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How to prepare cutlets in a double boiler

Electric double boilers acquired great popularity at judges of a healthy lifestyle recently, and also at those who adheres to any diet on medical indications. For example, the use of the products steamed is shown in the presence of diseases of a digestive tract, liver, kidneys, a pancreas.

Advantages of cooking in a double boiler

Use of double boilers for cooking has a set of advantages:

  1. Modern double boilers do not allocate harmful electromagnetic radiation unlike microwaves.
  2. The food cooked in them to the maximum keeps vitamins and microcells in the structure. Even when boiling products with water from them some useful substances are washed away. In double boilers of such does not occur. Therefore such household appliances perfectly will be suitable for preparation of dietary dishes.
  3. New models of double boilers of a mnogofunktsionalna. They can be used both for cooking, and for sterilization of ware.
  4. Process of cooking in a double boiler is automated. So, it is enough to set only the necessary program and to expose the timer.
  5. In a double boiler it is allowed to prepare some different dishes at the same time. For example, in the lower container it is possible to place cutlets (or simply meat slices), and in top the cut vegetables.
  6. Products in the course of preparation in such a way keep the natural look.
  7. The dishes prepared in a double boiler possess smaller caloric content. For example, 100 grams of the fried beef cutlets provide receipt in an organism of 370 kilocalories. If to prepare them in an electric double boiler, the caloric content of a dish will decrease to 180 kilocalories.
  8. For preparation of dishes in a double boiler it is not required use of any special culinary skills.

Shortcomings of use of double boilers

It is not enough cooking shortcomings of double boilers, but they after all are. So, it:

  1. The dishes prepared in such a way have no the "gold crust" received in the course of frying.
  2. The double boiler, as well as any other household appliance, demands existence of a certain place for its storage.
  3. After preparation trays of the device should be washed that takes some time.
  4. In the course of work the double boiler consumes a significant amount of the electric power.

What products will be required for preparation of cutlets

Will be necessary for preparation:

  1. Chicken breasts (without thin skin) – 1 kg.
  2. Bread – 2-3 slices.
  3. Onion – 2-3 heads.
  4. Egg – 1 piece.
  5. Fennel, parsley, green onions.
  6. Black ground pepper – 1 pinch.
  7. Bay leaf – 2-3 pieces.
  8. Salt – to taste.
  9. Some drops of vegetable oil.

    Important! The list of products can be corrected depending on requirements of a medical diet to which you adhere. So, for example, if use when cooking pepper or bay leaf is contraindicated to you, they can be replaced with the resolved ingredients or completely to exclude.

Step-by-step preparation

First of all, we need to make forcemeat for cutlets. For this purpose we presoak bread in small capacity with water. In water it should be held until it completely does not soften and will not gain desirable plasticity. Further all moisture it is wrung out, and we crumble slices of bread on small slices.

Then we pass to processing of onions. So, initially it is necessary to clear it of a peel. Then to pass via the meat grinder. Sometimes it is scrolled together with the soaked bread.

We pass to preparation of forcemeat. The most tasty cutlets in a double boiler turn out when mixing a different type of meat, for example, of beef (dietary veal) and chicken fillet. Therefore if the use of beef meat is not contraindicated to you on a diet, it is possible to add it at preparation. In that case we take 2/3 chicken breasts and 1/3 beef. We pass necessary amount of meat via the meat grinder. In order that cutlets were softer, in the meat grinder it is possible to process meat two times.

Further into the crushed mincemeat it is driven in 1 egg, properly we mix. Then we add black ground pepper and salt to taste.

    It is important! If cutlets in a double boiler prepare for children till 1 year, pediatricians do not recommend to add to them salt and black ground pepper. It becomes for the purpose of prevention of early development of hypertensive diseases.

Then we add the crushed onions and the soaked bread to forcemeat. Everything is carefully mixed. Then we form cutlets of the small size. We spread them in the first tray of a double boiler. Before it oil a device bottom the vegetable a little. To improve tastes of cutlets and to make them more interesting, it is possible to add an olive, a slice of cheese or any vegetable (carrots) to their middle. Anyway, everything depends on your imagination, flavoring preferences, and also on requirements of a diet to which you adhere.

Then we cut small greens (onions, fennel and parsley).

We strew from above cutlets with the cut greens. We add the necessary amount of bay leaf to a tray. At desire of cutlet it is possible to strew with breadcrumbs. So they will better keep the form in the course of preparation.

If you in a double boiler have some circles, in top it is possible to put melkonarezanny vegetables (paprika, carrots, potatoes). Thus, along with cutlets you will be able to prepare and the second dish.

Usually for preparation of cutlets from chicken fillet 40 minutes there are enough. If still beef meat is used in forcemeat, the preparation time can be increased till 50 minutes. Besides, it can change depending on the sizes of the created cutlets and power of a double boiler. Than the power of the device is more, less time is required to those for preparation of a dish.

If it is not contraindicated to you a diet, recommends the received cutlets to fry slightly on a frying pan with addition of olive oil. So they will take more attractive form, aroma and "a golden crust".

Now steam cutlets are ready. Bon appetit! Remember, anyway all process of preparation depends on your imagination. Be not afraid to experiment.

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