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Dances for weight loss

People treat dances differently. For one people they become meaning of life and a means of livelihood over time, others simply train and dance in the pleasure. But there is also such category of people to whom dances actively help to fight against excess centimeters on a waist.

Dance and grow thin

The movement – life. This the known theory is proved to all not only science, but also practical experience of millions of people for which sport and regular trainings became on life faithful companions.

To improve itself and the body people are helped by dancing practicians whom there is a huge set today. Being demanded and effective system of correction of weight, such programs cost expensive therefore as an alternative and with the purpose to find desirable symmetry many women adapted to organize dancing warm-ups at home, using thus video lessons.

Dances for weight loss really help to lose excess weight. The rhythmical movements strengthen muscles, disperse a metabolism, burn calories and remove a nervous tension. According to nutritionists, parallel observance of the mode of healthy nutrition will help to reach the best results for a short period.

Such functional loadings suit everything as to each person, depending on a state of his health, it is possible to pick up the individual program of dances.

If you the beginner in this case, get to yourself a disk with the special program which is written down on it and be engaged at home. And if there is a wish to master any certain type of dance, you can register in dancing school or resemble trainings in fitness club.

Anyway, any cardioloadings will help your body to get rid of excess weight quicker. Oriental dances, the ballet, a strip plasticity are especially effective when the organism is in a condition of a stress. They help to relax at all not worse, than a psychotherapy course or yoga.

Cannot orient in a choice of a suitable place for trainings? Do not despair, after all today for an embodiment of the dancing dream there is a mass of opportunities. For example:

  • it is possible to choose any fitness club in the city and there to register in a circle of sports dances. There are also sports centers where there is a possibility of drawing up the individual program taking into account all wishes;
  • at your service personal trainings from professionals. With the instructor there is an opportunity to be engaged at home or directly in club;
  • in sports complexes circles for the women wishing to grow thin by means of dances successfully work;
  • well and the simplest option house trainings are. You get a disk with video lessons and synchronize the movements with the instructor. Quite good option, you grow thin in a house situation and that is important, do not overpay.

Rhythmical zumba for weight loss

Dance this program to call difficult it is a dancing lesson of fitness more likely. Under cheerful and rhythmical Latin music all who came to occupation break into a dance. A condition one – pupils repeat all combinations after the instructor. Any certain choreography is not present here, there is a set of movements which everyone quickly masters and does owing to the opportunities. For this purpose it is not necessary to have good plasticity, it is enough only to be able "to move with feet".

Advantages of a zumba:

  • all movements of dance are directed on study of female problem zones as in process it is necessary to do knee-bends, attacks forward, to rise on toes. It gives a tone sural and to gluteuses. Inclinations in different directions and roundabouts improve a bearing and involve a press;
  • if it is boring for you to be engaged with dumbbells, the zumba will allow you to diversify fitness and to take maracases in hand;
  • this dance really fights against fatty deposits. Hour occupation of the zumby helps to burn from 400 to 700 kcal that equals to a 60-minute course of other cardiotrainings. Besides, loading is similar with interval here, and it allows to burn calories even after trainings;
  • it is easy to learn the movements in dance, trainings are also given more simply and, the most important, slim-effect does not keep itself waiting long.

To begin the occupations zumby costs from dancing lessons, then gradually to add aerobic and power exercises with maracases. Within a month participants of a dancing circle repeat the same movements that promotes their fastest storing. That extra kilos started leaving, there are enough 200-250 minutes of a zumba a week. The balanced food and the reduced consumption of calories will promote comfortable weight loss.

Oriental dance for weight loss

The most temperamental women, as a rule, register in lessons of belly dances. Therefore nicknamed this dance by the most womanly in respect of fitness trainings. Its feature is the smooth increase in loadings, and in the course of occupation it is almost impossible to be traumatized.

Each lesson with the instructor begins with warm-up, the basic movements are fulfilled by hands, hips and a stomach. In the course of learning are involved not only muscles of a stomach and buttocks, but also feet and a back, and thanks to a vibration shake-up, the portion of massage is received by all body.

Aerobic exercise "belly dance" does not demand the difficult combinational movements, it is rather a little smoothness and virtuosity. The most elementary steps on the parties are presented in the form of dance here, and later some occupations each woman already feels like the professional dancer. In many respects for the sake of it also go to lessons of an oriental dance, and not just for the purpose of weight loss.

Sceptics consider that bellidens not absolutely suitable decision for persons interested to get rid of excess fat as generally on the TV and in reality we got used to see fat east dancers. Actually this delusion and to grow thin thus is quite real. An expense of calories at occupations rather small - only 350 kcal, however if to combine lessons of dances with the correct diet, are quite real within a month to notice on themselves obvious changes.

Important advantage of such occupations is their small load of joints, so, women of any weight category can train. In addition to belly dances and for bigger efficiency it is possible to connect Pilates. The gymnastics and dances will allow you not only quickly to grow thin, but also to receive the tightened forms.

Types of dances for weight loss

Besides a zumba and a bellidens not less productive for decrease in excess body weight are the following types of dancing trainings:

  • strip-dens. Helps to find flexibility, to correct body contours, to strengthen muscles, to burn calories and to give you bigger sexuality;
  • flamenco – extravagant dance which promotes active strengthening of gastrocnemius muscles, burning of fat in hands and a neck, to finding of grace and symmetry;
  • hip-hop. Modern rhythmical dances not only disperse a metabolism and burn fat, but also develop flexibility and endurance;
  • the Irish dances are effective in fight against cellulitis as train all groups of muscles of feet;
  • the passionate Latin American movements prevent vascular diseases, strengthen hips and gastrocnemius muscles;
  • the step develops feeling of a rhythm, tightens flabby skin of a stomach and buttocks, and also reduces body lump.

Useful tips

Rules and recommendations at weight loss by means of dances in house conditions:

  1. So, if you decided to grow thin at video lessons, Mirsovetov recommends to choose for trainings the most spacious room in the house and it is desirable with mirrors.
  2. The general atmosphere has to adjust on a dancing harmony therefore better to be engaged alone, to switch off phone, and to send relatives to other room.
  3. The clothes and footwear should be chosen the most comfortable. It is possible even to buy a special suit that it served you as motivation to occupations.
  4. Experiment music, it is desirable to choose something invigorating.
  5. To grow thin, taking dancing classes of the house, professionals recommend to carry out trainings to 6 times a week for 50 minutes or enough 3 occupations every other day, but only for 2 hours.
  6. Eat properly and it is balanced, otherwise, if you jam the trainings by rolls and candies, your efforts will not bring any effect.
  7. After meal it is better not to dance, begin an hour later.
  8. Power engineering specialists will add to you endurance. It is about green tea, water, tincture of a ginseng and vitamin B.

Contraindications to occupations by dances

Certainly, all people different are also such category which the sharp movements and loadings are for health reasons undesirable. Before thoroughly taking dancing classes for weight loss, it is necessary to consult with the therapist. Among the main contraindications are available:

  • diseases of cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, backbone;
  • the increased arterial pressure;
  • the period of periods and general malaise owing to a catarrhal disease;
  • pregnancy;
  • hernia, any inflammatory processes in an organism, a varicosity.

Even if the doctor diagnoses for you one or several of above-mentioned signs, you can always resort to the help of the personal fitness instructor who will help to make the individual program of effective trainings.

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