared, and on the contrary, find a thick layer of a bacterial plaque and collapse under the influence of the chemicals containing in food.

How to brush teeth

Есть определенная схема чистки зубов, следуя этой схеме, можно эффективно очистить все поверхности зуба There is a certain scheme of toothbrushing, following this scheme, it is possible to clear all surfaces of tooth effectively. First of all brush teeth from the outer side, then pass to the internal. Not the smaller attention has to be paid to an internal surface of teeth, exactly there often there are food remains. And only then pay attention to cleaning of a chewing surface.
Cleaning should be begun with foreteeth, gradually moving to radical and back. Make a brush roundabouts, and each tooth has to get not less than 10 roundabouts of a brush. To prevent hit under gums of bacteria, the direction of movements by a toothbrush without fail has to go from gums to a tooth crown. All procedure of toothbrushing is recommended to be divided into two – separately for the top and lower jaw.
The size of a toothbrush has to correspond to your own dimensions. Look in a mirror and estimate about width of 2 molars, the brush should not be longer. Change a brush more often: in three months of service the bristle of a toothbrush becomes withdrawal pains. Electric toothbrushes – rescue for "lenivchik". The brush itself makes roundabouts and moves one hundred times quicker, than when cleaning by a usual brush. However, it not cheap pleasure. The good electric brush costs not less than 500 rubles, plus, it is necessary to buy replaceable heads.

Means on care of teeth

Лучшее средство по уходу за зубами: зубная паста The best means on care of teeth: toothpaste. As an additional tool it is possible to use a tooth elixir. Toothpastes happen treatment-and-prophylactic and hygienic. Hygienic paste only helps to remove a raid and the remains of food from teeth. As a part of treatment-and-prophylactic paste there is a fluorine and calcium. Physicians advise to use both types of pastes. Brush teeth hygienic paste, and in the evening - treatment-and-prophylactic in the morning. Such way of cleaning allows not only to keep teeth healthy, but also to prevent development of caries and to strengthen tooth enamel. That calcium and fluorine managed to get into teeth during cleaning, it is necessary to brush teeth of 6-8 minutes.
After teeth are cleaned, it is desirable to rinse a mouth a tooth elixir. The tooth elixir contains various grass extracts which promote healing of small scratches in an oral cavity and interfere with distribution of caries.

Massage of gums

Массажа десен позволит вам поддерживать их в здоровом состоянии, а также избавиться от кровоточивости, если таковая имеется Massage of gums will allow you to support them in a healthy state, and also to get rid of bleeding if that is available. Besides, it is a good way to cheer up in the morning. After massage inflow of blood to gums amplifies, salivary glands work better and the organism wakes up quicker.
For massage you will need a brush with a soft bristle. Brushes with which we brush teeth brushes, have average rigidity, they too firm for massage of gums also can damage them. Therefore we get a brush with a soft bristle, we wash with its hot water, and then we knead a bristle fingers. Now we gather a tooth elixir in a mouth, and, holding an elixir in a mouth, a soft brush we stroke gums from the outer side. Move a brush slowly, 2-3 seconds to each party. Within 2-3 minutes it is necessary to mass gums the vertical and horizontal movements.
It is possible to massage the sky and inside of gums. We apply a little treatment-and-prophylactic paste on a forefinger and we drive a finger on a gum, without strong pressing. Having finished massage, rinse a mouth warm water.

Bleaching of teeth

Мы все мечтаем о белоснежной улыбке All of us dream of a snow-white smile. However not everyone can boast of the Hollywood teeth. Before resolving this issue, it is just necessary to put in order your teeth and a gum.
But nevertheless, how to make teeth is more white? First of all, to cease to drink the painting drinks: Coca, strong tea, coffee. To bleach teeth for a long time it will not turn out if you smoke. Try to reduce at least quantity of the cigarettes smoked in day.
If all teeth white, and one unexpectedly darkened, it is necessary to consult at the doctor, there can to be a tooth it is necessary to treat. For 10-15 thousand rubles it is possible to make professional bleaching in any stomatology. Modern technologies (bleaching by ultrasound or chemicals) allows to make teeth white for 3-5 years. There are less expensive ways – by a doctor's advice you buy gel and a special kappa (almost same, as from boxers). In the evenings you independently smear a kappa with gel, insert a kappa into a mouth and sleep with it all night long. Gel well bleaches teeth, does not damage enamel, but there are also minuses - not everyone will be able to fall asleep with "foreign matter" in a mouth.

Bleaching of teeth in house conditions

Чтобы зубы стали белее, пейте больше молока That teeth became more white, drink more milk is will strengthen enamel of teeth. Lemon crusts can bleach teeth a few. The most popular folk remedy – ordinary soda. Dip a toothbrush in soda and brush teeth. Teeth will become more white at once, but the gums injured by rough friction of soda will hurt. Then, soda literally tears off the top layer of enamel. If to brush teeth with soda more often than once a month, it is possible to thin tooth enamel quickly. Sensitivity of enamel will increase, and any hot-cold dish will become for you the real torture.
Effect of the bleaching toothpastes similar to effect of soda – pastes contain the abrasives and enzymes influencing color of teeth. It is not recommended to use such pastes long – after all sensitivity of enamel will gradually increase.
If you are interested in a question of bleaching,, except already aforesaid, brings to your attention the article "How to Bleach Teeth".

The beautiful smile is one of components of your health and self-confidence. Therefore do not leave care of teeth for later. Pay to teeth due attention, clean them in the morning and in the evening, and also to rinse a mouth after each meal. Paraphrasing a known saying, it is possible to tell: healthy teeth, not what well treat, and what constantly and well look after. Then each visit to the stomatologist will not be for you something awful, associated with painful feelings.
Healthy teeth and smart snow-white smile in your hands!
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