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Correct posture it is so easy

Doctors consider that to learn to hold the back directly never late. The earlier you will begin, the it is more than chances that in the future you will manage to avoid the old-womanish bearing caused by osteoporosis. Therefore will tell today what actually the bearing is considered correct, and what exercises need to be done for its improvement.
Правильная осанка - это так легко For many people the problem of a bearing arises at school when pupils incorrectly sit at school desks. Someone from children a cut above of the schoolmates and therefore stoops not to seem higher and not to be allocated from crowd. Or perhaps you, on the contrary, were low growth and constantly wore heels?
Irrespective of the reasons, the malposture leads to a waist pains, and it where is worse than an unattractive silhouette. At advanced age the malposture can be an osteoporosis consequence. At this degerativny change of a backbone at women of small growth the breast becomes hollow, and shoulders sharply are given forward. Here from where the grandmother had a hump.
The hump is formed when the anatomic structure of a backbone is deeply broken. Thus shoulders become roundish and round-shouldered.
But it is not only about appearance. The malposture is a serious problem which can become the reason of many diseases.
Doctors consider that to learn to hold the back directly never late. The earlier you will begin, the it is more than chances that in the future you will manage to avoid the old-womanish bearing caused by osteoporosis. Therefore will tell today what actually the bearing is considered correct, and what exercises need to be done for its improvement.

What has to be a correct posture

Какой должна быть правильная осанка The assessment of how you look will become the first step on the way to development of a correct posture. For this suggests to rise in front of the mirror and attentively to examine itself. At first look, whether equal you have shoulders. Then look at yourself sideways.
If shoulders at you are pushed forward, and the head is inclined down, imagine that the spring goes down from a ceiling and pulls you up directly for the top of the head so the back at you becomes straight again.
Body weight should be divided equally into both feet, to raise a thorax, to develop shoulders, and slightly to strain stomach muscles for support of a lower back. Raise a few breast and push it is will allow shoulders to relax forward.
The correct posture has nothing in common with an intense rack "quietly" which is accepted by soldiers, welcoming the command. It is necessary to stand directly, but it is quiet, slightly straining stomach muscles, having tightened a belt a little up and inside.
How still you can check yourself? Lean a back against a wall, having taken away heels approximately on 7sm from a wall. At a correct posture you will be able to push hands between a wall and a back back in a waist whereas the head and shoulders concern a wall.
Watch knees. If they are rather straightened, it will be difficult for you not to rise directly.
Can try also other exercise. Lean a back against a wall, strain muscles of a stomach and raise hands over the head, without allowing a back to be removed from a wall.

How to keep a bearing

Как сохранить осанку Violation of a bearing not such an unusual occurrence, therefore in everyday life as at work, and houses, our body has to hold the correct position.
Raise a foot
People of some professions, such as hairdressers and cooks, are compelled to stand on the feet long. To relieve pains in a back and to keep a good bearing, put one foot on a crossbeam or on a chair.
Sit conveniently
For preservation of a good bearing and prevention of pains in a back it is important to sit in the special, well supporting a body working chair. It has to have armrests for hands that shoulders did not sag down. Hips have to settle down parallel to a floor, knees are slightly higher than hips, and a foot to concern a floor. If feet do not reach a floor surface, it is necessary to use a special support or a simple small bench.
Choosing a working chair, does not advise to save because it is economy on the health. You should work in this chair not one hour.
The same to treat and a house office. If you, as well as millions of other people, cannot resist temptation for hours to sit in front of the computer, get the convenient, caring of your bearing workplace and at home. Therefore do not sit down on the first old chair or a stool. Take care of such chair which would provide a reliable support for your back.
If your work demands continuous turns of a body, use the rotating chair. The most important when you sit not to allow rotations and turns of the case with a big amplitude of movements.
If you work sitting, and want to keep a bearing – do not remain long in one same situation. Working, we low bend over a table. Remember how at school of the teacher during a lesson fizkultminutka arranged? At more mature age it is not less important to rise and stretch from time to time or even to stretch, remaining at a table.
Saving pillow
If you drive the car, fly in the plane or simply long sit in a workplace, a small small pillow, like that use in planes, or the towel which is simply curtailed by a roller under a waist will help you to keep a good bearing, providing a natural bend of a backbone.
Councils for women
Правильная осанка - это так легко If the nature awarded you with a big breast, incorrectly picked up bra will delay shoulders down, promoting development of a malposture. The bra with a wire framework or with the shoulder straps which are crossed on a back will become the best solution of this problem. It will create a good support of a breast and will give a correct posture to the top half of a body.
Do not abuse high heels. Because of them the waist is compelled to strain. High heels break balance, exposing a basin outside instead of involving it. recommends to carry footwear on heels as seldom as possible, for example, on holidays, and in the rest of the time to give preference to footwear which strongly holds you standing. Besides, shoes without heel now in fashion.
Do not swing the child
To relieve pains in a back and to keep a good bearing, any freight including the child, it is necessary to carry directly before himself in both hands. The habit to carry the child on one side can lead to irreversible changes of the line of a backbone and asymmetry of hips.
Use a stroller more often. If such opportunity is not present, put the child in a baby sling. This adaptation perfectly distributes the child's weight on all back.
For an ukachivaniye of the kid buy a children's bed cradle or try to rock to sleep him in a carriage.
Sleep correctly
If you usually sleep on a stomach, it can strengthen a lumbar bend. It is better to sleep on one side, having put one pillow under the head, and another – between knees to level position of femurs and a basin. It is possible to sleep on a back, having enclosed a pillow under knees to reduce pressure upon lumbar area.
Choose to yourself the pillow made of natural materials as it in accuracy will repeat a shape of your body. Rigid synthetic materials can lead to an unnatural bend of a neck and head.

Simple exercises for a correct posture

Простые упражнения для правильной осанки cites as an example some useful exercises and recommendations which will help you to avoid problems with a bearing.
Relax shoulders
For the unclear reasons of the woman unlike men are inclined to stoop, sitting at a desktop or having simply reflected. If you noticed for yourself this habit, try to get rid of it, relax shoulders as soon as feel that start stooping.
Straighten a back
One of the simplest exercises directed against stoop: get on feet and try to cramp together shovels, taking away thus shoulders. Remain in it situation for about 10 seconds, and then relax. Repeat exercise, at least, three-four times. It strengthens muscles of a back and does not allow you to stoop.
Shrug shoulders
Special exercise for shoulders: raise shoulders to ears, and then lower. Repeat three-four times.
Exercise "Cat"
Strong muscles of a stomach – the main weapon against "a round back" in fight for a correct posture. We advise you to try to execute exercise on the name "Cat".
For this purpose get up on all fours and, having curved a back, pull in a stomach, considering to 10. The head is hung and looks at feet. Then curve a back an arch. The head looks forward. Feel tension of muscles of a back, count to 10 and again round a back. At first carry out this exercise three-four times a day, gradually reaching eight repetitions.
Power exercises
For a correct posture you need strong muscles of a back.
Power exercises help to keep a backbone healthy, keeping a correct posture and reducing probability of pains in a waist. We recommend you otzhima, exercises with dumbbells or occupations on special exercise machines. For achievement of the maximum results these exercises should be carried out with use of good equipment.
But before beginning occupations, you need to advise with the doctor and the qualified sports trainer.
Move more
For a long time it is proved that regular exercises improve a bearing. You noticed, what the silhouette of the active person is always attractive?
The optimum option is considered a combination of occupations in the fresh air, such as swimming or walking, with power gymnastics, whether it be dumbbells or exercise machines. Power trainings it is necessary to carry out approximately every other day about three times a week. You have to give the chance to the organism to be restored between sessions. Occupations in the fresh air have to proceed not less than 30 minutes and at least three times a week are carried out.

You noticed for yourself a habit to stoop? Do not leave it on drift! Start changing right now if your health is expensive to you.
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