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Crisis of 7 years at children

Many parents faced that by 7 years the child is transformed beyond recognition: from the quiet kid it turns into the uncontrollable tease. And after all psychoanalysts call this period crisis, a critical point on a curve of development of the child. In this article you learn about the reasons, symptoms and ways of overcoming of so difficult stage in life of the kid.

Why there comes crisis?

The critical period in life of the seven-year-old child is, as a rule, connected with the beginning of occupations in the first class. Promotes it some fundamental factors influencing change of mental development of an individual. First, the newly made school student does not give out foreign point of view any more for the as he becomes capable to a reasoning. From the impulsive behavioural line inclinations of the analysis of a situation when the child thinks are allocated before takes action.

Secondly, your son or the daughter seeks to approve the status – a social position of the school student. With this formation there is a number of difficulties: emergence of vanity, generalization of feelings, susceptibility of a community and increase in a self-assessment. Therefore excessive airs and graces, uncontrollability and disobedience become vernal manifestations of crisis. Thus the kid loses a children's spontaneity and gets uncharacteristic to him "strangenesses" – arranges a clownery, acts up, poses as the clown or ridiculously wriggles. suggests to consider symptomatology in more detail.

In what crisis of 7 years is shown?

With approach of this difficult period of life, in character and behavior of the child there are cardinal changes:

  • the child shows disobedience, does not "hear" or slowly reacts to addresses to him;
  • there is a demonstration of a maturity: fear to look innocent and small, refusal of favourite clothes and games, "children's" subjects, books and so forth;
  • it does not react to remarks of seniors, deliberately carrying out opposite actions;
  • the capriciousness, excessive obstinacy is shown, the manner to use cunning and aggression on criticism;
  • the child can satisfy not at once requests and orders of parents, deliberately showing the solvency in a specific question and the control over a situation.

Crisis of 7 years: mistakes of adults

Many parents make a serious mistake when neglect a situation, fondly believing that children can have no reasons for chagrin and especially crisis. In it the main miscalculation as the child can move away and be undeceived in authoritativeness of the father or mother as they for it are the only support consists. So, what parents should know?

  1. The relation to school life is reflection of parental perception. You should not abuse the child and to punish him for dislike for a school bench if quite often showed irritability to tasks. Besides parents quite often say about what imperfect program of training and as "torment" children, hammering into the head confused information and "all not as earlier". In particular well the child remembers criticism about teachers when "all-knowing" fathers and mothers throw frazochka as if "there one half-educated persons" which "understand nothing" and "diplomas at them bought". Be not surprised if your child starts treating study also. Help it and impart love, and, above all - respect for science, for teachers, school discipline and motivate the child. The quicker he will get used to life by rules, the it will be simpler to adapt to him in society when the child becomes an adult.
  2. Do not pile up burden of the hopes. As soon as the child sits down at a school desk, many parents start dreaming violently whom they will grow up from the son or the daughter. In the head idyllic pictures of the future in which the kid becomes the ingenious mathematician, the successful lawyer or the highly paid programmer are drawn. Also notice, often such imagination – reflection of the unrealizable dreams. Therefore give freedom to the child for development. Perhaps your daughter does not want to be the actress or the ballerina as you wanted that in youth, and the son would prefer to mathematics the tailor's profession. And the more so, you should not "train" from the child of the genius it would be quite good to them to boast before people around. Such actions only strengthen moral pressure of weak mentality of the child, and you risk to break it at all. Be closer to reality, after all ideal people do not exist.
  3. What it is more important – estimates or school life? One more mistake of parents is that they literally go in cycles in achievements of the child and his diary, completely ignoring social life in school. And after all it is an important component which forms in the school student many concepts of ethics, moralities, leaderships and so forth. Ask with whom your child is on friendly terms, in what they play on breaks. Tell how you studied in elementary grades and show some pictures. Attentively listen to the kid and share mutual experiences.

How to overcome crisis of 7 years?

In this turning point of life of the kid, parents are the only support and support. And therefore become the chief assistants to adults – patience, love and keenness. Be gathered firmness courageously to bear all whims of the little "adult" person. Besides, you can be engaged in preschool training of the child to accustom him to concepts of discipline before he will sit down at a school bench. At the age of 6 years you can play with it the improvised class where in an easy and amusing form you will be able to study spelling, reading and other sciences. It will allow the child to be prepared for new changes in life as it is intellectual, and morally.

Sending the kid to the 1st class important that you helped it to adapt correctly. Explain that the day regimen needs to be observed to leave time towards evening for games or viewing of the animated film. In the day off walk on future educational institution and conduct tour. It will give it confidence, and he will not begin to panic on a new place. Also you should not load the schedule of the first grader with trainings, circles and sections, at least, in the first half a year. Let's time get used and adapt for new habitat.

To overcome crisis of 7 years, it is necessary to pay attention to intellectual development of the child, correlating it to opportunities of the kid. Read together verses and stories, play the developing strategy or quests. By the way, games will allow the child to splash out an emotional pressure, having relieved people around of an aping and clownish airs and graces. However you should not attach the kid to yourself, he has to spend time maximum with contemporaries.

Respect the child. In the first months of stay behind a school school desk the authority of parents in the opinion of the kid can reel as he will learn many things from the first teacher. During this period adults make a widespread mistake, trying "to build" the son or the daughter, forbidding many benefits. Therefore it is necessary to show loyalty and to put a taboo only on the things which are really worth it. Learn to speak "yes" and to encourage the first grader for his progress.

Pledge of successful passing of crisis of 7 years is covered in parental love, support, understanding and goodwill. You have to realize that it not a pathological state and not basic changes in behavior of the child, and a normal stage of mental development. During this difficult period important that the family was together and all problems were solved together.

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