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Symptoms and treatment of syphilis

Hundred years ago syphilis was a sentence, a fatal disease for the majority of the caught. Fortunately, today there are effective medicines, and in due time begun treatment of syphilis always gives a favorable outcome. Let's understand as syphilis proceeds as to treat it and how to avoid infection with this dangerous illness.
Hundred years ago syphilis was a sentence, a fatal disease for the majority of the caught. Fortunately, today there are effective medicines, and in due time begun treatment of syphilis always gives a favorable outcome. Let's understand as syphilis proceeds as to treat it and how to avoid infection with this dangerous illness.

As catch syphilis

The most widespread way of infection – through sexual contact. But also it is possible to catch at blood transfusion. Sick mother can transfer syphilis in very rare and started cases to the child. can calm you: to catch a contact way, that is at handshake, at a kiss in a cheek, it is impossible. It is caused by that the causative agent of syphilis, the pale treponema, cannot exist in the open air and instantly perishes, having left a carrier body.

Onset of the illness

Первичный сифилис Syphilis is dangerous that it is difficult to notice it. The matter is that from the moment of infection to the first symptoms of syphilis passes 2-6 weeks. During this period the illness actively affects an organism. Then in a place of penetration of an illness there are some small ulcers with a dense bottom. These ulcers carry the name firm shankr. Ulcers can develop on a penis head, on a vulva, in a mouth, around an anus – depending on what was sex with the syphilitic patient. It is much more difficult for women to find at itself(himself) syphilitic shankr as it can be formed on a uterus neck, and only the gynecologist during survey can see it. In 1-2 weeks after emergence of ulcers the lymph nodes, next to ulcers, – inguinal, submaxillary increase. After that ulcers independently heal in 3-6 weeks, and the person disturbs nothing, it is simple because any visible symptoms does not remain. In it the main danger of syphilis – its initial stages proceed so easily and without serious consequences that not each person will suspect at himself this illness.

Secondary syphilis

Вторичный сифилис After healing of ulcers passes about 4-10 weeks and the period of secondary syphilis begins. It lasts 2-5 years. The first symptoms of syphilis during this period – rash on all body. Light pink stars of rash arise even on palms and soles. Rash is followed by feeling sick, the increased temperature. Now lymph nodes on all body increase, and on genitals there are condylomas – extensive growths on skin. Secondary syphilis proceeds with aggravations and long remissions (when all symptoms of an illness disappear). If the patient does not ask for the help, over the years symptoms will accrue and syphilis will pass into the last stage. From the beginning of a disease and before development of tertiary syphilis passes about 10 years (in the absence of treatment).

Tertiary syphilis

Третичный сифилис In tertiary syphilis the pale treponema strikes nervous system of the patient, the brain suffers – degradation, and then disintegration of the personality begins. Tertiary syphilis causes paralyzes, deafness, madness – the patient that is depressed, feels extraordinary creative enthusiasm. At the patient gumma – knots under skin which expand are formed, and then opened, forming not healing ulcers. Under skin there are syphilitic granulomas – congestions of cages. They izjyazvlyatsya deep into, in a bone tissue and when ulcers heal, they give irreversible deformations of a skeleton. So, ulcers in a mouth cause destruction of bones of a nose – all the known failed syphilitic's nose. A result of not cured syphilis is always the painful death – in madness, in pain and torments. However, now nobody will begin to bring an illness to such stage, the before people will address to the doctor, the quicker will recover.

Diagnosis of syphilis

Диагностика сифилиса If the person had a strange yazvochka on the member or near a vagina, the doctor will appoint research purulent separated ulcers, a puncture of the increased lymph nodes. If syphilis already passed into the second stage, on the analysis contents of bubbles (pustul and papules) rashes on the patient's body undertake. The initial form of syphilis is revealed well by netreponemny tests – besides, they allow to watch, treatment how effectively moves ahead.
The immunofermental analysis too allows to watch dynamics of treatment. Blood test on RW – Wasserman's reaction, allows to diagnose any stage of syphilis. If RW gives "++++" is sharply positive reaction; "+++" – positive; "++" – poorly positive; "+" and – doubtful; and, at last, "-" – negative. Secondary syphilis always gives four crosses (++++).
Reaction of an immunofluorescence (REEF). Today it is the most exact diagnostics. The REEF reveals syphilis, as in the earliest stages, and the late latent syphilis.
The Reaction of an Immobilization Pale Trepony (RIPT) is the very expensive method demanding the special equipment therefore it will not be carried out in usual policlinics. Also, carrying out reaction of a passive gemagglyutination (RPGA) is only in vitro possible.
In necessary cases the puncture of a spinal cord when on the analysis cerebrospinal fluid undertakes is carried out – the quantity of cages is investigated, various tests are carried out.

Treatment of syphilis

If to start treating syphilis at an early stage, it is possible to recover in 2-3 months, but later stages of an illness can demand 1,5-2 years of therapy. Treatment is appointed individually. The doctor constantly controls a course of disease, corrects the appointments. Syphilis treat antibiotics (penicillin, tetratsiklin, erythromycin, sumamed), plus the immunomodelling, stimulating preparations.
Cумамед Many doctors of private clinics promise treatment for "three-four sessions", but it is quite misleading approach, a pulling of money from the patient. Syphilis demands long-term treatment in a hospital under a constant control of the doctor.
The doctor appoints long courses of drugs – so, at treatment of syphilis antibiotics of a penicillinic row to the patient each three hours within 24 days enter medicine (or more if the course of disease of it demands).
If the patient has an intolerance of antibiotics of a penicillinic row, apply other drugs. So, at treatment of an early stage of syphilis apply sumamed. This antibiotic quickly reaches high concentration in fabrics of an organism and works is prolonged. After single application sumamed there are in the struck bodies not less than 5 days. Scheme of treatment sumamedy approximately such: 1g for an hour to food in the first day, further on 0,5 g once a day within 7 days, further on 250 mg of 10 more days. If the patient is treated tetratsikliny, to him will appoint a two-week course, 4 times on 500 mg of a tetratsiklin a day.
By itself the patient is obliged to observe all appointments and not to have sexual contacts for all the time of treatment of syphilis. The doses of antibiotics received by the patient are very strong so syphilis is treated successfully and without delays.
Depending on at what stage there was a syphilis at the time of an initiation of treatment, depends as long it is necessary to be followed up by a doctor after the end of treatment – of several months, till several years. Depending on treatment Wasserman's reaction can remain positive for 1,5-2 years after treatment. reminds: immunity to syphilis does not exist. The one who had once, can get sick and repeatedly.

Prevention of syphilis

The most reliable way to be saved from syphilis – to be faithful to the partner, and at casual sexual contacts always to use a condom. If there is a suspicion that your casual partner is sick with syphilis, it is necessary to address to medical institution immediately. There will make washing of genitals disinfectants, will take the analysis on syphilis.
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