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Treatment of impotence

Physicians define impotence as full sexual powerlessness when the man loses ability to make koitus. Loss of sexual force – the tragedy for any man. Very often this trouble overtakes even young men aged till 30 years. In what the reasons of impotence and how to fight against it?
Лечение импотенции Loss of sexual force – the tragedy for any man. Very often this trouble overtakes even young men aged till 30 years. In what the reasons of impotence and how to fight against it?
Physicians define impotence as full sexual powerlessness when the man loses ability to make koitus. At once we will make a reservation that the hypertensive illness, a chronic depression, will not consider impotence which emergence is caused by such diseases as diabetes. Treatment of such impotence first of all requires treatment of the main diseases.

Types of impotence

Impotence happens two types: organic and psychological.
Organic impotence begins gradually. At first spontaneous night and morning erections vanish. Then the normal erection though the sexual inclination and an ejaculation remain vanishes. In this case the ejaculation occurs either very quickly, or on the contrary, it is possible to reach an ejaculation only after sexual intercourse, long and wearisome for both partners.
Лечение импотенции Psychological impotence arises at strong experiences and problems in the relations. Unlike organic, psychological impotence begins spontaneously – in one "fine" day, after family scandal or a beating from the chief, the man suddenly loses an erection.
Remember that impotence not an independent disease. It is always an associated disease at other diseases: for example, at frustration of endocrine system, or at violation of activity of a spinal cord when the sites which are responsible for a penis krovenapolneniye are blocked. At impotence complex inspection which will reveal the main disease is necessary.
Impotence happens full or partial, can arise from the very beginning of sexual life (primary) or after several years of normal sexual life (secondary).
There is not a lot of cases of full primary impotence. This type of impotence is caused by serious physiological violations – pathologies of genitals or pathology of the nervous system operating them. Secondary impotence often arises when fading a sexual inclination to the partner or at fear not to satisfy the woman. The man so deeply endures this moment that the erection vanishes it is especially actual for young men who have no wide sexual experience and not enough confidence in the forces.
Very important remark from impotence it is impossible to treat without control of the doctor. The competent doctor will be able to establish the true reason of impotence (the psychological – problems with the wife, or organic – the diseases which became the impotence reason) and to appoint necessary treatment.

Psychotherapy and sex therapy

Психотерапия и секс-терапия If the bad relations with women became the reason of impotence, for disposal of impotence there are enough 1-2 sessions of psychotherapy. The skilled doctor will help the man to cope with a stress and to believe in the forces. But the help of the psychiatrist will be effective only in case impotence turned out to be consequence of family disorders, but not other diseases.
    Council for women: If to you your man is not indifferent, in certain cases he can conduct a session of "psychotherapy" independently. But consider, will work only if your darling is sick with nothing.
So, for treatment of impotence you should use... own body. The matter is that the type of female genitals is extraordinary strong sexual incentive. Everything that is necessary for you is a patience and love. Choose time when your man was not tired, send it to a bathroom to relax, and then show it a striptease. A counter that it is impossible to give to touch to it you. Undress slowly and when the clothes on you does not remain at all, several times show it the genitals. Flaunt before it, change poses, so that he constantly saw your genitals, but could not touch them (the forbidden fruit is very sweet, and the man at heart the conqueror, he cannot but want to try your "apple"). Such "session" absolutely cured many men of the beginning impotence so - dare!

Drug treatment of impotence

Медикаментозное лечение импотенции Drug treatment of impotence is reduced to drug intake, stimulating an erection.
It is all known Viagra. Its action is shown only in response to sexual excitement. The dose of Viagra will be defined by the doctor. Most often appoint 50mg to one reception, but depending on a condition of the patient the dose can vary from 25 to 100mg. It is possible to accept Viagra 1 time per day. The tablet starts working in half an hour-hour after reception, and its action remains till 4-6 o'clock.
Other medicine – Yokhimbin – needs to be accepted long courses for 3-4 weeks. If the doctor did not specify a dosage, take 1 pill three times a day. However, Yokhimbin's efficiency for treatment of impotence very is also very doubtful so surely consult with the doctor.
Also at treatment of impotence injections in a penis body are applied. The doctor injects E1 prostaglandin drug in cavernous bodies. This substance has vasodilating effect. At sexual stimulation after an injection blood flows to cavernous bodies and there is an erection. After the doctor appoints to the patient a preparation, the man can do injections and is independent. would like to indicate importance of observance of a dosage. And it is necessary to give an injection not more often than 3 times a week with a break not less than days. Production of prostaglandin in a man's organism happens also in the natural way, but excessive uncontrolled injections can lead to opposite effect – the substance will not be developed at all. The most effective (and expensive) at treatment of impotence is the preparation of Edeks.
Still apply introduction of medicine to the urethral channel, but this method is very inconvenient. It causes burning and an itch in a penis and it is possible to have sex only in a condom. This technique is applied very seldom.

Vacuum erektornaya therapy

At a mechanical method of treatment of impotence by means of the cylinder which is put on a penis, and the pump in the cylinder negative pressure is created, and it causes inflow of blood to cavernous bodies of a penis and there is an erection. That blood remained "on a place", on the basis of the member the dense ring is imposed. It gives the chance to make love within half an hour.
This method suits not everyone. First, in any way you will not hide existence of such device from the partner. Secondly, the ejaculation becomes very painful because of the squeezing ring which is on the basis of a penis during all sexual intercourse. Well and, at last, on a penis there can be hemorrhages, short-term feeling of a sleep of the member and other problems.

Surgical methods

Фаллопротез If the methods of treatment of impotence given above are already tried and did not yield results, to the patient will suggest to make a falloprotezirovaniye. It is a small surgery during which in a penis the silicone artificial limb is implanted.
There are some types of falloprotez. The oldest (and the most inconvenient) are rigid artificial limbs. These are pair elastic silicone midstreams. Their inconvenience consists that the fitted a prosthesis member will constantly be in an eregirovanny state. This method of prosthetics now is almost not used.
Prosthetics by plastic artificial limbs Malleabl 650 and Malleabl 600M yields the best result. The member differs in nothing by the form, but once you lift him a hand and to straighten, and he remains in this situation. It is reached because in a plastic artificial limb there is a core from a special alloy which "remembers" the situation given it. Having finished sexual intercourse, the penis needs to be lowered manually.
The most modern are hydraulic falloproteza Ambikor and Ultreks. It is the whole design. In a penis cylinders in which there is a liquid are implanted. Cylinders are connected to the capacity which place near a bladder, well and, at last, the pomp which is in a scrotum. When the erection is necessary, it is necessary to squeeze several times a pomp (scrotum) fingers, liquid from the tank will be pumped over in cylinders and there will be an erection.
Хирургические методы лечения импотенции Ambikor consists of two components – pair of silicone cylinders and a pomp. To reach an erection, 3-5 times are enough to squeeze a pomp. As a lack of an artificial limb Ambikor it is possible to consider that two cores do not give increase in thickness of a penis, and in a quiet state the penis looks slightly less naturally.
The artificial limb of Ultreks consists of three components – a pomp, the tank, cylinders. The pomp is located between small eggs. As Ultreks's advantage it is possible to consider that the member firmer will be able "combat readiness", than at a natural erection. At the expense of cylinders also thickness of the member that cannot but be pleasant to women will increase. As Ultreks's shortcoming it is possible to consider the high cost of an artificial limb and high probability of breakage (the artificial limb consists of several details, do not forget) at negligent operation.
Both Ultreks, and Ambikor give the chance to have sex so often as you want it. recommends to you: at emergence of the slightest problems with an erection AT ONCE to address to the doctor. After all it is much easier to prevent an illness, than to treat!
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