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Whether correctly you set the purposes

Correctly formulated purpose is a first step on the way to its implementation. Incorrectly formulated – opposite, only alienates us from to what we aspire. Therefore to learn to set before itself the correct purposes is one of the key moments on the way to success.
It would seem – that difficult in setting goals? And unless the purpose which ourselves before ourselves set, to be "wrong" can? At first sight it seems that all difficulties which we can face, trap us at a stage of achievement of the purpose, but not at a stage of its statement in any way. Whether so it?
No, not so. Correctly formulated purpose is a first step on the way to its implementation. Incorrectly formulated – opposite, only alienates us from to what we aspire. Therefore to learn to set before itself the correct purposes is one of the key moments on the way to success.

The purposes what they have to be?

First of all, on an example will explain that such aim. Often that we call the purposes, is only desires. "I want to earn much", "I want to look, as the model" - all this desires though ourselves can consider them as the purposes. Desires, unlike the purposes, are not concrete. Is how many "much"? "How the model" is how exactly? Similar indistinct formulations are suitable for abstract wishes, but do not pull on the purpose in any way. "I want to earn 5 (10, 25) thousand dollars a month" or "I want to have proportions 90-60-90" it already more similar to the purpose. So, first rule: the purpose has to be concrete.
Rule second: the purpose has to be realistic. It does not mean that itself needs to be exhausted in some framework. Let the purposes will be courageous, impudent, far-reaching. But if to desires and dreams we are able to afford to take away us for reality borders, the purposes have to remain in its framework. For example, "I want that all men fell in love with me" (or "all women") is not the realistic purpose, after all even the most attractive woman or the most attractive man yes will not seem to somebody the attractive. Ability easily can become the purpose in this case, for example, and easy tie contacts with an opposite sex, or finding of the partner in life, or, at last, finding of self-confidence and feeling of own appeal.
Rule third: realization of the purpose has to depend on you and only on you. "I want to win one million dollars in a lottery" is do not aim because the prize in a lottery does not depend on you in any way. If you set before yourself "purposes" which realization does not depend on you in any way, you risk so never them and not to reach, and to get as a result only bitter offense on destiny. Therefore if you really want to get one million dollars, you should set a goal anyway them to earn.
Rule fourth: the purpose has to "heat". It seems to you that you groped the correct purpose – concrete, realistic which realization depends on you. Now close eyes and present: it was carried out. To you it is good? Warmly at heart? Made you it is happy? The hitch is that quite often our purposes actually are not ours, and are prompted to us from the outside – parents, an environment, public opinion, advertizing, at last. But whether really you need to defend the master's thesis as it is wanted by yours the father and mother; to compete in career progress with friends and acquaintances; to buy the fashionable car or to have a rest in the fashionable resort? Both the thesis, and career, and the fashionable resort are quite worthy purposes but only in case it is your purposes if you really want it, and want with all the heart. If actually you dream of work of the rural teacher or of organizing an animals shelter, all listed things will not add to you happiness. insists that in that case you need or to reconsider completely the life or, at least, to find some way to realize the purposes within that life which you now conduct.

The formulation is more whole – the clearness and relevance

Let's assume, all of you well considered and found some purposes meeting all listed requirements. The following task – it is correct to formulate them. It is for this purpose better to depart from the computer and to arm with the handle and paper. Why? Because, formulating the purposes, we address not only and not so much to the consciousness, how many to the subconsciousness, and subconsciousness it is much easier to convince diligent prescription of words on paper (as of the childhood), than their mechanical otstukivaniye on the keyboard.
So, we formulate the purposes. Here too there are some rules.
First, the purpose has to be formulated in the present. Not "I want to earn so much in a month", and "I earn". It looks a little unusually, but it makes a deep meaning. We communicate with the subconsciousness, remember? And so, similar formulations we accustom subconsciousness to that our purpose is by all means realized; we have a confidence in own success; and the person confident in own success, as we know, can work wonders.
Secondly, in the formulation of the purpose there should not be negative turns – namely, "not" - because their subconsciousness simply does not see everyones, does not perceive. That is "I do not smoke" is the purpose bad because subconsciousness, most likely, will "not" safely pass a particle. And you will smoke a cigarette as earlier, being surprised that you do not manage to throw in any way. Therefore all denials should be reformulated – for example, so: "I am free from a habit to smoking".
Thirdly, the purpose has to be formulated very accurately. All of us remember different fairy tales where heroes were trapped because were not able to formulate the desires accurately. Imagine, what, formulating the purposes, you are addressed to a certain being who takes everything absolutely literally (actually, so it and is – remember about subconsciousness?). Therefore if you write as the purpose: "I do repair in the apartment", - that do not even doubt, you will do repair. But not the fact that you will make it. Other example: "I grow thin" - and this process can drag on in time infinitely. But after all you actually want not to grow thin and not to do repair in the apartment – you are interested in result, correctly? Here also formulate the purposes as appropriate.
Formulated? Wrote down? Now copy 10 times. Can not in a row, and, coming back to this occupation every time as will be given a little free time. Here will see, in the course of copying of the purpose will manage to change – and believe, it will do them only good.
Now, when you have in hands a sheet of paper with the purposes which are accurately written down on it, recommends to think that you can make for achievement of each of the purposes right now. Well, as a last resort, tomorrow morning. It can be very small short step. Want to earn more – can be, it is necessary to talk to the boss about increase in your salary? Or to start looking for other work (and, say, right now to be engaged in the summary)? Want to find the partner in life – can be, tomorrow to begin with visit to beauty shop? Or to publish the questionnaire on a dating site? Or to ask girlfriends to acquaint you with somebody? Believe, whatever global was your purpose, the way to it can be broken into very simple steps, first of which it is possible to make … Correctly, now!

And the last. Keep a leaflet on which you wrote down the purposes. And from time to time re-read them and check: and whether they continue you to heat? After all time goes, you change, change your priorities. Ability to set before itself the correct purposes means also ability to refuse those from them which stopped being the actual. Do not become the slave to the made decisions once! If the purpose ceased to heat – it is a high time to put before itself new.
Good luck!
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