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Dressing of walls the hands

Thirst for the fine was always peculiar to the person. Since ancient times people changed the houses, clothes, created jewelry, trying to imitate natural beauty of the nature. Today ability to decorate ordinary is called as design.

Professionals of the business thanks to special knowledge and talent do our life colourful and unusual. But, if you want to tear off a personal slice of beauty for the house, it is necessary to give the considerable sum to pay services of the professional designer. How to be if there is no such opportunity? What if you feel in yourself unsolved art potential? In that case, why not to take a situation in hand and not to decorate the apartment with the hands. And it is possible to begin with walls …

There is a set of ways of dressing of walls the hands – by means of wall-paper, paint, pigments, a stucco molding, a mosaic … Not to count everything. But if was fashionable to apply the bright "shouting" colors and to use synthetic materials, today actually to use more natural shades and forms earlier. So-called "ecostyle" literally won the hearts of most of designers of the present. And not without the reason. It is scientifically proved that stay on a nature bosom – trips to the country on picnic, tourist walks, travel or even trips on giving positively affect mentality and health of people. Here also creators fine and cozy thought: "And what if it is possible to enjoy primitive beauty, without leaving the house?".

To create the atmosphere of natural purity and tranquillity in own apartment, it is absolutely optional to trim all with wooden panels and to buy pillows from hay. For a start it is possible, so to speak, "to set mood", to give to space a special note of harmony, without neglecting style and comfort.

What it is required to you?

  1. Structural plaster.
  2. Glaze.
  3. Cliche.
  4. Roller.
  5. Brush.
  6. Gloves.

Preliminary processing of a wall

If the wall which you want to change, is covered with wall-paper – safely tear off them to the last slice. After that it is necessary to zashtukaturit a wall, but to make it it is necessary especially. For performance of this type of work you need impressive plaster. It is special finishing material as a part of which small stones of breed – mica contain, pebbles, quartz or fiber (a tree, synthetics). Features of structure define a type of plaster and considerably affect the end result of finishing. So, small granules give small accurate "ripples" on a surface, large – strongly expressed texture, fibers – effect of a smearing, wave.

The surface has to look is original is will give to future interior a note of pristineness and naturalness.

Preparation of cliches

While plaster dries, we will prepare cliches. They – the main component of a design idea. Choose any cliche on the taste. It can be the one and only big cockleshell on all wall or a set of the small elements dispersed on a surface.

To make a cliche, it is necessary to adhere to the simple instruction:

  • to unpack drawing of the necessary size on dense paper or a film;
  • to cut out black areas of the image.

Drawing cliche

Apply the cut-out cliche to a wall and fix it by means of an adhesive tape or a painting adhesive tape.

Evenly distribute weight on a cliche, having filled all openings and without being beyond a cliche.

Accurately unstick a cliche from a wall. Repeat procedure necessary number of times, having put desirable drawings on all surface of a wall.

And here the most part of work is made, and before your eyes the unusual wall which strikingly changed all image of the room flaunts. But there was one more small final stroke.

By means of a flat brush or the roller apply glaze of coffee color over the dried drawings. It is proved that brown shades favorably influence an emotional condition of the person, calming him and creating feeling of heat and a cosiness. Such color perfectly will be suitable for a drawing room or kitchen.

At last, glaze dried, work is complete and it is possible to enjoy fully fruits of the works behind a mug of hot tea.

After you anew arrange the room, it will become noticeable, what even the most habitual and ordinary things played new paints, and the atmosphere found absolutely special mood.

If you want to emphasize even more natural design, it is possible to use the remained cliches and to change furniture elements – case shutters, book shelves or a table.

For this purpose you need spray paint. That everything looked harmoniously, it is desirable to use paint of the same color, as glaze on a wall. In our case is a coffee shade.

Apply a cliche to a surface and accurately press the barrel valve, keeping a hand at arm's length of 30 cm from drawing. Here it is possible to give vent to the imagination and to do pattern prints of various saturation and the sizes. As a result at you the magnificent subject of an interior which is harmoniously supplementing design of the room not only uniform color scale, but also the contents will turn out.

The mankind always lasted to fine, and nobody can forbid you to enjoy beauty in own house. Down with boring wall-paper and naked walls – create for yourself a cozy and warm interior where there is a wish to come back again and again.

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