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Treatment and prevention of an allergy

Unfortunately, not all manage to eliminate at least for a while this or that reason causing an allergy. And some do not manage at all. What have to be your actions in case of allergic reaction? Also let's ask a question, whether full disposal of an allergy and if it so, how is possible?
Лечение и профилактика аллергии Tatyana and Olga – sisters, but live they absolutely differently. Tanya does house cleaning in the mornings and dusts the collection of figurines. Then she goes for a walk in park with the dog, enjoying the easy breeze bearing smells from the next fields and from the wood. And in the evenings she settles in a convenient chair in front of the TV with the fluffy cat who so likes to sleep on a lap hostesses.
Olga, on the contrary, feels the absolutely unfortunate. Even at considerable distance from a dusty cover she starts choking and sneezing. Even the shortest walk on park forces her eyes to water and redden. She misses the domestic pets – now they live at Tatyana.

From where the allergy undertakes

Difference between sisters that at one of them an allergy. At such people as Olga, the immune system reacts on usually present at air (and for all others harmless) parts, such as dust, a mold, pollen of plants and dandruff of animals.
Sneezing, itch in a nose and cold belong to typical symptoms of an allergy, and also swelled, reddening and an itch in eyes, sometimes and a rash on skin. Whether will be at you the allergy, partially depends on what genes you received from parents, and partially from environment. If one of parents has an allergy, the risk of development of an allergy in the child makes about 30-50% if allergies are subject both parent, the risk for the child increases to 60-80%. Besides, contact with high concentration of allergens (for example, a citrus, chocolate) in the early childhood increase probability of development of an allergy in the future.
The provokers called by allergens at each sufferer the. However, they not necessarily are airborne and get to an organism through airways, as at hay fever. There is an allergy to foodstuff (for example, a citrus, shrimps, a peanut); a contact allergy (on cosmetics, nickel); an allergy to the substances getting into skin (for example when the bee stings) or directly in blood (we will tell, on penicillin pricks).

Prevention of an allergy

What do allergologists advise the patients having an allergy? To avoid responsible for an allergy and to fight against its symptoms. Here some recommendations from which will help allergic persons to breathe easier.
Dust pincers
Пылевой клещ The dust pincers, tiny creations feeding on the dust, scales of skin and other microscopic parts accumulating in a bed, furniture and on curtains are extremely dangerous to allergic persons. A quite good way to limit contact with pincers – to put on polyethylene covers the mattress and pillows.
We recommend to stick also with an adhesive tape a lightning on a mattress, having barred thereby the way for pincers.
Dry air
The mold and pincers of house dust well feel in heat and humidity. Therefore for prevention to reduce quantity of a mold and dust pincers, keep one dehumidifier of air in a bedroom and one in the general room.
However remember that the dehumidifier of air needs to be cleaned at least once in a week. Otherwise in it the mold will get divorced.
If you have an opportunity, turn on the fan when take a shower. In the damp not aired atmosphere of a bathroom the mold develops more strongly. After finish, open a door wide open that all moisture disappeared from a bathroom.
Get rid of all superfluous
To cease to sneeze indoors, it is necessary to exempt the room from all superfluous: carpets, figurines, calendars, soft toys. All these things accumulate dust, and, therefore, are nurseries of dust pincers. It is recommended to change as often as possible as prevention of an allergy bed linen and regularly to erase or give your pillows and blankets to a dry-cleaner.
House of the allergic person
That houses you felt also perfectly, as well as in the fresh air, get rid of all carpets and oriental carpets. Leave simply smooth timber floor.
Store all books and papers on the closed shelves, behind glass. But in any way not on bedside tables and not in a dresser. Books and papers – excellent stores of dust, harmful to you.
Constantly keep order in the house. Mountains of unnecessary things conduct to a congestion of harmful dust, besides, all surfaces have to be readily available for cleaning. Regularly carry out damp house cleaning.
The minimalism will become the best style of an interior for your house - leave only the most necessary. Simply, but with taste.
Аллергия и домашние животные Was considered earlier that people have allergic reaction to hair of animals. However if you get a bald cat, it will not rescue you from constant chikhaniye.
The matter is that allergic reaction not wool of domestic pets, and their dandruff – small causes skin scales.
Surprisingly, but allergic persons too can get pets, but only at observance of some preventive rules. Dogs and cats should not sleep in a bedroom of owners, allocate them a corner in kitchen or in a hall. Once a month wash the favourites with special animals shampoo. Throw out all carpets and oriental carpets from the house.
However if you are not sure that will be able to satisfy these conditions, it is better not to get dogs and cats at all. You thought of small fishes or a turtle?

Treatment of an allergy

Unfortunately, not all manage to eliminate at least for a while this or that reason causing an allergy. And some do not manage at all. What have to be your actions in case of allergic reaction? Also let's ask a question, whether full disposal of an allergy and if it so, how is possible?
Washing of a nose salt solution
In the good way of fluidifying of slime washing of a nose serves as salt solution. Allergologists advise to use sprays of salt solutions which are available on sale. But salt solution can be prepared. For this purpose a half of a teaspoon of salt should be dissolved in a glass of warm water. Wash out a nose the received solution by means of a rubber pear, bending over a sink that there the liquid following from a nose flew down. The rubber pear can be bought in a drugstore.
Cool compress for eyes
Прохладный компресс для глаз If eyes itch, eyelids reddened and swelled, take a pure soft rag, wet it cold water and hold in the eyes until it is warmed. If it is necessary, repeat all process once again.
At the moment there is also a huge number of the OTC medical medicines eliminating allergy symptoms. But the majority of them are ineffective and do not suit each allergic person. Therefore before to go behind medicine to a drugstore, recommends to zapishisatsya for an appointment. Only the allergologist, having taken from you the necessary analyses, will be able to define allergen. Then, proceeding from the received results and a type of allergic reaction of your organism, it will appoint to you treatment. Antihistaminic preparations and hormonal means are usually used.
But practically all hormonal preparations have undesirable side effects therefore you, having consulted with the doctor, can use natural antihistamines. For example, a nettle which contains substance, overwhelming activity of a histamine – the hormone provoking development of allergic reaction. Accept infusion from leaves of a nettle or a capsule with dry extract on 500mg three times a day.
Лечение и профилактика аллергии It is possible to accustom your organism to proper response to allergen, to develop on it immunity, as treatment allergen injections, but in small amounts will become. Such method is inevitable if you constantly have to be in places, where to eliminate the reasons, defiant allergic reaction it is not possible. Injections become weekly within about 12 months until reaction to allergen becomes less problem for you.
You should address to the doctor also because quite often the prime cause of an allergy are digestive tract diseases.

Do not postpone visit to the doctor in the following situations:
  • to you to pant, you sneeze, cough in spite of the fact that regularly take medicine for an allergy;
  • you cannot independently find out the reason of allergic reaction.
With an allergy it is necessary to learn to live. And we hope that after reading of this article it will be a little easier for you to cope with this difficult business.
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