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Cuff links: councils, rules, recommendations of stylists

Cuff links – a surprising accessory which was always considered as destiny of the elite. Cuff links exist long ago, their first emergence refer to the XVII century. Since then, they, of course, strongly changed, and the most popular lock of fastening of cuff links appeared in 1924.

To the middle of the 20th eyelid this accessory was very demanded, but shirts with buttons (which, by the way, possess more ancient history) gradually started dominating in man's clothes. After a while, the fashion looked in the past again, having returned to cuff links former popularity. Today can get cuff links everyone! However you should not forget about rules of etiquette, carrying canons, fashion trends and compliance of style.

Truth the first

Cuff links carry only with shirts with special cuffs. Allocate three types of shirts under cuff links:

the most formal – with the French (double) cuff. The similar cuff consists of two layers of fabric. In other words, the long cuff is put along a hand up, and then fix edges a cuff link. Ideal option for a tuxedo;

the most widespread – with the Vienna (combined) cuff consisting of one layer. They are not so grandiose as the first look, and are suitable for the daily purposes;

the most universal – with the Italian (sports) cuff. Existence on cuffs and buttons, and openings under cuff links, allows to choose fastener type depending on a case. Such shirts carry to informal, and most often them carry navypusk and without jacket.

Truth the second

Cuff links can be two types:

  1. Symmetric cuff links absolutely identical from two parties. In them is absent as that front or reverse side.
  2. Asymmetric cuff links have no symmetry. One part - front, another – a fastener.

Truth the third

Here we will talk about material, color of metal from which cuff links are executed is more right. We look at the watch, a clip for a tie and other accessories. Metals have to coincide on color. In certain cases, they can differ from each other, but only the qualified stylist will help to make harmonious composition.

Truth the fourth

Some was considered a time ago that only rectangular or square cuff links decorated by stones, various images, ornaments or without them are suitable for classical strict style. While oval or round options will be suitable more likely for more informal situation. Without speaking already about fantasy models which design strikes! Now current fashionable trends allow us to choose any cuff links for an official style.

    According to some stylists, the person is more senior, the more impressively there can be a size of cuff links.

Truth the fifth

Cuff links, round in form, ideally look together with the hours possessing an identical form of the case. And in a tandem to the square dial pick up square cuff links. Remember that you should not carry classical cuff links with sports hours.

Truth the sixth

The cuff links enameled, or decorated with jewels – an accessory whimsical. And here the main thing is correct to combine colors. The simplest rule: color of cuff links has to meet at least once in all image or other accessories.

Truth the seventh

Aristocratical shirts with cuff links demand their correct carrying. Cuff links have to be at the same time both are visible, and are invisible. To reach golden mean, we look at a ratio of length of a cuff of a shirt and a sleeve of a jacket. The difference in length has to be 1,5-2 cm in favor of a cuff. So, cuff links will act on a public inspection only at the necessary moments.

If you choose the first cuff links, choose the models sustained in style minimalism. Simple, but thus elegant, they will become a universal accessory for any case.

And know, what cuff links are considered as the most expensive? The Jeweller House of Jacob & Co heads a rating. Canary Diamond. Except the appearance of a cuff link shaking on beauty possess also the astronomical price – more than 4 million dollars. They are made of white gold and decorated with a scattering of diamonds: the purest white stones (with a gross weight of 10,76 carat) surround yellow diamond weighing 21 carat, rare on color.

However, to turn simple accessories into unique creations long ago became a fashionable tendency. Designers play with a color palette, think out the most various forms and combine, apparently, incongruous materials.

The design thought finds the embodiment in tiny accessories by which there will not pass any judge of original cuff links. Masters of the Swiss companies Milus and TF Est. 1968 created the cuff links imitating clockworks.

Elements of registration of Milus with the maximum accuracy repeat finishing details: the smallest gears, fastenings, blued screws, Geneva waves, rubies and other stones. Masters managed to place the mechanism representing a rotor of autosubplant of hours in the small case of a cuff link.

Other company specializing on "hour" cuff links, TF Est. 1968, stakes on tourbillons and indicators of phases of the Moon, day/night. At first sight it seems that all these details are static, however, they begin the bewitching "dance", echoing each movement of a hand.

And there is more to come! For those who dreams to conquer the world, well or at least thoroughly to study it, TF Est cuff links. 1968 with the tiny globe. A separate series in which models with playing cards or a roulette are presented is devoted to fans of gamblings.

Think, what for such cuff links it is necessary to lay out a lump sum? At all not! Cuff links of Milus it is possible get at the price from 21900 rubles, and the TF Est model. 1968 – from 19 900 rubles.

Whether it is worth saying that on the eve of holidays accessories of the Swiss companies Milus and TF Est. 1968 have good chances to become the most original gift for the man. To get "live", and also many other interesting models of cuff links you can in online store.

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