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How to learn it is correctly to kiss

Let's talk about "adult" kisses. Agree, always there is a wish to appear before the partner in the best light, to show, on what you are capable, sometimes even to surprise. After all if skilled Casanova always try to perfect the skill what then to speak about us, about the mortal and ordinary people who are eager for tenderness and caress or about those who did not feel this dizzy "potseluyny" pleasure yet?
Как научиться правильно целоваться Most likely, none of you never turned attention that we got used to kiss several times a day. Since the early childhood and to the end of life, we kiss the parents, children, close people and even favourite animals. A kiss it is possible to express the love, passion, attachment, tenderness, gratitude, to express the consent, to declare a truce, generally, a set of the most different feelings. suggests to talk about "adult" kisses. Agree, always there is a wish to appear before the partner in the best light, to show, on what you are capable, sometimes even to surprise. After all if skilled Casanova always try to perfect the skill what then to speak about us, about the mortal and ordinary people who are eager for tenderness and caress or about those who did not feel this dizzy "potseluyny" pleasure yet?
People seek to learn to kiss to satisfy the needs of nature. This requirement is also real, as well as need in food, in drink, in love, in continuous connection to the Internet …
This need usually brings two people into passions and need to touch someone, to conclude in the embraces of the darling to each other. The aspiration to human contact occurs on command of an instinct, it comes naturally, and cannot be explained. Despite it, equipment of a kiss can be explained. And to learn kiss everyone can.

Art of a kiss

Во время поцелуя не замирайте в одной позе. Нежно проведите рукой по волосам партнера, коснитесь его ушей, погладьте плечи, спину. So, what to make in order that the first "adult" kiss was remembered to you and your elect forever?
  1. Do not hesitate. That to you, maybe, still was never necessary to kiss, still does not speak about anything. Believe, that you turn the head, knees shiver and suddenly palms sweated is only signs of that you are really in love. It anything, in comparison with what emotional and physical pleasure you derive from the first kiss.
  2. If there is an opportunity, make a surrounding situation intimate and romantic. Perfectly candles or soft lamps will approach.
  3. Do not forget about your breath. The stale smell from a mouth can fight any hunting to kiss off the girl. If you did not manage to clean teeth, to you chewing gum, apple or some branches of parsley will come to the rescue.
  4. During a kiss do not fade in one pose. Gently run a hand over the partner's hair, touch his ears, stroke shoulders, a back.
  5. Are not silent. If you kiss, it does not mean yet that you have to be silent as fish. Tell the darling (or darling) something gentle and pleasant.
  6. Do not strain, be weakened. Intense lips can, on the contrary push away your partner, or he will think that gives you any inconvenience.
  7. Do not stop on one type of a kiss. Many men prefer the "French" kiss or as it still call a "wet" kiss. Believe, the gentle pokusyvaniye and a posasyvaniye of lips of the partner, can bring him into even more excitement, than "communication" with your language is simple.
Французский поцелуй How to understand, what the girl already "ripened" for a kiss? Can not trust, but most often, she is burned with impatience and waits when her elect, at last, dares to kiss its the first? Usually so occurs because the guy very long cannot get up courage, putting himself it in some time frames, and creating inconvenient situations. If the girl looks to you in the face, and does not try to look away – she lets to you know clearly that is already ready to kiss, and you should not pull more.
Women that, by the way, not always truly, consider that it is possible to determine by a kiss of the man, what character at it as far as it approaches and whether is worthy it to turn with it into more intimate relations. But you be not afraid to prove to be, open the darling.

How it is possible to define, whether you are able to kiss well?

Как научиться правильно целоваться The most important – to watch reaction of the partner. Most likely, it excites more men, than women. If the woman silently postanyvat or is with satisfaction carried away in a chasm of your boundless kiss is at once noticeable, and you precisely will understand that were not trapped. If your partner has such look as if she sits at lecture on philosophy – reflect what to make such that to bring her? Remember, there is nothing better, than to reach desired result a trial and error method, same concerns a question how to learn to kiss. Today, maybe, you also had no fine kiss, but tomorrow, you, having considered all nuances, will kiss your darling so that she will be ready to burst with pleasure … Women are able to pretend to be and deceive, but during a kiss, they usually forget about the abilities, and do not hide the feelings. advises to pay attention to some "signs" which clearly will tell you that it is necessary to study a little to kiss. For example, if the girl closes a mouth, distracts, looks away, or, God forbid, all fell asleep in your saliva – that is the first sign of that you do something not so. If she right after a kiss asks about the last political news reports, or tells something unpleasant, having let to you know that you to her as "tselovatel" are uninteresting – forward, include all the imagination and forward to a victory – practice, practice and once again practice!

The biggest mistake at a kiss

Поцелуй обязательно должен доставлять удовольствие обоим партнёрам You forgot about your partner. You want to kiss only for yourself, taking great pleasure, and think that time this kiss is pleasant to you, it surely is pleasant also to your partner. But would like to remind that it after all too has preferences, feelings, and you will make expectations very incorrectly if ignore them.
If you consider that your widely opened mouth will eclipse all expectations of your beloved, besides, you deeply are mistaken. Is not necessary, of course and to clamp lips as though you the guerrilla, and to anybody will tell nothing – seek to reach compromise, your partner will surely show how she likes to kiss. Reciprocate, and she, in turn will answer you.

How to learn to kiss better?

97 процентов женщин от поцелуя в шею возбуждаются моментально, а иногда чуть ли не достигают до оргазма Practice. Train. Everything comes with experience. The best way to learn to kiss – own imagination. Your imagination can sometimes do such that you even will understand not at once that these passionate kisses not tremendous reality, and only your imagination.
So, settle more conveniently and relax. Present before yourself a subject of your adoration. Present as you come nearer to it, dip your hand into her hair as you start being kissed gently. The main thing – to enclose in such imagination it is more than emotions and feelings. The picture – the better for you as you did not spend time for rehearsals in vain will be brighter.
And, finally, will tell about one important point! To learn to be kissed only on the lips there is not enough. Individuals of the weaker sex, have a mass of erogenous zones. Thanks to our ubiquitous researchers-sociologists, it is known that 97 percent of women from a kiss in a neck are excited instantly, and sometimes nearly reach to an orgasm. Only also costs what to approach darling, strong to embrace behind, to cast away her hair and gently to kiss. When the girl feels hot man's breath on a neck, its pokusyvaniya and kisses – it is simply ready to be dissolved in embraces! Кадр из видео «Demon vs Heartbreaker - You are my high». Поцелуй длится в течение двух с половиной минут!

The kiss is a pleasure during which souls of lovers connect. Be not afraid to experiment. Kiss your beloved as prompts you your heart. You will always store in memory of reminiscence of such kisses.
    Video! The dry theory "How to learn to kiss" will never give you opportunities to feel all that pleasure and excitement which is transferred at a kiss embodiment to life. To look how to kiss, see quite bright example of gentle and simply beautiful kiss (which, by the way, lasts for two and a half minutes), you can in the clip "Demon vs Heartbreaker-You are my high".
    The clip can be found to the address: v=8LAmKVkN3SY (the reference can change over time, look for the above-named clip)
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