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Symptoms and treatment of gastritis

Gastritis is an inflammation of walls of a stomach which arises under the influence of chemicals, a bacterium of Helicobacter pylori and mechanical damages. If the person often eats spicy, resalty or spicy food, the epithelium of a stomach becomes thinner, cages lose ability to resist to gastric juice, and it starts corroding stomach walls. There is a gastritis.
Симптомы гастрита, лечение гастрита What is a charm – the fiery burning smoking piece of meat... Mmmm, you will lick fingers... And here the stomach for some reason so does not consider, after spicy and fat food there is a stomach pain, and then vomiting and in general is was ceased to want. All this symptoms of sharp gastritis.
Gastritis is an inflammation of walls of a stomach which arises under the influence of chemicals (not only food, but also some drugs), bacteria of Helicobacter pylori and mechanical damages. Among the reasons of gastritis it is also possible to call abuse of alcohol, smoking, hobby for "fast food". The matter is that our gastric juice is a strong hydrochloric acid that did not "corrode" a wall of a stomach, they have a layer of an epithelium (cages) which resists to the destroying acid influence. If the person often eats spicy, resalty or spicy food, the epithelium of a stomach becomes thinner, cages lose ability to resist to gastric juice, and it starts corroding stomach walls. There is a gastritis.

Types of gastritis and their symptoms

Allocate a sharp and chronic form of gastritis. Sharp gastritis is shown in 4-8 hours after the person eats a spicy food. Suddenly there is a weight in a stomach, nausea, the general weakness, vomiting, a diarrhea, dizziness. The person turns pale, language is laid over by a white raid, a salivation, or, on the contrary, dryness in a mouth.
Симптомы гастрита, лечение гастрита Often happens so that symptoms of sharp gastritis are shown is greased, weakly, the patient tries to endure the arisen inconveniences, without addressing to the doctor. Gastritis does not disappear anywhere, it only passes into a chronic form. The mucous membrane of a stomach is constantly inflamed, and in certain cases the inflammation extends and on deeper layers of walls of a stomach. Patients with chronic gastritis periodically feel pain in an epigastriya (this place is in front, directly under edges), nausea, appetite decreases, in a mouth periodically there is a metal smack, an eructation – air, with a smell of rotten egg, the food remains is frequent.
At chronic gastritis release of gastric juice is broken.
If juice it is allocated too much, the patient suffers from a stomach pain, attacks of nausea, an eructation sour, locks. This disease is characteristic generally for young men.
Gastritis with the lowered sekretorny function of a stomach (gastric juice it is allocated too little) is characterized by nausea, metal taste in a mouth, locks and ponosa. If such gastritis long not to treat, the patient loses appetite, gradually grows thin, the general weakness and impotence develops. Such form of gastritis meets at men of advanced age more often. Sometimes, that gastritis with the lowered secretion of gastric juice is a harbinger of development of tumors – after all at gastritis of a wall of a stomach will atrophy, losing the functions.
There are also other forms of gastritis. Korrozivny gastritis develops at hit in a stomach of strong acids and alkalis (for example, at the loser suicide trying to commit suicide, having drunk vinegar). Hypertrophic gastritis – at it in a stomach numerous cysts and tumors, hemorrhagic gastritis are formed – the wall of a stomach izjyazvlyatsya, and periodically there are gastric bleedings. But these forms of gastritis meet much less often so we on them will not stop.

Diagnosis of gastritis

Гастрофиброскоп For statement of the diagnosis the following researches are conducted: Ultrasonography, gastroscopy, the bacteriological analysis of the cages taken from the struck and healthy parts of a stomach.
With ultrasonography everything is clear: during its carrying out the doctor sees the darkened and lighter sites, defines, where exactly there are changes.
Gastroscopy is a research by means of a thin tube on which end there is an optical device. Research is conducted on an empty stomach. Before carrying out research the gastroscope is processed alcohol. To the patient enter atropine solution, process a throat an anesthetic. Then the patient clamps in a mouth a nagubnik, it is necessary to relax a throat and to take one sip. During the glotatelny movement the doctor will push the gastroscope in a throat and further, to a stomach (very unpleasant procedure, but it is necessary to suffer) and survey its internal surface. After careful survey the doctor takes slices mucous a stomach for the further analysis – a biopsy. All this becomes for once: both gastroscopy, and a capture of cages on the analysis is carried out by the same gastroscope. For a biopsy of small enough very slice of fabric so it does not harm to a stomach at all. At research of the fabrics extracted during gastroscopy define a look and degree of a prevalence that helps to choose right tactics of treatment and to exclude malignant changes.

Treatment of gastritis

Лечение гастрита Most often treatment of gastritis is reduced to a diet and purpose of the preparations which are relieving pain, removing spasms.
Regardless of a gastritis form treatment begins with a diet. The doctor for certain will recommend to exclude fat, salty, sharp. Drinks have to be warm – the hot and cold food or drink irritates stomach walls. The food needs to be chewed carefully to facilitate work of a stomach. Is not less than 5 times a day in the small portions are necessary.
If gastritis is caused by Helicobacter pylori, it is necessary to conduct 10-14 dnevny course of antibiotics (levomitsetin or is more often enteroseptol), and then to be treated by a diet. Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium which, getting to a stomach, irritates a mucous membrane and causes development of gastritis. The main messengers of this bacterium are cockroaches. But would like to note especially that fact that bacteria of Helicobacter pylori are dangerous more that are easily transferred at engagement (use of the general ware is not allowed) so everyone has a chance to ache.
Sharp gastritis treat by means of a diet and the enveloping substances reducing aggressive impact of gastric juice on stomach walls. Such medicine is almagel.
At chronic gastritis with the increased secretion of gastric juice use vikalin, almagel, platifillin, atropine. These preparations reduce acidity of gastric juice. Besides, apply the drugs promoting restoration of normal structure of walls of a stomach – methyluracil or pentoksit.
If at gastritis secretion of gastric juice is reduced, apply kvateron. This preparation does not reduce release of gastric juice, but removes a spasm and reduces pain. From natural means apply plantain juice – it reduces pain and heals stomach walls.

Diet at gastritis

Диета при гастрите Diet – a cornerstone in treatment of gastritis. At gastritis the patient can eat the krupyany and vegetable soups cooked on low-fat meat broths (rabbit flesh, turkey), low-fat fish (humpback salmon), fermented baked milk and other not sour dairy products, stale bread, fresh and boiled vegetables and fruit, eggs, porridges, cocoa, coffee, tea with the lowered section of gastric juice – rather weak and not hot.
At the increased secretion of gastric juice the diet has to contain the products reducing acidity of juice. It is possible to eat dairy products (fresh and not sour), cottage cheese, curdled milk, boiled eggs, low-fat boiled meat and fish. Vegetables can be eaten only boiled, wiped. And in the raw it is possible to use only salad, green onions and fennel. Soups are cooked on low-fat meat, with the wiped vegetables. It is possible to use sunflower oil, low-fat sausages, vermicelli, porridges, stale bread, tea, coffee.
At any kind of gastritis are strictly forbidden: alcohol, newly-baked flour products, rye bread, peas, haricot, lentil, fried eggs, fat meat (pork), fat fish (mackerel, salmon), fried potatoes, French fries, onions, cabbage, firm cheeses, rural sour cream, chocolate, candies. Still it is impossible to eat fruit with a peel – even grapes.
Keeping to a diet it is possible to restore completely the stomach and to get rid of unpleasant feelings. It is better not to deviate a diet not to cause new development of gastritis.
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