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How to cross stitch

At embroidery art the richest history which roots leave to sources of Old Russian culture. A calculating dagger, a semi-cross, a smooth surface the people belonged to an embroidery with special scrupulousness: Slavs started preparing the dowry embroidered manually already at teenage age. The army of fans of a plain dagger grows to this day.

Wedding dress, 30 towels and cloths, the bed linen, belts and patten towels for the groom's family, - here how many things of a pricker and with own hand were decorated with an embroidery by the girl of Ancient Russia to pass for the enviable bride. Amateur knowledge since early years mastered girls of all estates: both peasants, and boyar, and princesses. Those who was lazy and avoided preliminary preparation for a wedding, branded offensive and, moreover, shameful ranks - "netkakha" and "not spinner".

Modern needlewomen consider an embroidery as a dagger rescue from gray everyday life, excellent antidepressant and in an original way to express design "I". Under the needle which is scurrying about over an outline pictures, surprising patterns on cloths, pillows, covers, purses and clothes are born. To cross stitch everyone can learn. Mirsovetov recommends to beginners to begin acquaintance to a calculating cross with ready sets for embroidery.

That enters a set for cross stitching

The decent range of sets for embroidery is offered today by many draperies, accessories and needlework. In a set of anything superfluous: the outline, the scheme of the picture, a needle and threads, sometimes put an organizer for storage of threads.

If among a variety of ready sets you find nothing to yourself to liking (such too sometimes it happens), it is possible to download the free scheme on the Internet and to buy an outline with threads separately.

Pictures which plots were present family photos enjoy special popularity today. It is simple to turn the usual photo into the scheme for cross stitching – special programs which will divide the image in the computer into small squares will come to the rescue. You will need only to print the ready scheme. Here some of such programs: Stitch Art Easy, Pattern Maker for Cross-Stitch, PM Stitch Creator.

Materials, necessary for embroidery

  1. Pyaltsa is two wooden or plastic rings which on diameter differ a little among themselves. Between them pull and fix an outline just before the beginning of work.
  2. Outline – special leaky fabric for an embroidery on which holes small squares are well visible. A standard outline - white, but at will it is possible to get fabric of any color and a shade (dairy, beige, black, etc.)
  3. The mouline thread is a type of multi-colored threads for embroidery.
  4. Gobelin needle (a needle with big "ear").
  5. The scheme for embroidery – they happen color, black-and-white, large, small, on several sheets or on one big.
  6. Pencil or special marker with easily washing away ink.

With what the embroidery begins

No, not from the first stitch as many could think, and from definition of a starting point on an outline.

So, when an outline and the printed circuit of the identical size, count quantity of the "empty" (not painted over) sections from the left edge of the scheme, correlate them to an outline and start cross stitching with the first painted-over small square.

In case the outline and the scheme of the different size (for example, the scheme is much more), begin work with the middle of an outline. To define the central point of an embroidery on a piece of fabric as easy as shelling pears: two times put an outline in half, slightly smooth it fingers on excesses, then again develop. You will see a crosswise bend on fabric is and there is the central point in which it is necessary to embroider the first dagger (it is necessary to move to the right side). For convenience note this place a pencil or a pin, so you will not lose it.

By the way, some producers of ready sets for embroidery process the outline special solution which gives to fabric necessary rigidity for work and does not give it to edges to break up to threads. If an outline soft before starting embroidering, the slice of fabric needs to be swept off or missed the mark its edges with PVA glue which quickly to be dissolved when washing already ready work in warm water.

Technology of work

It is possible to cross stitch in one, in two and in three threads. Sometimes the composition and the invoice of an embroidery assumes a certain number of threads, but most often their quantity depends on taste and preference of the skilled worker.

The working thread should not be too long, differently the embroidering hand will very quickly be tired. In the past of the girl used a measure which with pleasure is noted also by modern needlewomen – the size of a thread has to be "from a brush to an elbow". In practice you are convinced that it is the most comfortable length for work.

And now we will talk about a golden rule of a wrong side. The embroidery does not accept small knots, even the smallest. Paradox, but experts and judges of this folk art first of all pay attention not to "face" of ready work, and on its wrong side – it has to be same accurate, as well as frontal part of work. Some skilled workers with an experience amuse the vanity that ready works in "transparent" frames with double glass make out as required to show the creation to friends and to listen to a generous portion of compliments.

How to fix a thread without small knot

There are some bezuzelkovy methods.


It is the easiest way. Put a thread in half and tips insert it into an eye of a needle. Now enter a needle into fabric so that the bend of a thread remained from a wrong side – at you the eyelet turned out. Make a stitch and pass a needle throughout a loop on seamy side, tighten a thread and continue to embroider.

Fixing under stitches No. 1.

The method is used when the embroidered stitches are near – under them pass a working thread, thus fixing it.

Fixing under stitches No. 2.

Make two-three hardly noticeable stitches where will embroider then daggers. The thread is fixed.

Cross stitching methods

There are some traditional ways of drawing a dagger on an outline:

  1. English – each separate dagger is embroidered at once, then only start embroidering the new.

  2. Danish – at first on the embroidered element of a picture do a number of the lower stitches, then come back, laying the top stitches.

Often needlewomen in one work use two methods at the same time: vertical rows make out an English dagger, and horizontal – Danish. So working process goes much quicker, and the embroidery, in particular a wrong side, looks very accurately.

The embroidered symbolics and national signs

People always trusted: in man-made works, whether it be sewing, knitting or an embroidery, remains a part of soul of the master. Skilled embroideresses assure that if to make a wish and to embroider a certain picture, the dream will find a matter and will surely come true. It is possible to think of everything that the soul will wish, the main thing – to trust. Here value of some symbols:

  • children – to pregnancy. The most popular and actual sign at skilled workers: if you embroider three little angels, by all means you will soon become pregnant;
  • the house – to improvement of living conditions;
  • fish, in particular goldfish – to improvement of a financial position, to accumulation of wealth;
  • the car – to fast purchase of a car;
  • pair animals (couple of butterflies, a wolf with a she-wolf, for example) – to strengthening of family bonds;
  • peach – to longevity;
  • rooster – protection of the dwelling against the fire;
  • fan – to protection of the house against robbers, and the owner – from any misfortunes;
  • owl – to improvement and strengthening of mental capacities;
  • swans – frequent "guests" on wedding bench hammers. Promise to newlyweds long, right and happy matrimonial life.
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