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Symptoms and treatment of gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is the disease caused gonokokky which is transferred with the patient's liquids – sperm, vaginal allocations, a saliva. Gonokokk quickly perishes out of a human body therefore it is impossible to catch gonorrhea when bathing in one pool. The knowledge of symptoms and certain precautionary measures will help to be saved from this disease.
Гонококки на поверхности лимфоцита Gonorrhea is the disease caused gonokokky which is transferred with the patient's liquids – sperm, vaginal allocations, a saliva. Gonokokk quickly perishes out of a human body therefore it is impossible to catch gonorrhea when bathing in one pool with the patient or when using of one toilet bowl. Nevertheless, the knowledge of symptoms and certain precautionary measures will help to be saved from this disease.

Symptoms and course of gonorrhea

Gonorrhea proceeds differently at men and women. At men in 2-5 days after infection appear pain at an urination and ochroleucous allocations from the urethral channel. Urine becomes muddy, in it it is possible to make out flakes and threads. The urination becomes frequent, with pain at the beginning and at the end of process. The erection too becomes painful. If not to address to the doctor during this period, pains at an urination gradually will smooth out and the illness will pass into a chronic form. At chronic gonorrhea at men complications develop: defeat of a seed hillock, seed glands, seed bubbles and inflammation of an appendage of a small egg. Complication of gonorrhea is prostatitis.
At women gonorrhea often proceeds bessimptomno. And if symptoms also are, them often take for other diseases: pain in the bottom of a stomach is connected with cystitis, and yellowish allocations from a vagina take for manifestation of the milkwoman. There passes some time and gonorrhea develops, there is a pain at an urination, frequent desires on an urination. Gonokokk rises up female sexual ways and one by one the following diseases develop. An endometritis – an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a uterus at which there are severe pains in the bottom of a stomach, temperature 38-39C, purulent allocations from a vagina, violations of a menstrual cycle. Then gonokokk gets to ovaries, develops salpingooforit – an inflammation of appendages. Salpingooforit at gonorrhea gives strong and numerous solderings because of what the woman forever loses opportunity to have children. If gonokokk got not to a vagina, develops or proktit (a rectum inflammation) or gonorrheal pharyngitis (a throat inflammation). At a proktita (proktit meets not often, at women infection occurs seldom, but it is possible even without anal sex, and here at men proktit meets only at homosexuals) the patient suffers from locks, an itch, pain, burning in a rectum. And pharyngitis is characterized by throat hypostases, increase in submaxillary lymph nodes and a purulent raid on a back wall of a throat and almonds. pays your attention that if gonorrhea not to treat, gonokokk will extend further away – the peritoneum inflammation which can end with blood poisoning will begin. With a blood-groove the infection gets to a brain – meningitis begins. If blood brings gonokokk in a liver or kidneys – diseases of these bodies begin.
But all this can be avoided if in due time to begin treatment.

Diagnosis of gonorrhea

Диагностика гонореи If you suspected at yourself gonorrhea, does not recommend to begin self-treatment at all. It is many times proved that it will only tire out an illness inside, will grease all picture of an illness and will complicate work of doctors.
On the first reception the doctor in detail asks the patient on the symptoms disturbing him and appoints analyses. To diagnose gonorrhea, the following procedures are carried out.
The Bakterioskopichesky analysis – this analysis is authentic only in case the patient did not use any dezintsifiruyushchy means.
Dab on gonorrhea: dab is painted or methylene blue, or on a way of Gram. Dab across Gram is the easiest and exact way of detection of gonorrhea.
Bacteriological analysis: most often this method is used after carrying out treatment of gonorrhea, for confirmation of an izlechennost of the patient.
The immunofluorescent analysis – is very effective at early stages of an illness (during the period from the moment of infection to 2 months). This analysis allows to reveal not only gonokokk, but also the accompanying infections – for example, syphilis.
The immunofermental analysis – reveals especially steady strains of a gonokokk and its impractical forms.
Before an initiation of treatment analyses on syphilis, hepatitises B, C, clamidiosis, AIDS are carried out. If it is revealed any of these diseases, treatment is corrected.

Treatment of gonorrhea

Лечение гонореи Treatment of gonorrhea completely depends on in what stage there is an illness, and also from age, sex and existence of complications. So, at early, sharp gonorrhea can be rather single reception of strong antibiotics.
At subsharp and sharp gonorrhea appoint preparations of tsefaloprorin – Ciprofloxacin once orally, or Spektinomitsin of 2 g intramuscularly once.
The patient with an asymptomatic form of gonorrhea appoint complex treatment: antibiotics, physioprocedures (electrophoresis, UVCh, laser therapy, darsonvalization).
Depending on disease severity the doctor can appoint other antibiotics: Ofloksatsin, Azitromitsin, Doxycycline, Metronidazole. would like to note that the dosage and duration of administration of drugs are defined by the doctor, it is necessary to follow his instructions strictly. It is important as gonokokk it is capable to adapt to antibiotics and therefore the doctor should select such antibiotic which will effectively struggle with a gonokokkovy infection.
Профилактика гонореи Courses of antibiotics are capable to destroy normal intestinal microflora almost completely. Therefore after treatment of gonorrhea antibiotics often appoint bifido-and laktosoderzhashchy preparations: bifidumbakterin, bifilong, laktobakterin, atsidofilus, atsilakt, Lineks. Sometimes, that treatment of gonorrhea takes place unsuccessfully, and then after short-term improvement there is a recurrence of an illness. In this case carry out repeated treatment with use of other antibiotic.

Prevention of gonorrhea

As at any other disease, the most reliable prevention of gonorrhea fidelity to the partner and use of a condom will be sexually transmitted. As it is sad, but so much sex tourism popular now serves as the best way of distribution of gonorrhea. Prostitutes, being afraid of infection with gonorrhea, often accept antibiotics "just like that" to warn infection. But instead strains of a gonokokkk develop ability to adapt to antibiotics, the illness takes the asymptomatic form, and the infected prostitutes often do not even know about the illness.
Doctors conduct examination of the population, reveal and treat patients with gonorrhea, but nevertheless the most reliable way not to ache – to be true and not to change.
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