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Treatment of hernia

All know, hernias happen different: mezhnozvonkovy, inguinal. Today we suggest you to esteem that represents each type of hernia as to treat it and how not to allow emergence of hernia. There is a set of types of hernias. How they arise?
All know, hernias happen different: mezhnozvonkovy, inguinal. Today we suggest you to esteem that represents each type of hernia as to treat it and how not to allow emergence of hernia. There is a set of types of hernias. How they arise? Most often hernia develops where there is constant pressure upon an external cover of bodies. Just as in a saying: "where something is thin, that's where it tear"... Only when developing hernia it is torn nothing, and there are so-called "hernial gate" through which bodies are stuck out outside.

Stomach hernias

Грыжи живота At stomach hernias on skin there is a small hillock which can easily be set fingers inside, and hernia as if disappears for a while. But it not an exit: after a while hernia will develop accompanied by an attack of wild pain again. And then only surgeons will be able to help the person. If the person had a hernia is a disturbing signal of an organism that some bodies were displaced from the lawful places. At emergence of hernia it is necessary to conduct full examination to exclude emergence of hernias in the future. warns that if you already have a hernia also it long time "behaves well" – is easily set, attacks of pain are not present – that it twice dangerously. The more long there is a hernia, the hernial gate become wider and the more bodies are displaced relatively each other and their functioning is broken. Imagine that the gut gets to a hernial bag. . The loop turns out, and after all on a gut half the digested food constantly moves. The loop complicates a vermicular movement (the normal reductions of intestines necessary for the movement of food and kalovy masses), the food can decay in a gut, and it is fraught with very bad consequences – peritonitis and blood poisoning.
Treatment of hernia of a stomach. It is possible to cure stomach hernia only surgically. The doctor does a small section, the hernial ring is taken in and bodies remain on the places. To prevent development of hernia it is possible to try to strengthen muscles of an abdominal tension, but thus to avoid too big physical activities.

Umbilical hernias

Лечение грыжи Quite often umbilical hernias meet, they are among stomach hernias. Most often this type of hernias arises at very early age when the baby shouts much, straining a tummy, and a weak tendinous linking of an umbilical ring does not maintain tension of muscles and there is a hernia. Umbilical hernia can self-destruct over time when the umbilical ring is created, that is in 5-6 years. But happens and so that the umbilical hernia "got" at baby age proves only when the person becomes an adult.
Treatment of umbilical hernia. At babies hernia treat conservatively: the doctor imposes a wide adhesive plaster on a stomach, interfering with a muscle strain and sinews, and hernia gradually passes. would like to protect you from attempts of independent treatment of umbilical hernia at the baby – correctly to impose a plaster, the good knowledge of anatomy is necessary, differently it is only possible to do much harm. If umbilical hernia is found in the adult, it is possible to cure it only in the surgical way. There are some methods:
  1. autoplasty: a method at which integrity of a belly wall is restored at the expense of own fabrics. Thus on a hernia place the cover is thickened not to allow repeated emergence of hernia;
  2. the endoscopic method of treatment represents malotravmatichny surgical intervention at which on an umbilical ring the implant – the grid disturbing to protrusion of hernia is imposed.
Quite easy to prevent development of umbilical hernia. If the child has no congenital hernia, simply let's it shout long. If the baby shouts 5-10 minutes it is not terrible, and here if the kid has to cry out heart-rendingly on an hour and a half in a row is already serious prerequisite for development of umbilical hernia.

Inguinal hernia

Inguinal hernia is a congenital defect which arises because of a peritoneum site nezarashcheniye which covered a small egg. The small egg fell to a scrotum, and the site of a peritoneum was stuck out outside. Thus, at strong physical activities, frequent locks or sharp increase in body weight, the gut gets to the available hernial bag and hernia it is necessary to treat immediately.
Treatment of inguinal hernia. Inguinal hernia is treated only in the surgical way. Fortunately, the modern surgery gives preference to an endoscopic method at which the defective site of a belly wall is taken in or impose the special grid interfering protrusion of hernia.

Backbone hernia

Грыжа позвоночника Essence of hernia of a mezhpozvonkovy disk the same, as at any other type of hernias: the cover of a disk becomes thinner and contents of a disk are stuck out outside, in a cavity of a spine column. Hernia presses on nervous backs because of what there is a severe pain. At first pain develops only after strong physical activities and if hernia not to treat, pain will accompany literally each turn of a trunk. Hernial protrusion of a disk clamps nervous backs and because of it conductivity of a nervous impulse is broken. In other words, at the person with hernia of a mezhpozvonkovy disk hands will constantly freeze, sensitivity of extremities can be broken, the condition of skin will change.
Treatment of hernia of a backbone. The small relief is given by lying situation with the raised feet. In this situation the overstrained muscles relax and the innervation improves. It is possible that the doctor will recommend to the patient to spend some months to beds, to accept anesthetizing and in certain cases it well helps.
Often extension of a backbone helps. Thus the disk has an opportunity to rise into place. This method too demands a long bed rest and the long recovery period. Happens that both of these methods are ineffectual, and then a disk delete in the surgical way. But it is a last resort, it is tried to be applied only in the most started cases.
After operation on removal of a disk vertebras between which the disk is cleaned, simply grow together among themselves. Of course, it limits mobility of a body a little, but pain gradually passes and the person has an opportunity to live as all healthy people. The rehabilitation period after operation on removal of a disk is quite long – till 3-4 months.
To avoid emergence of mezhpozvonkovy hernia, try to hold a straight line back, do not stoop and do not sit long in the same situation. Frequent change of a pose will help muscles to relax and keep quicker vertebras and mezhpozvonkovy disks in their natural situation.
If you already passed treatment of mezhpozvonkovy hernia, recommends to you not to neglect special exercises on strengthening of muscles of a back, after all strong muscles interfere with formation of hernia. For certain your doctor recommended you a complex of such exercises.
Follow instructions of the doctor and good luck!
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