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Candle decoupage the hands

You for half an hour would like to give an unusual gift the hands? Then you should master equipment of a decoupage on a candle. This type of needlework is considered simple, and the school student will be able to cope with a task even.

In shops it is possible to buy different in a form and the size of a candle: with decorative drawing and smooth. But often so happens, as the choice is great, and it is pleasant nothing. In that case it is possible to make a candle decoupage the hands. At you the single copy which can be presented then to friends, native will turn out or to decorate with an original candle a holiday table.

It is a little about equipment

The decoupage is the application from thin paper (two - or a three-layer napkin with drawing) executed on any surface and varnished. This technology of dressing of subjects was invented in China in the twelfth century. Peasants used for a decor of the Chinese furniture thin paper with drawing.

The equipment of a decoupage is extremely simple – it is necessary to choose a napkin with beautiful drawing, to cut out it sharp scissors, and it is even better to make it manually and to paste on the decorated surface. After drying gluing drawing cover with a colourless varnish. The equipment of a decoupage allows to create unique subjects and to decorate various surfaces.

Candle choice

To execute a decoupage on a candle, it is necessary to know certain secrets. So, Mirsovetov recommends to use thick candles of white color for dressing. At a choice of a candle it is necessary to pay attention to its surface – the top layer has to be dense. In that case the candle will not get warm when burning that will reduce probability of fire of a paper fragment.

When the decision to execute a decoupage on a color candle is made, the candle needs to choose a napkin with drawing in tone. But consider that paints of a fragment will look on it not so brightly, as on a napkin.

If you want to give an unusual gift the hands, it is possible to use also thin candles. On them it will be good to look black-and-white drawing with small fragments, for example – small patterns, geometrical figures or notes. It should be taken into account that such gift should be used directly extremely carefully because thin candles get warm almost completely and paper can light up.

Technicians of a decoupage on a candle

Before acquainting readers of with technicians of a decoupage on a candle – we will decide on a choice of napkins. Paper napkins with drawing can be bought in any shop for creativity. There will offer you a wide choice of napkins. But if you saw packing of napkins in shop and you very much liked drawing – can safely buy. They can also be used for equipment of a decoupage. Fundamental difference between them is not present, simply in shop for creativity it is possible to get one napkin, and in usual shop it is necessary to pay for all packing.

The decoupage on a candle can be executed such technicians:

  • in the cold way;
  • by means of a spoon;
  • with use of the hair dryer.

Let's consider in more detail each of methods and we will learn to do a candle decoupage.

Cold way

Such materials and tools will be necessary for us for a cold decoupage:

  • candle;
  • napkin;
  • cuticle scissors (or any other, the main thing that they were sharp);
  • glass stick (it is possible to use any other with a smooth surface).

This way will be suitable for candles with thin walls more, then paper will well stick to a surface.

At first it is necessary to measure the necessary length of a napkin. If you decorate all candle completely, try to make a beautiful and equal seam.

Only you should not cut off drawing at once – leave a small stock on width and length (one centimeter) of a napkin. In case of a mistake to you it will be easier than it to move. Besides, it is necessary to consider that at a razmokaniye the napkin will a little be extended, and then again "will sit down" into place. After all it is much more difficult to cut off half-millimeter, than the whole centimeter of excess material.

Now we need to apply a napkin to a candle, to align drawing to the top and to start a priglazhivaniye. It, perhaps, the most responsible moment in equipment of a cold decoupage. By means of a glass stick or other smooth subject it is necessary to move from the center of drawing to edges.

During a priglazhivaniye of paper it is necessary to press slightly a stick that the napkin stuck to a candle surface. After end of a priglazhivaniye it was necessary to pay attention to a seam. At first one party of drawing nestles, the second should be tried on – if it long, superfluous it is necessary to cut off accurately. You should not do a seam with an overlap – such work will be inaccurate.

Now work with top and lower edges. On the upper edge of a candle scissors it is necessary to cut off the superfluous very accurately. And in the lower part of a candle it is possible to leave some millimeters of drawing. In that case work will look more accurately.

From above drawing it is possible to put spangles or to decorate a candle with other decorative elements.

Decoupage with "spoon"

The hot decoupage can be made by means of an ordinary tablespoon and a tablet candle. Most of masters of a decoupage advise to heat a spoon a large number of a soot will not gather on a gas ring – so on it. Choose, what option suits you more.

For work prepare:

  • candle white or color;
  • napkin for a decoupage (any will approach three-layer with drawing);
  • candle tablet;
  • tea or dessertspoon;
  • bintik or scouring sponge.

Before starting the most responsible moment, consider that if to be fond of "lozhkoprikladyvaniye", on a candle ugly strips can be formed.

How to make a decoupage on a candle:

Choose the pleasant motive on a napkin, considering its size and a form. It is simpler to work with drawing on a white background. Now it is necessary to take sharp scissors and to cut out drawing without allowances for seams. For work with drawing on a white background, it needs to be pulled out hands. Remove two lower layers of a napkin and put them aside.

Now it is possible to light a small candle, but at first it is necessary to clean all unnecessary subjects and excess paper scraps far away. Now we will take a spoon and we will take it internal part over a candle. It is very basic moment because if not to warm up a spoon from the inside, drawing can be soiled a soot. It is necessary to warm up a table subject within a minute.

Let's apply our drawing to a candle and, holding for edges, we will press the back party of a heated-up spoon to a candle. Stroke a spoon, beginning from the center of motive, moving to edges. Your movements have to be smooth. Paraffin will get warm and impregnate paper drawing. Do not detain a spoon on one place very long because cavities which to clean can be formed it will not turn out any more. Periodically warm up a spoon and smooth drawing. The soot which is formed on spoon inside, is easily washed away.

After completion of work check the picture. If saw light spots on paper – in this place paraffin not rather well impregnated paper. The picture has to become translucent and "vplavitsya" in the top layer of a candle.

Remained very little, and it will be possible to admire the work. Roughnesses, strips and traces from a spoon it is necessary to smooth. It becomes so: we put bandage in some layers and we rub a candle to gloss. Roughnesses have to smooth out. Be not overzealous not to damage the picture. Instead of bandage it is possible to use a new scouring sponge. The rough party will smooth, and foam rubber will polish a surface.

So ready work looks.

Decoupage hair dryer

By means of a hairdryer it is possible easily and to expedite a candle decoupage.

That it is necessary to prepare:

  • candle of white or cream color;
  • napkin with the pleasant drawing or rice paper with a beautiful ornament;
  • hair dryer;
  • scissors.

Stage-by-stage performance of a decoupage:

  1. Take two - or a three-layer napkin with the pleasant motive. It is possible to use special for a decoupage or to buy rice paper with drawing. If suitable drawing is not found, it is possible to print the necessary motive. Scissors cut out an ornament. If a candle and a napkin white, it is possible not especially to try to cut out accurately as edges of paper will merge with a candle.
  2. Try on drawing and superfluous cut off. Clean unnecessary layers of a napkin.
  3. Attach the picture to a candle.
  4. Turn on the hair dryer on the maximum mode, warm up it a little and direct a stream of hot air on a candle.
  5. Try not to release drawing that it did not fly from a candle.
  6. Hold a fragment until it well is not attached. At this time it is possible to press accurately paper fingers.

Drawing on a candle can be added with decorative elements or to draw curls with acrylic paint.

On a decoupage of one candle only half an hour will leave, but as a result at you the unusual gift which you gave the hands will turn out. Creative to you progress!

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