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Treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis – quite frequent disease disturbing men age of 25 years and more. According to about a half of the man's population in the middle age have a chronic form of prostatitis. In this article would like to acquaint you with the matter, having told about the possible reasons and the course of treatment of prostatitis.
Лечение простатита Prostatitis – quite frequent disease disturbing men age of 25 years and more. According to about a half of the man's population in the middle age have a chronic form of prostatitis. In what the reason? The reason is covered, first of all, in fear of only one word – "prostatitis". Even having noticed symptoms, the man most often tightens on a visit to the doctor. Thereby, complicating the illness, transferring it to a chronic form with which to fight much more difficult. So such prostatitis from the scientific point of view?
Prostatitis is an inflammatory process which proceeds in a prostate gland. Sharp inflammatory process which for a short period turns into the chronic means. The inflamed tissues of a prostate gland can change the structure, functions of cages and fabrics that can cause already more serious consequences are broken. For this reason it is so important to notice in time symptoms (such as the painful or speeded-up urination, pains in the bottom of a stomach) and to address to the doctor.
In this article would like to acquaint you with the matter, having told about the possible reasons and the course of treatment of prostatitis.

Reasons of developing of prostatitis

Лечение простатита
  1. At 30% of men infections, sexually transmitted are the reason of developing of prostatitis. Treat them, first of all: hlamidiya, the Herpes virus, a fungus like Candida, a cytomegalovirus, mikoplazmida, colibacillus, gonokokk and trichomonads.
  2. Among the most frequent reasons of developing of prostatitis – hit of an infection from the urethral channel, on lymphatic system or blood vessels, development of an inflammation owing to a disease of an internal.
  3. As the reason purulent educations can serve in an organism after the postponed diseases also: flu, quinsy, skin furuncles.
  4. Stagnation of blood in a prostate gland can also lead to its inflammation. It results from long sexual abstention, or – a sedentary life that now is the most actual reason of developing of prostatitis.
  5. The inflammation can also result from long and permanent overcoolings, and also, stresses are not the unimportant reason.

Treatment of prostatitis

Лечение простатита включает в себя целый комплекс мероприятий – последовательных и сопровождающих друг друга Treatment of prostatitis includes the whole complex of actions – consecutive and accompanying each other. Qualitatively, correctly and correctly picked up technique will allow to get rid of prostatitis, and that is the most important, without having caused damage to man's function of an organism.
The reasons of developing of prostatitis, as a rule, a little therefore also its treatment has to be complex. The main treatment consists of two factors, it, first of all, elimination of an infection, at infectious forms of a disease, and improvement of blood supply of a prostate gland.
1 stage of treatment: passing inspection precisely to establish the reasons of development of prostatitis, and also to find out process of an inflammation of a prostate gland is how started. This stage is most important as allows to pick up precisely medicines, necessary antibiotics, and influence methods.
2 stage of treatment: reception of antibacterial means which will eliminate the main reason for inflammatory process. Antibiotics are most often applied: erythromycin, drives, abaktat, tsiprofloksalin.
The most important is selection of the anesthetizing and spazmolitichesky means which have impact on health of the patient, it promotes decrease in a stress and not pleasant feelings. As such preparations use the anesthetizing candles, microenemas from broths of herbs: camomiles, melissa.
One of components of treatment is reception of phytocollecting: fennel seeds, valerian, pustyrnik, marigold and many other, spazmolitichesky and soothing herbs.
3 stage of treatment: physiotherapeutic methods – an electrophoresis, magnitoforez, an induktotermiya, pulse currents, laser therapy. The following methods of influence allow to approach a procedure venue to the struck body: transuretalny, endouretalny, transrectal and projective – these methods are important as the physical therapy can pass is useless without them.
4 stage of treatment: local treatment of prostatitis by means of massage of a prostate gland. It allows to improve blood supply, thereby, raising a muscular tone and allowing antibiotics to get inside. Thus, treatment of prostatitis is simply impossible without it – penetration of a cage increases, antibiotics get, the cause of illness is liquidated.
Massage of a prostate gland the most painful and humiliating procedure, but it is necessary, first of all. It is necessary to carry out massage at a full bladder within a minute, in 1 day. Strokings and pressings on a prostate gland are made, thus the patient should not feel strong pain.
5 stage of treatment: the immunokoregiruyushchy and all-strengthening therapy allowing to restore an organism and not to allow further manifestation of an illness. At this stage the minerals, polyvitamins, substances increasing immunity are applied. Reception soothing, and if necessary, light sleeping medicines is also necessary.
Apparently, treatment of prostatitis difficult, long and unpleasant process. But if it happened to you, it is possible and it is necessary to overcome. recommends not to postpone visit to the doctor, without being depressed, and that, without having complex about it is can happen to each man any more. The main thing that it is curable!

Folk remedies of treatment of prostatitis

Народные средства лечения простатита Let's begin with that folk remedies of treatment of prostatitis often do not concede to methods of modern medicine, and allow to improve a condition of the patient in some days of application.
Still ancient sorcerers treated the majority of man's diseases of pumpkin seeds. It is the most valuable product for all men which will allow not only to treat, but also to prevent emergence of prostatitis. This results from the fact that seeds of pumpkin contain a huge amount of zinc which is irreplaceable for a man's organism and is necessary since the birth. It is necessary to eat only about 30 sunflower seeds in day to food to fill a daily share of the zinc so necessary for a man's organism.
One of folk remedies of treatment of prostatitis is the asparagus. It contains vitamin A, besides, is rich with potassium, calcium and phosphorus. It needs to be eaten, included in structure of dishes and salads simply.
As the folk remedy checked by time in treatment of prostatitis consider also propolis. It since ancient times was used for treatment of prostatitis, removal of symptoms of this disease. It possesses the strongest anti-inflammatory and spazmolitichesky action and is not replaceable in complex therapy.

Apparently, for prevention of prostatitis it is required very little. It is necessary to include in the diet parsley, oranges, cabbage and in general the majority krestotsvetny as they possess excellent anti-inflammatory properties, strawberry, and also there are more than products from a flour of a rough grinding. Is important in prevention of prostatitis to exclude as much as possible risk factors: to keep to a diet, not to take alcohol, it is especially important not to overcool and conduct constant sexual life as it interferes with stagnation of sperm and improves blood supply of a prostate gland, as a result, the risk of emergence of inflammatory processes considerably decreases.
Apparently, the exit always is - not to allow a disease, elementary precautionary measures are necessary. Even inclusion in a diet of above-mentioned products will allow to reduce emergence of prostatitis by 50%. If it happened to you, you should not despair, prostatitis is treated, and thanks to modern methods of treatment all functions of a man's organism remain.
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