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Treatment of antritis

Well here... again cold. Strange, does not pass and some headaches began... And the person goes on reception to the otolaryngologist. The doctor, having carried out necessary manipulations, makes the diagnosis — you have an antritis. Let's understand that it for an illness and as usual cold can pass into antritis.
Лечение гайморита Well here... again cold. And, only week to sniff few times and all will pass. Strange, does not pass and some headaches began... And the person goes on reception to the otolaryngologist. The doctor, having carried out necessary manipulations, makes the diagnosis — you have an antritis.
Let's understand that it for an illness and as usual cold can be transformed to antritis.
During cold the infection settles in the nasal courses, pathogenic bacteria cause hypostasis of a mucous membrane of a nose, a nose "bungs up". There is a slime, at first transparent ("snivels flow"), and then dense, green color. Here it is necessary to prick up the ears. Emergence of green slime — a sign of a strong inflammation. At cold we often blow nose, very much trying to clean a nose. And often we forget that the nasal courses are closely connected with the gaymorovy bosoms which are on both sides of a nose under eyes. From intensive smorkaniye slime gets to a bosom and the inflammation — antritis begins.

Diagnosis of antritis

The doctor defines antritis after survey: inserts a dilator into a nose and visually examines each nostril.
Лечение гайморита But the exact diagnosis can be established only on the basis of data of a X-ray. Do to the patient a x-ray picture and if there is an antritis, the area between eyes and the top jaw will be opaque, white.
It is possible to define antritis and it is independent: get up, and slowly bend forward. At antritis you will feel a nagging pain in gaymorovy bosoms and a forehead.
Sometimes happens so that roots of upper teeth are very close to gaymorovy bosoms, and then the patient with antritis constantly feels all top jaw pain.

Sharp and chronic antritis

Развитие гайморита Sharp antritis declares itself a constant headache, dense mucous allocations from a nose, pressure sense and a raspiraniye from within. The patient feels weak and broken.
If antritis not to treat, it passes into a chronic form. Pain gradually vanishes, but the nose congestion, periodic headaches remain. does not recommend to be fond of vasoconstrictive means to force a nose to breathe. And after all many often use such preparations but if it is antritis, in such a way not to cure it, and it is only possible to cause accustoming to the used drugs.
It is worth noticing that at chronic antritis at a nose constantly there is an infection center therefore any overcooling or abuse of alcohol (alcohol — the most powerful blow to immunity) leads to long cold. At the adverse course of chronic antritis in a nose polyps which need to be deleted in the surgical way develop. The most unpleasant consequence of chronic antritis is loss of ability to catch smells.

Treatment of antritis

Лечение гайморита At sharp antritis the doctor appoints to the patient antibiotics. Now there are powerful preparations capable to win against an illness in only three days. This is Zitrolid or Makropen. It is necessary to accept one capsule in day to food, washing down with a large amount of water.
There are also older antibiotics used for treatment of antritis — ampicillin, amoksitsillin, cefalexin. The choice of an antibiotic depends on preferences of the doctor and on existence/absence at the patient of an allergy to this or that type of antibiotics. For simplification of breath the doctor will appoint vasoconstrictive means, but also will explain how often they can be applied (galazolin, nazol, otrivin and others). If there is a suspicion that allergic reaction became the reason of antritis, will appoint antiallergic means: Klarotadin, Tavegil, Tsetrin Suprastin, Zirtek, Klaritin.
Cuckoos method
If antritis not heavy, to the patient carry out a sine evacuation a soft catheter. A procedure essence in the following: the patient lies on a back. The doctor enters a soft catheter into one nostril, and the suction is inserted into other nostril. Not to choke, the patient has to say constantly "ku-ku-ku-ku" (from here and the name — a method of the Cuckoo), then interrupts the message of a nose with a throat and solution does not get to a windpipe. In a catheter Furacilin solution moves, the patient "cuckoos", and the suction pumps out solution together with bosom contents. The effect is reached due to creation of negative pressure in a bosom. After procedure in a bosom there is a Furacilin solution quantity that interferes with formation of pus.
Efficiency of this method is not great, some procedures after which the patient suffers from severe pain in a gaymorovy bosom can be demanded.
Puncture of a gaymorovy bosom
Except antibiotics the doctor can suggest the patient to carry out a puncture of a gaymorovy bosom. It is the simple procedure which is not demanding special preparation. The doctor takes the thin pallet on which end the cotton wool moistened with lidocaine inserts the pallet deeply into a nostril — it is necessary to anesthetize a place where the puncture will become. Then a sterile needle (a needle big, with the bent end) the doctor punctures a bone partition between the nasal course and a gaymorovy bosom. It is not sick as anesthesia works. The needle is not taken out, the doctor attaches a syringe to a needle and washes away physical solution bosom contents. That the patient did not choke, the doctor will ask it to sit with an open mouth, everything will follow through a mouth in the substituted capacity. Process of filling of a bosom physical solution is very unpleasant — painful pressure sense from within. After the bosom is filled with physical solution, outflow of contents from a sore bosom begins. That the bosom cavity was not filled with pus again, into a bosom enter solution of a dioksidin.
Physioprocedures can help with treatment of antritis. 5-7 sessions of a sollyuks or UVCh considerably improve a condition of the patient.
If treatment is begun in time, antritis easily recovers within a week. Chronic antritis can demand much more long-term treatment and even operation. The essence of operation consists in making a constant opening between a gaymorovy bosom and maxillary area. For this purpose do a section in a mouth, over the top jaw and carefully scrape out purulent contents of a bosom. When the opening is created, a section in a mouth sew up. After operation pus in a bosom will not stand any more, following through an opening in a throat. The rehabilitation period after operation — about two weeks.

Complications of antritis

Частыми осложнениями гайморита бывают воспаления легких, ангины и менингиты The nose — this such "remarkable" place, from where an infection can easily get both to a throat, and to lungs, and to a brain. Therefore pneumonias, quinsies and meningitis happen the most frequent complications of antritis. It is necessary to treat antritis: independently he will not recover, will only pass into a chronic form.

Prevention of antritis

To avoid antritis, it is necessary to watch a condition of the nose and mouth carefully: in time to treat carious teeth (tooth with "hollow" - the wonderful environment for pathogenic bacteria), not to allow development of inflammatory processes in a mouth — inflammations of gums, foreign matters between teeth. The nose has to be healthy — after all it is entrance gate for any infection which is transferred in the airborne way. Therefore recommends to you in a cold season every day before an exit to the street to grease in nostrils with any antimicrobic means — it there can be an oksolinovy ointment, IRS-19 spray or something another. This simple procedure will protect you not only from cold (and antritis), but also from a flu virus.
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