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Country style in an interior

It is considered that such design direction of a country arose in England. Over time it became popular in America, in other countries of Europe and in Russia. It is remarkable that in each culture this style has the distinctive features. It is connected with that it was usually formed under the influence of local climate, and also national traditions and preferences.

The interior reflects simplicity of rural way and its proximity to the nature in style of a country. Of course, style of a country which arose last century, will cause a stir from style of a country which exists today. From influence of time not to get to anywhere. Today style of a country means a design emphasis on simplicity, naturalness and functionality of internal furniture without any pretentiousness and excesses.

Accents of style

This day style of a country is used in registration of country houses and dachas. Of course, nobody forbids to issue in such style and the city apartment, but not all rooms with identical success can move to such style registration. For example, is quite problematic to present the nursery, a bathroom or a study in style of a country.

At registration of the room in style of a country the most important - to avoid use of such modern materials as linoleum, plastic, ceramics, executed in modern design. Besides, it is desirable to minimize use of the glass and chromeplated surfaces. In a word, there should not be nothing of that kind that would not be combined with such concepts as "environmental friendliness", "naturalness" and "rural life".

By the way, there is a complete antithesis to style of a country, hi-tech meaning use at registration of the room only of modern materials which it is difficult to call natural is called. Style of a country is very similar to ethnostyle which is also characterized by use only of natural and natural materials. Besides, ethnostyle means simplicity in registration. Its characteristic feature is that at registration the motive of some certain people is used.

American country

At registration of the room in style of the American country quite often try to create the atmosphere of the wild West. The wooden furniture of a rough form, detail with finishing from skin is for this purpose used. Besides, the decor from textiles which were adopted at Indians is applied. Also in such interior there have to be such attributes as cactuses, cowboy's boots, the hung-up hat and the photo of prairies. Such interior will be perfectly added by quilts and a homespun matter. On a floor it is possible to put a carpet path self-knitting. From accessories figures from bronze and ware from clay will well look. In general the interior in such style usually has quite juicy color scale. Thus colors from beige color, bottle-green and brick-red to soft tones, white-gray and faintly yellow can be used.

English country

This type of style of a country much cozier and elegant. The Victorian era had a great influence on formation of this style. It is visible to that at registration of an interior the set of various fabrics is used. Thus the floor has to be stone or wooden. On a floor mats from sizalya or carpets, and with subject of the East have to lie. The English country mixes in itself functionality and a practicality. As for furniture, here its minimum. Thus the furniture is usually executed from light breeds of wood or painted in light shades. From flowers in registration of the room shades pink, cream, an ivory and pale shades of the blue are mainly used.

French country

The French style of a country also call style Provence. Use in an interior of light nyuansny shades is peculiar to this style. And primary color is lilac color or color of the dried-up lavender bouquets. Such colors remind of open spaces of lavandovy fields for which northern Provence so is famous. As for furniture, in their style lines of such French styles as the Empire style and Classicism are guessed. Thus pieces of furniture lose characteristic for those styles of palace splendor, chic and a luster. Also lamps have the same stylistics here. To this style the found and simplified details which can be covered with craquelures are also characteristic or are made simply artificially old. It is especially necessary to note such detail of the French country as china which is placed in buffet. Touch-up of this style is decoration of walls gobelins.

Italian country

This style is also called Tuscan style. It is possible to call the Italian style of a country safely one of the easiest and cheerful. It reflects all character of Italians. One of the main characteristic features of this country is existence a shutter at the windows helping to be saved from the hot sun. The floor here quite often initially has shabby appearance. Thus walls are painted roughly. All this in total gives an unusual look to housing. In the interior executed in style of the Italian country sometimes it is possible to meet things in style of rococo and baroque. Such details add to an interior a special savor and charm. It gives a new view on some things. Undoubtedly, some raid of chic and luxury is felt here and it is promoted in many respects by some unusual elements of a decor. Nevertheless, this style nevertheless remains simple. As for color scale of an interior, it is very similar to color scale of the French country.

Russian country

Characteristic features of the Russian country are timbered, brick or stone walls in which natural color and the invoice remains. In addition, to this style such details as rough plaster and whitewashing are characteristic. However in everything the imagination of the designer or owner of the room is traced. So, quite often at an interior there is a made old tree, a chipped tile, folklore tiles which give to the room special charm. Besides in an interior in style of the Russian country natural fabrics, such as flax, cotton, wool, a sacking and a sheepskin are used. On furniture covers from monophonic fabric or from fabric with drawing a cage and a small floret are put quite often on. The same materials are used for pillowcases, cloths, napkins and curtains.

Scandinavian country

To this style of a country existence in an interior of fireplaces, massive doors is characteristic. Besides, the room is quite often upholstered with wooden panels here. For decoration of furniture the carving, which peculiar to these people is used. In a carving it is possible to see elements of local folklore. Also It should be noted that in such interiors the cold color palette which is combined with light and light fabrics is used. Thanks to such combination light maximum turns out, and the room space visually increases.

Mediterranean country

To this style of a country use of perfectly combined palette which consists of flowers of the sky and the sea is characteristic (blue and blue). These colors are urged to shade a basis of a white, brown, beige, terracotta shade, and also green and black shades. In coastal settlements there are lodges of dazzling white color which perfectly are in harmony and with bright blue of the sea and the blue sky. Appearance is supplemented by terracottas of ceramics and tiles. As for furniture then the massive wicker furniture of a wood and straw shade is used. Thus bases of style are created by means of black curls of the forged decorative details and by means of the greens planted in flowerpots. In this style uses many light natural fabrics and fabrics in a strip. Thus the interior is decorated with antique ceramics, corals, various cockleshells, figures of starfishes and smooth pebbles.

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