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Treatment of adenoma of a prostate gland

Adenoma is a tumor? Yes, good-quality, same as uterus myoma, or, for example, knots in a thyroid gland – pleasant, of course, is not enough, but awful anything. Whether influences sexual function of the man? Yes. Influences as changes a hormonal background and the general condition of an urinary system. But this influence bilateral about what I will tell below.
Men – the part of mankind divided approximately into two groups: those who does not like to be treated, does not recognize prevention, healthy food, etc. and those who thinks of the health much, being frightened by any manifestation of a true or imaginary disease. But there is one area disorders in which equally frighten and guard both groups of the man's population is belongs to urinogenital system, various hearings and "legends" about which interest even not recognizing other hearings of men.
The prostate gland belongs to this system though directly does not take part in production and removal of urine. It is the body developing some hormones and gormonopodobny substances, the increase in which sizes breaks function of a mocheotdeleniye. Most often the body is affected by two diseases (I will note at once their distinction) – the gland inflammation called by prostatitis, having various nature and the, separate methods of treatment and adenoma, i.e. a benign tumor, or gland giperplaziya which is shown in increase in its size and violation of structure. From purely anatomic point of view, expand, increasing, only small pieces of iron round an urethra (the urethral channel), but it is accepted to call all process prostate gland adenoma, and we will make a start from it.

Adenoma it is terrible?

Аденома простаты will answer questions which usually arise in such cases.
Adenoma is a tumor? Yes, good-quality, same as uterus myoma, or, for example, knots in a thyroid gland – pleasant, of course, is not enough, but awful anything.
Whether influences sexual function of the man? Yes. Influences as changes a hormonal background and the general condition of an urinary system. But this influence bilateral about what I will tell below.
Whether can regenerate in a cancer? Yes, can. It is necessary to watch it for what there are concrete tests. Gland thus is located that its blood supply is very autonomous, and is carried out from only one artery and it is isolated from other structures. In it both its pluses, and its minuses. Minuses that a motionless way of life, frequent vibration (situation "at a wheel"), alcohol, overcooling and other factors quickly conduct to stagnation of blood in body and to all its unpleasant consequences. Though more likely these factors dispose nevertheless to prostatitis. Further also emergence of adenoma is not excluded, but direct link between diseases is not present, one does not pass into another. Plus is that, having arisen here, even the malignant tumor usually anywhere does not pass any more and technically easily is removed without trace.

How to be saved?

Proceeding from anatomy, at once it is possible to start speaking about prevention of adenoma – a mobile way of life (in a small basin the driving by bicycle or its imitation on a sports rug especially well resists to stagnation of blood), walking, swimming. Everything depends on age of the man. It is no secret that adenoma of a prostate gland is considered an illness elderly though as many others, "looks younger" and meets quite often after 40 years.
Now about communication with sexual function – as it is clear to all, the best means of fight against stagnation of blood in this area, than regular intimate life, cannot be. Therefore adenoma – not only not an occasion to refuse proximity, but on the contrary – the more long remains activity of the man, the it is less than probability to ache or more slowly it will progress. The grandmothers refusing to the grandfathers pleasure if those want and can give and receive it, unconsciously, maybe, provoke at grandfathers an unpleasant illness.

Adenoma symptoms

In what its manifestations consist? The benign tumor, any, in itself does not hurt, does not scratch and does not speak about the presence in any way, will not affect any functions yet. In this case, urine removal. And the size of adenoma and extent of its clinical manifestations do not correspond each other, it is all about in what party the tumor grows. Closes an urethra gleam, hangs in a bladder – the person tests frequent desires to an urination, especially at night.
Аденома предстательной железы (простата)
Later for depletion of a bubble it is necessary to make an effort, make efforts – hemorrhoids become aggravated and there can be an inguinal hernia. There can be a sharp delay of urine – then it is lowered a catheter in a hospital. Further weakening of muscles of a bladder can lead to an urine incontience, incidental or already constant. At incomplete depletion of a bladder the so-called ascending infection affecting kidneys that leads to a renal failure develops. Certainly, it is about the difficult, started cases, the illness many years anything, except frequent night campaigns in a toilet is more often, is not shown. However it does not justify inaction – at the first discomfort, and also all men after 40 years should do ultrasonography of a prostate gland periodically. The same at whom gland is increased, should hand over still blood on the DOG – a special marker of malignant regeneration of process.

Treatment of adenoma

How to treat adenoma? At early stages, in the absence of bright clinical manifestations carry out conservative treatment. Sometimes, if the tendency to rapid growth comes to light, even in the first months operation can be offered. You should not hesitate, after all considerably it is possible to get rid of a tumor only quickly, but intervention quite long and bloody so better it will be transferred by rather young man, than later when it finds whole "bunch" of associated diseases from heart attacks and other unpleasant things, will dangerously do operation and will offer it auxiliary measures – a catheter and a sack for collecting urine.
Operations happen several types. To those patients who is considered "safe" (capable to transfer long and technically difficult band intervention), operation is performed in one stage. As removal of a tumor is made through a bladder, existence of an inflammation in it (and it happens often) is the cause to postpone operation and to conduct a course of antibacterial treatment. Sometimes operation is performed in two stages, at first forming removal of urine on a forward belly wall, and then take in the turned-out fistula. Lately it becomes seldom, at very weakened and very elderly patients. Sometimes, that at the first stage operation also comes to the end, the patient so until the end of life is compelled to use a mochepriyemnik.
Резектоскоп (резектоцистоскоп), используемый для срезания ткани простаты при трансуретральной резекции
Do to a thicket at the patients who had heart attacks, strokes and simply burdened with the mass of associated diseases so-called. Round (a transurethral resection) – low-invasive operation without opening of an abdominal cavity, through an urethra. In this case the increased gland is removed "blindly", to examine it as at big operation, it is impossible. Intervention is not radical, gland seldom is removed completely that determines its further growth and need of conservative treatment, and also a periodic buzhirovaniye – tool expansion of the urethral channel for urine outflow improvement.
And, at last, there is absolutely already "a despair measure" applied to absolutely old, not adequate mentally or to other similar patients at a sharp delay of urine – not to keep constantly a catheter in a bubble (it is the infection center), impose nadlobkovy fistula – a way for urine removal outside, and the same mochepriyemnik is farther.
Простата до и после трансуретральной резекции
Methods of surgical treatment of adenoma for the specific patient is a business of the surgeon-urologist, will tell that gives conservative treatment. All preparations which are applied in this case – derivatives of plants, that is, in fact, bioadditives, also represent extracts or from a cactus a prickly pear, or from a dwarfish palm tree, in combination with various microcells necessary for a man's organism, for example, zinc. Uroseptik – against the inflammatory phenomena in a bladder and lokhanka of kidneys as these phenomena often accompany adenoma are a part of some. In what sense of such treatment – adenoma cannot disappear, but its growth can be suspended, sometimes it is possible even to reduce the tumor sizes some. For the rest of life such course will not be enough, but as alternative of operation or the help after it (after all some cages which remained even can give growth again!) treatment can be useful. Better, of course, if preparations will be appointed specifically by the doctor though is not present absolutely effective, it is necessary to pick up after all that helps you. And not always it works well from the first.

About the cost of drugs would like to tell here about what: the amount of various substances as if helping or even "curing" adenoma completely, is very great, and it is offered not only in each drugstore, but also on television and … where it is only not offered. I will not say that all this is entirely fakes and "scam", perhaps, in the offered production there is no harm, or perhaps and the advantage is and here only some things should be remembered, despite the most active and persuasive advertizing. First, pharmacy – not that area where a ratio the price quality always works for us. Yes, there are very expensive drugs – antioncological, for example. If they, besides, are not issued in Russia and represent a product of high technologies. But the extract from a cactus 30 or 20 thousand rubles cannot cost. And 5 thousand too. And after all ask so much! The normal firm cannot sell preparations at once "on a course". And if does not approach? And if allergy? Therefore if refuse to you sale of one packing if the price "reads off scale" – I would advise not to contact such companies. The cost of the most "high-technical" packing cannot exceed 800-1000 rubles, and is often much lower. And, we will not forget, such treatment, with breaks, it will be required to you for many years – about what millions the speech will go?

Let's sum up the results

Лечение аденомы предстательной железы (простаты)
  1. Prostate gland adenoma – very widespread disease (to 80% of the man's population after 70 years suffers from it) and represents good-quality increase in gland in sizes.
  2. As prevention the usual principles of a healthy lifestyle – sufficient physical activity, maintenance of normal weight, decrease consumption of alcohol and extension of active male longevity are used.
  3. The first symptoms of adenoma – increase of an urination – can appear not on the first year of an illness therefore all men after 40 years have to be examined periodically on this subject.
  4. Conservative treatment is the auxiliary method capable to suspend growth of adenoma, it is necessary to carry out it for life, and for it reasonably to approach a choice of preparations.
  5. Considerably only operation can get rid of adenoma. To be afraid of it and to tighten with it is not necessary, but sometimes doctors simply do not undertake it, in this case on conservative treatment is focused.
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