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Use of corn oil

All of us very much love sweet corn and we look forward when it keeps up to manage to take pleasure in special taste and to fill an organism with useful substances. But it is possible to make it only once in a year. And here to use the oil received from corn it is possible all the year round.

So it is accepted that our hostesses got used to use in kitchen sunflower oil, and in rare instances – olive. About corn many even did not hear. And in vain! claims that this oil is considered also useful and necessary for the person because the corn is a well of vitamins and microcells. It needs to be got as oil will become useful both in cookery, and in cosmetology, and even in medicine.

For the first time this oil which also applies for the popular name "vegetable", was received at the end of the 18th century in the State of Indiana. The American scientists thoroughly studied its useful properties and noted that the oil received from corn ears is the most valuable product. Then the second name of a product – "West gold" was also born. The name reflects not only unique properties of a product, and also indicates its color – beautiful bright golden-yellow.

Production and structure

To receive a useful product, such technique is applied: the mature, juicy, not damaged germs of corn grain are selected and plunge into water for 30 hours. As a result of long stay in water, grains turn into homogeneous mass which process special substance – sulfur dioxide. As a result of processing the raw materials get a light shade, become transparent and have practically no aroma.

Depending on technology, oil happens such types:

  • the refined (deodorized). Use only for preparation of dietary dishes. On a label look for marking – "Д";
  • same refined, but for broad application in dining rooms, restaurants and so forth. On a label has designation – "П";
  • refined, but not flavored. Possesses a special smell, but you should not worry about it as oil also passes a certain extent of cleaning;
  • not refined. Differs in a characteristic dark shade, possesses a pungent smell, can drop out in a deposit. This type of oil is considered the most useful to a human body.

By amount of useful substances, corn oil has almost identical set of vitamins and microcells with soy oil. The corn contains the following useful substances:

  1. Vitamin E.
  2. Acids: linoleic, stearin, palmitovy and olein.
  3. Useful component – lecithin.
  4. Vitamins of group B, and also A and PP.
  5. Minerals – magnesium, calcium and others.

Despite richness of vitamins, oil, especially in cookery it is accepted to use not often. This factor is caused by that besides useful components, in oil can contain in a small amount and pesticides by which the plant at cultivation is processed. Therefore if you met corn oil in shop – it will be mainly refined. By the way, such type of a product perfectly is suitable for cookery: it will not foam, has no smell, does not burn when heating. And that oil has no pronounced taste, allows to fill with it various salads.

Than it is useful

First of all nutritionists note such important aspect as the raised content in vitamin E oil. This vitamin is present at oil twice bigger, than at other oils, in particular, popular olive and oil of sunflower. Thanks to the high content of vitamin E, people can adjust work of many bodies and improve work of endocrine glands and adrenal glands. This close interrelation will allow to improve a physical state.

If daily to use on 15-20 ml of oil, on it is possible to improve endurance of an organism to big loadings.

Mirsovetov focuses separate attention of readers on the following: oil well influences a condition of cells of the person and prevents their mutation owing to hit in an organism of chemical preparations and negative radiation.

In addition, oil also has such effect on an organism:

  • strengthens immunity;
  • increases organism resilience to viruses and bacteria;
  • well influences work of endocrine bodies;
  • protects heart and vessels, lowers cholesterol, promotes strengthening and elasticity of walls of vessels;
  • will help to normalize work of a stomach and intestines, will improve a metabolism, will improve work of a liver;
  • oil is used in complex treatment of diseases of kidneys, a gall bladder;
  • it is recommended to use to the people having diabetes;
  • has beneficial influence on work of nervous system;
  • normalizes a dream;
  • improves mood;
  • brings benefit to pregnant women, the feeding mummies and children as promotes clarification, restoration and improvement of an organism in general;
  • positively influences a condition of integuments, hair and nail plates. If to add a little oil to cosmetic masks, it is possible to smooth wrinkles, to clarify pigmentary spots;
  • in general, oil renders the rejuvenating effect on an organism, prevents aging.

Where it is applied

Despite unpopularity of corn oil, it has rather wide scope. So, oil is used:

  • in cookery;
  • to medicine;
  • cosmetology.

Let's consider in more detail. In cookery oil is used both for gas station of salads, and for frying. That oil on a frying pan was not sprayed on the parties, from a product (for example, meat, fish or vegetables) it is necessary to clean excess moisture – to get wet with a napkin and to roll in slices in a flour or breadcrumbs.

By the way, corn grains oil is suitable for hot fan, especially, if it is necessary to fry thoroughly meat. It will turn out juicy and gentle.

Besides, culinary specialists add a little oil to dough that it turned out elastic and magnificent.

Also corn product is added to salads, sauces and used for preparation of margarine.

In traditional medicine corn oil also found broad application. For treatment of a gall bladder it is necessary to use on a big spoon of a product twice a day for half an hour to food.

In addition, oil can be drunk and in case of spasmodic work of intestines, obesity, diabetes.

Outwardly oil is applied in such cases:

  • for processing of small cracks and cuts;
  • treatments of eczema, psoriasis;
  • for improvement of a condition of hair.

To improve a condition of the patient at eczema, it is necessary not only to grease affected areas, but also to use oil inside (a dosage – a tablespoon at one time). It is desirable to wash down it 250 ml of warm water (boiled!). To accept during food. It is possible to add a little honey to water or apple cider vinegar.

In the industry of beauty corn oil also found worthy application. So, on numerous positive responses of clients of masters of hairdresser's art, it is possible to draw conclusions: if regularly to rub oil in roots of hair, such mask will promote strengthening of hair bulbs, and hair will gain softness and will become smooth.

To get rid of pigmentary spots, it is necessary to wipe places oil, and atop to put fruit masks. If you wish to smooth skin from wrinkles, it is possible to prepare such mask: it is a little oil, honey and one yolk to mix and put a thin layer on a face. To put for 15-20 minutes and after time to remove wadded sponzhy and to wash up a face warm water.

To improve a condition of skin of hands and to strengthen nails, it is necessary to do oil trays + to steam of drops of iodine (for 15 minutes), and then to put on glove hands.

About contraindications

Obvious contraindications to use of corn oil are not present. According to physicians, it is undesirable to the people having individual intolerance to use it. Also it is not necessary to accept at once inside high doses. It is better to begin treatment gradually and smoothly to increase amount of oil. Remember that oil, as well as medicine, can be useful if to accept it carefully and without fanaticism.

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