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First divings, councils to divers

As a rule, in the centers of training in diving the theory goes hand in hand with practice. Occupations with the teacher, reading grants and viewing of video movies alternate with immersions in the pool. The system of special courses will allow you to open new sides of diving. After the initial block of the theory is handed successfully over, visiting session on an open reservoir is made.
As a rule, in the centers of training in diving the theory goes hand in hand with practice. Occupations with the teacher, reading grants and viewing of video movies alternate with immersions in the pool.
Plain, at first sight, exercises can be first labor-consuming and exhausting. A diving suit, the bulky equipment, a cylinder with gas – a considerable burden. In this equipment it is necessary to learn to breathe under water, to control buoyancy, to watch indicators of amount of air. Do not hurry. The skilled instructor will work with you the passable skill, will correct errors in time.
The system of conventional signs is urged to provide communication under water. The mastered signals will allow to report to the trainer about the arisen difficulties in time, to ask the help for the partner or to transfer information on data of personal devices.
Skill of skilled instructors who skillfully hang in the thickness of water, inconceivable pirouettes effortlessly do, izlovchatsya during immersion of a message video filming, it seems to beginners aerobatic maneuvres, an inaccessible level.
However, as the saying says: it takes an old hand to do a good job. Regular working off of skills, repetition of a theoretical course, immersion in open water, – and here, you already on an equal basis with skilled instructors surely swim under water, dexterously and in due time take readings from devices. The system of special courses will allow you to open new sides of diving and at desire to be entitled the instructor.
After the initial block of the theory is handed successfully over, visiting session on an open reservoir is made.
Подводные погружения, дайверы перед погружением в воды Красного моря

Exit dayv-round: field conditions

The first examination on open water takes place, as a rule, on the next reservoir and is limited in one afternoon. The equipment, diving suits, cylinders with air are provided by the dayv-center.
In cool weather I recommend to readers of to take a set of warm clothes in a trip: thermolinen, woolen sweater, windbreaker, dense socks. Having left water, the first some minutes you can not feel cold. The water which filtered into a diving suit heated up and now gives heat. As soon as you remove equipment, the cold will immediately have an effect. Do not neglect the health even if are engaged in a hardening of an organism or a morzhevaniye. As they say, the good Siberian – not the one who does not freeze, and the one who warmly puts on.
Take with yourself a thermos with tea, sandwiches. It is undesirable to make immersions next the heart.
If multi-day visiting session across Russia is planned, the set of necessary things is almost identical to the marching. It includes: tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes, set of individual ware, lamp, means of hygiene, battery, camera, matches.
Подводные погружения, советы дайверам
Do not forget about individual equipment of the diver and a diving suit. Figurative compressor installation will allow to fill cylinders with air in due time. Otherwise, it is necessary to look for the next to a dislocation place the stationary unit.
Take with yourself the diary of immersions and the certificate testifying to your qualification.
The field kitchen requires kostrovy ware and a stock of products with a long period of storage. It, first of all: canned food, grain, macaroni, tea, sugar, salt.

Night immersion

The night sea is surprising, with anything the incomparable world when reeves come to life, midnight inhabitants of water elements when paints of atolls become brighter and more motley wake up. Having made run down in Poseidon's kingdom only once, you hardly resist temptation to test the endured emotions once again.
It is desirable to carry out this type of immersions in the acquaintance and the studied place. That in a night-time not to collect equipment by the light of a manual lamp, prepare all necessary beforehand. Except a diving suit the regimentals for night immersion have to include boats and gloves. It is in the dark rather easy to get a casual trauma, to be cut about a coral or to be wounded about a rock ledge.
Easy excitement – the integral component of extreme sports. However first you can test a fright, feel fear and even a panic. These feelings are explainable, after all uncertainty, darkness surrounds from all directions, thoughts of possible force majeur circumstances and emergency situations annoy. Perhaps, similar fears pass you at all. However some circumstances can promote loss of control over emotions. For example, breath failure, sharp hit in a thermowedge (border between currents with warm and cold water flows). Try to get it together. Breathe evenly and deeply. Remember that you are accompanied by the skilled instructor who will be able to come to the rescue, trace your psychological state and if necessary to reduce time of immersion or at all to interrupt it.
Подводное погружение под присмотром инструктора
Already later short time you will feel much more quietly in water elements, fears will leave away. The feeling of confidence and control over emotions will come much quicker if the scenario of possible troubles is worked on the land, in the pool. The instructor will ask you to show knowledge in practice more than once. What to do if water if in a cylinder air if felt badly comes to an end got to a mask or to the workmate there was an opportunity? All these troubles are surmountable at working off of skills and good knowledge of theoretical material.

"Course of the young fighter": underwater orientation

Skillful orientation under water – the guarantor of reasonable distribution of time of immersion. At first sight will seem that this special course is among applied, minor. Water transparent, is a lot of reference points: rocks, reeves, bottom relief. However in practice often it appears that transparency of water – concept relative. Visibility even at a surface sometimes makes no more than 2-3 meters. Water can be stirred up by a suspension, silt. And immersions are not limited to light time of day.
Коралловый риф, вид из лодки
Therefore ability to be guided under water on compass readings often appears extremely useful skill. Working off of exercises consists in swimming at a certain depth on the set trajectory. At examination to you will suggest to float on perimeter of a triangle and square. I want to tell readers Mirsovetov that it will hardly be possible to pass examination from the first. Be not upset. In the conditions of a poor visibility of very few people it is possible to overcome this boundary from one attempt. Have a rest and after a while resume immersion. You will be able to adhere without effort to the set course even in the absence of natural reference points soon.

Falling in a chasm: deep immersion

Limit depth for fans of diving is limited 40 m. Present only that you plunge into water elements on depth equal to height of the 15-storeyed house! A little at whom does not capture spirit from similar prospect.
However, test of for durability, check of own forces and opportunities should not become the diver's keynote. Water – elements alien to the person therefore you should not pursue doubtful achievements, being guided by maximal installations. Possibility of emergency and risky situations has to be minimized.
Remember that diving is based on the principles of partnership and mutual assistance. Under water you bear responsibility not only for yourself, but also for life, health of the partner.
The special equipment is urged to reduce possible risks to a minimum and it is essential to facilitate immersions deeply. So, the trigger end, for example, will become an auxiliary reference point under water. Holding it it is possible to remain some time at a desirable depth. It is extremely important for the immersions assuming a safety stop.
Water has property to absorb light, and therefore at a certain depth it becomes extremely difficult to do without underwater lamp.
As insurance from a decompressive illness the emergency respiratory system serves. It consists of a cylinder and the regulator which fasten at a depth of 5 m. Thus, in case of deficiency of oxygen at a safety stop depth, it will be possible to use a reserve of saving gas.
The main rule of extreme immersion – preservation of continuous contact with the partner, and also continuous tracking of a reserve of air and control of depth.
The first immersion on depth is made under control of the instructor. During descent to some moment overcomes feeling of falling in emptiness, a chasm. And, really, to a bottom delays a high speed. Therefore try to hold during immersion with one hand the trigger end. It is possible to control speed also, blowing air in the buoyancy compensator. However be not overzealous. Remember that air at a depth is spent very quickly.
At the planned depth the trainer can distract your attention for some seconds. For example, will suggest to solve a simple example on the tablet. You will note that reaction worsened a little. The instructor can show the impressive effect which had by pressure upon subjects. Especially impresses a type of an empty bottle or the scouring sponge taken from the land.
Will not manage to get used to the gushed emotions as will come it is time to come back to the coast.
Подводные погружения, подводные мир Красного моря

Other types of immersions

The special courses described above are only a small shred of that massif of opportunities which is given by schools of diving. You can also try as the operator of underwater shooting, master immersions with a tower, make run down under thickness of ice or investigate the sunken vessel. In a word, to embody all most courageous dreams. And that is especially pleasant, to start diving never late!
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